By: Ian K. 7E #20

  Experts state that in North America, 15% of kids are overweight and another 15% are at risk of becoming overweight. They become lazy, obese, and left behind. Shouldn’t we at least potentially find a way to solve this problem to get these numbers down? I don’t see how making exercise mandatory in school could have any problems. It sure worked for the East Asians, as both their minds and bodies have become healthier and ahead of us!  So why not us? Exercise does in fact, make you look and feel healthier, create good habits, and start you off with a fresh mind. I think the government should establish a rule where daily exercise is mandatory in school, at least for 30 minutes. 

  First off, student’s need to have daily exercise at schools basically because it will make them healthier. With this exercise, kids will establish healthy bodies that will be there for the rest of their lives. The child will not only feel better but they’ll look better, more toned and fit, and who wouldn’t want a strong, good looking body? In addition, having daily exercise will keep your child’s bones and muscles stronger, along with the numerous other physical positives. In no culture says the exercising is a bad thing, most support it and follow these methods for healthier lifestyles. With exercising, there will be a less chance in developing diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. You may not know it, but if exercising becomes daily at school, then this will actually reduce the health care costs. This is because with less unhealthy patients coming into the health clinic, you can increase the productivity because more student’s will be able to attend the schools and there will be less people needing treatment. Besides, wouldn’t that be the most logical thinking? To reduce costs, taxes, and create good habits? Which brings me to my next point, how exercise in school can create good habits. 

  With daily exercise being mandatory in school, we could establish healthy habits as “just being a normal thing.”  Less people will be sitting on the couch watching TV, they’ll be outside having fun and exercising their bodies. In other words, laziness will be a thing of the past.  Additionally, with this plan we could create good health systems for the future and a healthy life style as normal thing. Take East Asian countries for example. They have already established exercise as mandatory in school so that everyday, before school starts, they have to do at least 30 minutes of exercise, jogging, marching, or jumping jacks. Doesn’t seem much does it? In fact, only 5-9% of East Asians are obese, putting those numbers next to the huge amount of America’s obesity rate which is 30%, and with also taking into account that East Asia is much more populated than North America, you will truly find that mandatory exercices in school is a must! 

  Thirdly, if you exercise,with a healthy body comes a healthy mind. Exercise makes you feel calmer. When you exercise you create chemicals called endorphins in your body which help a person feel happier and more peaceful. In addition, more blood, oxygen, and brain cells are able to form in the brain which helps all types of different thinking skills. Likewise wouldn’t any teacher want their students to act calmer all while having increased thinking skills all because of 30 minutes of exercise in the morning. In addition, with exercise, you will also get better sleep, with less interruption while you are taking that snooze. Exercising gives people a sense of accomplishment. It increases your self-esteem and relieves anxiety and depression. In other words, it helps cure bad emotions and thoughts for you a have a more calmer and peaceful day. For this reason, exercise has gone as far into the experts field of doctors as a new way to cure some stressed out patients. 

  In conclusion, daily exercise in school should be a must. In any place, anywhere. We as the people, should work so that our governments, students and parents support this initiatives. If exercise becomes part of the school rules, than nothing will stand in the way to make our world even healthier and better. To be honest, as a child in school, the only thing that stands in the way is the laziness. Being tired, lazy, inactive, all which can change with just a simple amount of exercise in the morning. All I’m asking is for the government of North America to take into account of their own people. Their becoming lazy, obese, and inactive. The East Asian countries have taken the lead in both having a healthy mind and healthy bodies. Now it’s our turn to make a difference. Daily exercise in school SHOULD be a must!


04/12/2011 17:00

I agree, exercise should be mandatory all over the world. Obesity is a huge problem the world is facing, and, like you said, it can be cured with exercise.


04/13/2011 14:09

i agree with you that exercise should be mandatory in school. children in america are becoming obese and the numbers just keep increasing. if the government makes exercise a must, the numbers will go down, just like you mentioned. awesome job Ian!!!


04/13/2011 15:10

I agree. We should exercise everyday cause not only it keeps us healthy it makes you smart. So why shouldn't we exercise? And it would reduce the amount of obese kids and diseases... :)


04/13/2011 16:46

i agree with you, excercise is very important and all of us need to do it :D
we dont want to get fat so i think we all should get some excercise everyday :D

- manaal <3

04/13/2011 16:58

I think it should be mandatory at school because you really need your excercise to feel and be healthy ! I think it should be mandatory but we get a day off because pushing yourself to hard is not good for your health.


04/13/2011 18:36

yeepp, it should be required for at least 30 mins of daily fitness in school everyday. Kids dont want to do the exercise but when they grow up and have a fit healthy body, they will thank the teachers. Also, it may seem hard at first to do the exercise, but after a couple of days, you get used to it and you start doing better. Not only kids, but a lot of grown ups are over weight as well so if the kids get exercise now, they wont fell bad later :)


Zain :)
04/13/2011 19:18

I agree with you Ian, exercise should be a big part of every ones lives. And your right if the government says it's a must the numbers will most likely drop!

-Your Friend Zain :)

04/13/2011 19:25

Hey Ian!
I totaly agree with you that the government should include daily excersise in school curriculams. People in both Canada,and America are getting more and more obese each day.

Another thing I would mention is that not only should you excersice, you should also eat healthy! There is no point in excersising then just blowing it all up on some junk food! :) :D

04/14/2011 08:46

yeah i think it hsould because all people do is sit in desks all day learning. they need more exercise and they need to make there body healthy to be able to do work. cause if your just acking when your doing your work. But for people who don't like exercising well than i feel sorry for you cause you don't know how muhc you need exercise to be healthy.
Ps.nice Ian
-kayla .c.

04/14/2011 14:54

hi ian!

i think that you are right and we should have gym everyday. it's also on t.v. that kids need 60mins of excersise everyday. we have gym 3 days out of 10 with is only 150mins subtracting the setup, attendecnce changing and changing and putting everything back aout 110mins in 10 days which is not even 2 hours!!! at home we all know exactly excersise we do.

all in all good job and i agree 100%

04/14/2011 15:43

Heyy Ian,
I totally agree with you because excercise is important for all of us. It keeps us smart and healthy it also keeps us in shape and prevents us from getting fat.I totally agree with raina too because kids do need to excercice for at least 30 minutes a day in order to have a healthly body.

Also GJ iAN =.=

04/14/2011 16:11

Uhm, i have to agree with you about this, because this could help many kids or even teens to get their exercise of the day. Because, many kids are starting to get lazy, from all this technology like, staying on the computer all day and making excuses that its ''homework." So yes Ian good job, nice topic [: And exercising is healthy for all of us so this could be a great opportunity. (:

04/15/2011 19:29

I agree with you. If we dont address this issue it could grow and affect our economy with people eating more we would struggle to support our individual communities. Good Job you supported your points well :)

04/17/2011 08:29

i have to agree with this you explained all the bad things that is happening to North america. As you said we can change that with just a little bit of exercise everyday.


04/17/2011 10:36

Awesome Job!!

I agree with what you said about making excersice mandatory in schools in north america. Those numbers really are increasing and if no one takes a stand to stop it well, who knows what will happen to our future! We might end up like those peope in the Wall-e movie. I never knew that east asian countries had made excersizing in school mandatory, but it explains why the're having healthier minds and bodies as opposed to 30% of the people in America as you mentioned before. Mainly, what im saying is that YES it sould be mandatory to have 30 mins of excersize at school


04/18/2011 12:51

yah i agree kids should get gym everyday because everyone needs at least some excersize everyday because it is healthy for theire body and also i think this is a good idea because it can prevent obecity. iv read that a lot more people are becoming to be obiece lately and i dont dont think that is good for their health

<3 zouou <3

04/18/2011 16:26

Hey Ian, great job on the essay/debate. I agree with you because when those kids get older it will be much harder to get rid of the fat and when you are a kid it is much much easier. Not just exercising but eating healthy too. I think this should come into our schools and we should totally do this because if you are fit, you are healthy.


04/19/2011 17:27

ummm hey, i agree with you daily exercise should be mandatory at school for at least 30 min. Thats why we should have D.P.A Everyday.

04/19/2011 18:36

I think that excerscing should be mandatory at schools because some kids dont like excersicing and being active which can lead to obesity which is a big risk of dying, so if there not going to do it at home schools should encourage them to do it at school so they can be healthy. Schools shouldnt make it seem hard so kids hate excersising they should make it fun and exciting so students continue to excersise at home and in the future because they thought of it in a good way in their past experience.
NICE JOB!!! :)

04/29/2011 05:51

I agree that excersise should be mandatory at schools all over the world because a lot of kids are becoming fat and if they get really big they could die.


05/18/2011 08:45

Hello noob. Yes I agree with you. Exersise should be madatory at school. At least for 20 minutes everyday we should exersise. This will give our brains a break from work and also it will help us stay fit. A lot of kids don't exersise at all throughout the day and they can get fat or they can get a disese. If we exersise everyday this will help them!
-BoBo! *.*

05/30/2011 08:45

I agree I think that exersise at school should be mandatory because if you dont exersise you can get very sick from being over weight.

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