In every school, there is always a concern that occurs. Such concerns may be the possibility that there are drugs in the school and in this situation the school authorities have to search students’ lockers and go through their personal belongings. Many students do not feel comfortable when authoritative personal are going through their belongings, and they feel that this is unfair and should not be allowed.

            When analyzing such situations there are many factors to consider such as the safety of the people in an environment, in this case the school and the effect that searches of lockers has on the students and in this case it sets an example and is considered a way to discipline students.

            Firstly, authorities do this for the safety of everyone in the environment. Individuals can bring harmful things such as drugs, knives and other weapons that can not only hurt themselves, but also put others in danger. And if searches were not conducted in situations where they should be, this could have further consequences, for example, the school would not be a safe place and many students would be putting themselves at risk of being physically and mentally abused.

            Additionally, this is considered a way to discipline students. If the students know that school authorities have the right to do lawful searches, they know not to bring harmful possessions to school that can put their peers and themselves at jeopardy. The consequences of bringing such possessions could result in the involvement of Police and the individual(s) may be suspended or expelled from school.

             In conclusion, authoritative people in a school environment, such as principal or teachers, have the right to conducts rightful and lawful searches where they feel that an individual is putting themselves and other students at risk.


05/04/2011 14:02

i agree with you that locker searches should be allowed. i agree because students could bring dangerous things and can really hurt themselves. GOOD JOB!


05/04/2011 17:04

I diagree moona.
I do not think that anyone has the right to look in someone elses lockers, desks etc. I personally, not that i would ever do drugs or anything, i wouldnt be that stupid to bring it to school in the first place? :P But yeah, they shouldnt have the right to look through your personal belongings.
Obviously, if they see you using those things then there would be serious consequences. And, if someone were to be using drugs in school, they would most likely get caught, but if they were to do it somewhere else where no one would see them, they would never end up getting in trouble for it and having to stop.

SOO, i think that school authorities should not have the right to look through students personal belongings.

05/04/2011 18:04

Hiii Manaallll!!!!
Yeah i do agree with you. School authorities should have the right to check through your locker. In my opinion, not thinking of the other possible factors that "bad things" could be in that locker, it's the schools locker, not urs. And who owns the school?Authorities, because they own it shouldnt they have the rights to check it? Besides that fact, it's school, a large building's sole purpose for learning, we wouldnt need any useless casualities such as lockers to get in the way. Authorities looking at our locker shouldn't even be a problem! -iannn :D

05/04/2011 18:41

I do think that they have the right to go through your stuff because you are bringing something onto their property and storing it in their units and they have the legal right to search through their own units.

05/04/2011 19:10

I think that teachers should have the right to search your locker because, what if a kid is hiding something like drugs or weapons in their lockers. Having locker inspections could be a safty measure. Some kids could have been through a rough situation and gotten so angry that they hide stuff that could be harmful in their locker. If they found it, the teacher could ask the student about it and help them.


05/05/2011 13:46

I agreee manal, school's should be allowed to search in students lockers for many reasons, especially in high school for drugs because, many students or kids may hide drugs or maybe weapons like a knife or something. Which in situations like this, they could take action of the problems and try to stop them. =)

--Racha ♥

05/05/2011 14:09

Heyyy Manaaaal!!
I tottaly agree with what you said because like you said so people dont bring stuff to school which puts themselves and others in danger. so authorities should have the right!
Anyway gooodd jobb!

- Sarah! :)

05/05/2011 14:31

Hey Great job!!! I totally agree with you because what if the person had some personal stuff in there and people just came in and search though that stuff. Also it is very rude just going into someones locker. But if they have to because they KNOW you have drugs or something like that in there then they should search!


05/05/2011 17:56

i agree with you it is our own stuff the should not have the right i mean think about s really.

05/07/2011 16:14

Hi, Manaal

I totally agree with school authorities should have a right to go through our locker and check if were carrying any thing bad thing such as drugs or weapons if anybody was that stupid to bring that to school. But i don't think they should go through our personal belongings and all that cause its like personal.

So in conclusion i think they should have the right to go through our lockers but not our personal stuff.

Arshvinder =.= Good Job

05/09/2011 18:02

Good Topic!!! I agree with you on the fact that the authorities should be allowed to search our lockers for harmful materials such as drugs and/or weapons. after all, the lockers are owned by the school and the school has their name written al over their lockers. also not to mention that having a locker is a priveledge that the school gives to you, and it's no the right for every student to get a locker. also as you and many others mentioned, it's a safety issue, and if anything risks anyone's safety, the government sees that as crossing a red line because everyone has the right to be safe.

P.S. good job!!!


05/10/2011 06:36

i also agree that they should be allowed to search kids lockers because esspecially in high school there are a lot of bad things that happen so they should be allowed

05/10/2011 06:43

Why yess, school authorities do have the right to search stusdents' locker 'cause what if you brought a gun to school?? And left in your locker???
Well the principal or police would (italics) or should (Italics) look for the pistol.


05/10/2011 06:45

i think they should not have the right to search our lockers if we have stuff in our locker that you dont want any one to see


05/10/2011 06:48

I agree a lot with you I dont think anyone should be able to go threw your stuff with out your permission.


05/10/2011 06:48

i think that school authorities should be allowed to check your lockers only for safety reasons, but not just because they want to.

-raina :) <3

05/10/2011 09:21

I disagree . They shouldnt have the right to look through someones personal; belongings. Its invading someones space. Kids shouldnt be bringing bad things to scool in the first place. Nothing that could harm you or somebody around you

05/12/2011 18:01

I agree! I think that schools should have the authority to look in our lockers because if we are misusing it then they should know, and it will be impossible for them to know that unless they can check! That is why I think hat it is okay, for schools to check kids' lockers.
-Hush :)

05/25/2011 08:51

i agree with u because if someone had a gun and no one knows or drugs so i think that schools should have the authority to look in student desk


06/02/2011 17:40

HELLO!! I agree with you. Authorities do have the right to search students lockers. First off its for the safety of everyone. I don't think anyone would mind if the police went through their locker if it meant stopping something that could be dangerous. Also you don't really have anything that personal in your locker. You probably just have some book, maybe a couple of posters and your bag. You don't really have many things that are personal in your locker so ya. Also this would encourage you not to bring anything stupid to school.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/02/2011 18:14

I agree with you schools should have the right to search student's locker for reasons like safety, also why would you put your personal belonging in a locker anyways.

06/03/2011 17:23

u r ☺. (right)

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