We all may think different reasons of why and why not boredom does or doesn't get us into trouble. Well, in my opinion, I think boredom may lead to trouble. I think this because, when you get bored you to always want to do things, and once you finally found something, it's something that'll get you into trouble. For example, a kid decides to explore their house, and then BAM, your mother/father is yelling at you because maybe you broke something or you weren't suppose to go in that room. These are my following reasons why I think boredom might get you into trouble.

   I think boredom may lead to trouble in my opinion because, lots of teens and preteens hang out with friends, and sometimes do stupid things. I think this because, since they were bored at home all day, and finally getting out with your friends, makes you wanna do dumb things or act stupid and could lead you into big trouble.

  And, usually when your bored, you get mad because, your bored.When you get mad, and someone says something to you, you might just burst at them yelling. So, it may make you have fights with you parents or siblings and so you may get grounded or something. And usually if that happens, you get even more mad and just explode and can't handle yourself.

  Lastly, you could yourself into to, because sometimes when people are bored they just eat and eat, so now your leading you could be leading yourself into health issues and its making you gain weight. And it'll be hard for you to loose it or may cause some serious medical issues. Which could be very dangerous on some circumstances, if it's very serious towards that person.

   I just think, sometimes people gotta be careful of what they are putting themselves into, and should really think back and question themselves, should I do this? Or should I not? There may be some other positive ways to not get yourself into trouble, but usually and these days, boredom is now getting taken seriously from some of those dumb choices people are doing. So, don't get mad if your bored, and try to be positive to actually think of things to do, like, painting because, you could get very creative with many paintings. And I guarantee, if you think positive and do the right choices, it'll keep you away from trouble. So what im saying is, make wise choices for any decision's that you make.


05/04/2011 17:28

I agree boredom can end up in trouble, i can relate to this. One time me and some of my friends that live on my street were bored so we decided to golf n the road, i was up first bam i swing right into a cars window and crakes it. last year we broke 2 windows, 3 bikes, a combined total of 4 bones, a bow and arrow accident( no life threatening injuries don't ask), a tooth (it was already loose), a sled, and multiple cuts and scrapes. but in the end we had one of the greatest years in my life i wonder if this one will top it.

05/04/2011 17:30

hellur racha :D
Well good job! I do agree that boredom does lead to bad choices. Boredom is really the thing that poses the biggest problem to a kid's summer. Boredom... and that kid is searching for adventure. That adventure usually leads to trouble. I think kids should really find a positive hobby. THey should stick to it to avoid any trouble. I believe e can all agree on that :D -Ian!

Mrs. Edgar
05/04/2011 17:54

Hmm, interesting! I was actually just reading a book about parenting and the author suggested that boredom is really a good thing. He said that when kids are bored, it opens the opportunity for creativity--meaning they think of something creative to do- whether it be building something, or inventing something, or doing something artistic. The author suggested that when a child's day is too scheduled (with after school activities) they don't have an opportunity to spend time occupying themselves, and they rely on others to keep them entertained.
I'm sure there are many cases of kids getting into "trouble" because they were bored, but maybe kids need to experience these things as part of life--that's how you learn right?? A lot of times the most fun memories come from trying to cure boredom...
Mrs. Edgar

05/04/2011 18:54

I think that this may be possible because if a child is bored then they might get into trouble to be entertained.im not really sure bout this. :5

05/05/2011 14:23

HI RACHA!!! GREAT JOB!! I totally agree with you because i used to bit my nails and when i got bored i would bit them because i had nothing to do! But yes i agree that if a kid get bored he/she needs to do something! OMG! This is exactly like CORALINE!!! LOL!


05/05/2011 14:55

Hii Rachaa!
I agree that boredom does lead to trouble cuz like you said boredom makes you mad and causes fights between parents and siblings. but on the other hand boredom also creates some great memories and you also get creative that way! Gooddd Jobb.
- Sarahh :)

05/05/2011 14:56

Hii Rachaa!
I agree that boredom does lead to trouble cuz like you said boredom makes you mad and causes fights between parents and siblings. but on the other hand boredom also creates some great memories and you also get creative that way! Gooddd Jobb.
- Sarahh :)

05/05/2011 17:35

i agree with you that boredom could lead to getting into trouble. i think this because, in personal experiences, i've been so bored that i just go and play around with things im not supposed to be touching and i end up getting into trouble!


05/05/2011 17:50

awesome job i think it was great and i agree with you completly

05/07/2011 16:35

Hi Racha

i totally agree with you because boredom does lead to trouble because as you said it leads you to do dumb things. Like once me and my friends were so bored we decided to play cricket and i coincidently hit my window and it slightly ended up shattering and i was so in trouble for it .

so in conclusion i agree with you boredom does lead to dumb things. But it could lead to something creative as Mrs Edgar said already

Arshvinder =.=

05/08/2011 17:28

hey racha, i agree with you that boredom can lead to trouble because i have experienced it myself, for example like you said you get mad that your so bored, that has happened to me too many times! :) overall i think this is a really good topic and you did very well explaining it!

-manaal <3

05/10/2011 06:42

no it does not because every one gets bored


05/10/2011 06:42

hey racha. i agree with you i know that when i get bored there is nothing to do so i get mad and then when someone talks to me i yell at them

05/10/2011 06:56

I agree mostly every time im bored I go to see what my sisters are doing and than I start annoying them so I get in trouble so thats why I strongly I agree agree with you.


05/10/2011 06:57

lets just say I have a shared computer and a timer on a GE Stove set it for a ½ hour and my sister gets on first. WAIT what am i going to do for a ½ hour? I mean 30 minutes is kind of long.... but somtimes it seems that i get into troble ...

05/10/2011 06:59

i think that boredom can lead to trouble. but it can be a good thing because when youre bored, you find things to do that you havent done before and try new stuff. it doesnt mean that its a negative thing. for example, when my friends and i were bored, we made up a game where you try to throw a tennis ball as high as you can and all the balls ended up on the rooff! so i think that boredom can lead trouble but fun trouble.

-raina :) <3

05/10/2011 12:42

Im not really sure about my opioin because im bored all the time in school.( no offense mrs edgar). And i dont get in trouble. At home and your bored you can think of more things to do. Opening your mind. you can draw write a story or read a book you just have to think.

05/11/2011 05:59

yes i totally think boredom leads to trouble because kids or even grown-ups get bored and they want to do something to not be bored and half the time if they can't find somehting good they get into trouble. i think mostly every kid has gottin into trouble because they where bored. i know i said when i was young i said i was bored when i got introuble and my mom just smiled and started laughing. =]

05/11/2011 06:03

I agree that bordome leads to trouble because i can relate to it because last summer i was on my trampoline and i was really bored so me and my friend decided to hsve a jumping contest and we went to high and i fell and she landed on my arm and i had to go to the hospitail.Si i fully agree that bordome can lead to trouble


05/12/2011 18:15

Good Job Racha! I agree, boredom does lead to trouble because boredom is what happens to everyone many times, especially in the summer. Kids should probably find a hobby that they could use in those type of situations. All kids need to keep out of boredom, and that will eventually lead to less trouble. Better for the kids, and better for the parents!
-Hush :) :D

05/18/2011 09:03

i agree with u that boredom can lead to trouble. you can do something so bad and think it is fun because thats the only thing that is not boring.


05/19/2011 09:23


I agree i think that bordem does lead to trouble. from my own excperiences when im really bored i become cranky and im not in my best mood and when brother would talk to me i would have a short temper and then we end up having a fight. i also know from past excperience that wen everyone is bored one person ends up trying to be center of attention so they do something crazy that ends them up in the principals office.

BYE GJ!!!!

05/24/2011 15:50

i think that boredom can be both good and bad because when you are bored you start to think of ways to occupy yourself and it usually works. you can be creative when you are bored, but when you are really busy and you have a tight schedule, it starts to give you less of time to be creative and more time stressing yourself out on what you're going to do next, or how you are going to make it to a meeting on time. yes boredom can lead to trouble, and sometimes it can cause injuries, but remember, getting hurt and learning from your mistakes are all parts of growing up. one instance of something that happened due to boredom was that a bunch of friends, my brother, my
neighbors and i were playing basketball, and my brother got bored, so he said, "lets play basketball with no rules!!" we all agreed, and eventually we moved towards the grass, and the "basketball" game turned into a free-for-all tackling frenzy. anyways my brother got tackled by an 8th grader, and he had his collarbone broken, so now we never play those tackling games with little ones (except if they really want to play football, but they fall, cry, and go home :P). anyways boredom can be both good and bad for various reasons, in my opinion.

GJJ!! :D


06/02/2011 17:31

HELLO!! I agree with you. Boredom leads to trouble. I know from my own experiences that when i'm bored i tend to bother my brother who then get angry. The next thing you know we're fighting and we get into trouble. Also some people may be influenced to do things because they are bored. They may want to try drugs cause their bored, or bother someone, or break something, or do anything to get attention. To fix this problem people should get a hobby or join a club or something so they don't get bored and in trouble.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/02/2011 18:44

i agree with you boredom does something lead to trouble apparently adults when they get bored they somethings drink and that might lead to quite a bit of trouble ,but for kids when they get bored they probably would want to play a game.

06/03/2011 17:14

i think that you are right and now i have proof of you said is true beacues today david was bored and spilles glue on him. if he were busy then he wouldn't have.

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