when we were little we watched all these kid shows like barney. but now that we are older we watch more reality television shows like survivor and celebrity apprentice.we all have our own opinion about this. yes i do think reality t.v has a negative affect on society.

     one of the many reasons why i think reality t.v. has a negative affect on society is because they say is reality but they do all there makeup and make them look like models. so most people say that people are supposed to look like the perfect looking people on reality t.v. but that is not true

     the second reason is that  we all see stunts were they say its reality and they say there is nothing supporting the stunt person but they lie it is usually edited. so most people believe it so they try the stunts and end up badly injured. others are smart and they investigate before they do the stunt but so how we all just skip right to the fun part( the stunt).

      in conclusion  i think reality t.v. is just normal t.v. because it just causes more injuries and that is just said. so the next you watch a "reality" t.v. show think about what i said. now ask your self would i ever go on one of these stupid stunt shows just to get famous?




05/04/2011 18:59

I think that they could possibly have a negative effect but it depends on how the person takes it (what their thoughts are)and how they apply it to their daily life. GJ

05/05/2011 14:20

Hey great job. I think that some t.v shows have a positive effect on us but some shows can make us feel but and then we would start to act like the people in the show because we saw them act like that soooooooo I think half half.

-Damaris L.

05/05/2011 17:38

sorry, but i disagree with you. i dont think that reality affects our society negatively.. i think it gives us a taste of what really happenns in real life situations. it also shows us not to make stupid mistakes because it could end with very bad consequences.


05/05/2011 18:01

I disagree with you. In my opinion i have never seen any cases where "so many people" tried stunts to get severely hurt... maybe if you were to give one of those many cases. But i see no else negative effects with realitive TV. Before those ordinary people go on that show, the sign a contract stating that they're not just gonna participate to be famous. They want to get the reward with it, money, and in return they make millions of poeple happy with the intense show. Reality TV has everyone's attention and seems to be that way because it's good. So yea...
-IAN :D =.= o.o -.-

05/07/2011 16:46

Hi, Brooke

i totally have to agree with Ian because there just normal people that just want to famous and be millions airs. It also depends what the person might be thinking so i also want to say at the end of a show they say to their viewers not to try at home.

So in conclusion i disagree with you

This does not relate but So yea.... is my thing Ian.

Arshvinder =.= o.o -.-

05/08/2011 08:32

I sorta disagree cuz there isnt any other negative effect except the stunts and some normal people are just trying to get money yea and they tell you not to try the stunts t home! so yeaaaa

05/08/2011 17:23

hey good job and i disagree because reality shows are entertaining and are very creative in my opinion but like tyrus said it depends on how the person reacts to it and how they think about it.

-manaal :D

05/08/2011 17:40

Heyy !
I sorta disagree cuz like not all reality tv shows are negative and the only negative point is the stunts and they usually tell you not to try them at home.And like Jenna said it just shows us real life and the consequences . Anywayy Good Job!!
-Sarah :))

05/08/2011 17:55

I disagree because, like Ian said, there are not many cases when someone would try to do something stupid just because they saw it on the T.V.


05/10/2011 06:40

i agree

05/10/2011 06:46

i guess it kind of depends on what kind of show it is like some can have bad effects on kids and some can have good effects so yah

05/10/2011 06:58

I do not agree.


05/10/2011 12:47

In my opinion i think some reality tv is negative in ways becasue there is only a few shows that dont have edited stunts


05/11/2011 05:55

My opinion on if reality tv has a negative affect on on society is that it DOES. Don't you know when you watch somthing on Global Reality Channel or Fox Reality Channel you know it will be rated 14+, 18+ or even Adult when a grade 1 or 2 who knows what happwns?

05/11/2011 05:56

yeah i totallly think that som3 r nagative and some are not but i ushually don't watch reality t.v idk why just busy watching other things and busy on my ipod. so yeah it is totally negative to me(some)

05/11/2011 05:58

i agree and disagree that reality t.v has a negative effect because it all depends on the show

05/12/2011 18:34

I agree and disagree. I agree that these types of TV shows do influence you, but you have to be aware of what is possible, and what is dangerous. I disagree though too because these cases of people getting hurt is very rare, and some reality TV shows can help us in...reality!
-Hush :) :D

05/18/2011 08:52

i agree with hush types of tv shows do influence you but have to be aware of what is possible and what is dangerous. good job


06/02/2011 17:26

HELLO!! I disagree with you. I don't think that reality t.v has a negative effect on people. I think that most people are smart enough to know that its dangerous to do the stunts and stuff that is shown on reality t.v. Also mostly everything in reality t.v shows is edited and some of it may be scripted (saying to be dramatic at this part and stuff) Yep.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/02/2011 18:58

i agree and disagree i think it depends on the show if it's appropriate to watch.

06/03/2011 17:11

i competly disagree with you beause i watch reality shows and i don't feel like jumping out of a window when im done

06/05/2011 13:56

i think that reality T.V is fine to a certain extent. people watching should always know that some of what they are seeing isn't true, or has been edited many times until it appears perfect. kids should also not pull stunts that are pulled on T.V. because they can easily get hurt doing something that they only saw once or twice. People that are included in reality T.V. shows often have months of preparation, and they have to know all the risks that are taking. On the other hand, realtiy T.V. can be very useful in teaching you information on what to do if you were in the wild, e.g. camping. so to finish it off, i think that there are both good things and bad things, and speaking about reatlity tv in general, i'd say its a yes and no (maybe-so) kind of situation... so basically i agree and kinda disagree :P

btw GJ!! ;)

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