Look at any teenage girls room, what do you see on the walls? Or a little boy, what’s cooler than Spiderman shoes? Everyone has a role model, someone they look up to, or someone they want to be just like when their older. But what really happens?

                  Teenagers change their look all the time because celebrities do, like the “Rihanna cut” or “Pauly-D hair”. Not just teenagers,  im sure everyone has seen a little boy jump off the couch and pretend they had spider powers.  A lot of people don’t realize it, but celebrities or other role models have a lot of power over kids, and it actually happens, my little cousin started eating carrots because in one of her interviews, Miley Cyrus said she loved carrots. 

                Parents try to protect their kids by putting on safe TV channels such as Family, or Disney Channel all day long.  Soon, their kids walls are covered with posters of High School MusicalHannah Montana or Justin bieber, which seems fine, but before you know it, Vanessa Hudgens has revealing pictures  of herself all over the internet and Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant at the age of 16. 

                In my opinion, I personally think that regardless of if the role model is good or bad, that kids, or  anyone else should have role models, which doesn’t mean that kids shouldn’t look up to anybody, it just means that nobody should want to be exactly like someone else. 

                                                                        ~~Ilayda G.~~


05/03/2011 19:19

i totally agree with you that kids should not go bonkers over a celebrity because you have to learn how to be your self and have your own talent and sometimes people do have a desire to be somewhat like someone they see on the T.V or one of their relatives but i think that they shouldn't try to make them completely like someone. :)

-manaal <3

05/04/2011 17:34

I disagree i think it depends wether your role model is a celebrity or not because i think most celebrities have a negative role model. Would you rather be a smart person that gets accepted to Harvard and ends up with a high paying job or some celebrity that gets pregnant at 16?

05/04/2011 17:35

Yea i do agree with youuuu... kids should have romodels as long as their still being themselves. Its important for that child to know if this person could really make a positive change in their life. And if not, then why should they look up to them. Its also really important to still be themselves. Not a change just because one person likes this. This goes a long way with advertising to. Should we really buy the product because this celebrity says so. Just like picking a romodel, see if it;s really fits what you need and dont let the product take over your lifeee
-Ian :D

Mrs. Edgar
05/04/2011 18:15

Hi Ilayda,
I think this is a difficult one because the idea of a role model is someone who you can look up to, someone who models what kind of person you would like to be. It seems like many celebrities are definitely idolized by kids --this is a bit different then being a role model. The media feeds into whatever or whoever the current trend is-- and it seems like more and more the popular celebrities are not exactly role model material. I think it is fair to say that whether kids realize it or not, their greatest role models are their parents. These are the people they learn from every day-- they watch their example. While celebrities may be posted on their walls, it is hopefully the people who are actually in their lives who will have a greater impact on them growing up.
Mrs. Edgar

05/04/2011 18:58

I think you are right, kids shouldn't have a role model because that would just ruin who they really are on the inside. if you really want a role model you should pick a good one, not like an actor because if a kid sees an actor drinking or smoking they may think that he's really dose that in real life and the kid might imatating him. you should pick someone that shows a positive atitude and dose good things infront of everyone to see.


05/05/2011 13:52

Hey, [:

I kinda think kids should have role models but then i don't because, sometimes if a celebirity does something stupid, they influence the people who are inspired by them and sometimes the kids go and act like its okay, bc, a celebirity.
Like a teenagre goes and does drugs because, HEY BRUNO MARS AND LIL WAYNE do drugs. So in cases like this, they should be wise of who their role model and should be themselves at all times (:

-Gooodd joB ♥
-- Racha =]

05/05/2011 14:20

Hii Ilayda !
I agree with you that we should have role models cuz some times that person could make a really good change in your life but we shouldnt try to change our selves because our role models are like that.
- Sarah :)

05/05/2011 14:26

Hey Ilyada!! i agree with Mrs. Edgar... it is a difficult topic! some celebrities are good role models, but some are bad... but i dont think that this means we shouldnt have role models. everyone has someone that they look up to for different reasons. their singing, their acting, what they do to make a change, etc. i guess in my opinion, ppl should have role models, but ppl who are good influences.

05/05/2011 14:27

Hey great job! I totally agree with you because people can go crazy over some people! We could have role models but not if we try to be exactly like them!


05/05/2011 17:55

i really agree with you kids just get to sad when they cant end up like there role models to be onest the last time i had a role model i was 6 and i loveeeeeed barrney i wanted to be him so bad.

great job

05/07/2011 16:22

Hi Ilayda

I totally agree with kids should have a role model because it someone they look up to. But kids shouldn't try to change themselves ,they should be who they are not what they want to be. Also sometimes it the trend that says their pregnant because last year i saw a magazine that said Kristen Stewart was pregnant but she really wasn't it was just a joke that someone made up.

So in conclusion i agree and then don't agree with you Ilayda

Arshvinder =.=

05/09/2011 19:53

When you have a role model it dsnt mean that you have to do evry thing they do. For instense just because someone looks up to jamie lynn spears dsnt mean there going to go get pregnant. People should know their limits when it comes down to following their role model. Their isnt really anything wrong with eating carrots cuz a celebrity likes it or getting your hair cut like a celebrity you love. I got the Rihanna cut cuz i look up to her and i love her and always look up to her as a role model cuz she proved shes very brave and confident and many more characteristits. she has flaws too but wen she does it i dont think OOHH RIHANNA DRINKS SO IM GOING TO TOO!! YAAY :)People choose to do this cuz they like it. They made their own decisions and if they mae wrong decisions then that was their choice. SO i think we should have role models but know our limits.


05/10/2011 06:39

i also think that kids shouldnt be influenced by other people they have to learn to be themselves and to not worry about what other people think

05/10/2011 06:42

i dissagree

05/10/2011 06:45

I'd think so, because if your a good role model the younger kids follow and so on...... as long as thier are good role moddle (oops spelleng mistake at end)

05/10/2011 06:52

I agree.


05/10/2011 06:53

i agree and think that kids should be able to have role models becasue kids need someone to look up to and its not always a celebrity but it could be a realtive or a friend.even if kids have role models, it wont mean that they wont become their own independant person, just more like their rolemodel.
so, i agree and think that kids should have role models.

-raina :)<3

05/10/2011 09:27

MAbye you could have a easir debate.

But anyways. YOure right you should have a role model but someone that doesnt do bad things. Dont try to be exactly like them, be who you are.


05/11/2011 06:00

I agree. I think that kids should have role moedels. But
I think that they don't have to be exactly like them. They can look at what they have accomplished in life and not what they did to have negative affects.
-BoBo!! *.*

05/11/2011 06:03

yeah i would say almost the same thing as josh be who u r and never let anybody change that like my sis says it's better to be yourself than have a copy of you for a minute. =] believe me i know who i am but i just don't act it. i changed for a little bit than went back to who i was. idk i got tired of being something im not and being who my thought so friends. they where a waste of time. they changed me for the worst. but part of me i liked that changed cuz i found out who i was after that.
And if kids that are in the wrong crowd and have the wrong friends not necessarley r going to be like them. maybe there true friends maybe there acting that way to get friends.


05/11/2011 06:19

i think we should not have role models because they could be bad and then the kids will do what ever the role model do khoder

05/12/2011 18:07

I think that it is okay for kids to have role models, but in one condition. If the kid has a role model, that influences him/her in a bad way, then they should not. Kids should understand the good and bad things in life, and base their choice upon that. Also, you should have a role model, but you should not go over the limits. People go crazy after they have a role model, and eventually get addicted to them. They start talking like them, looking like them, start to wear what they wear, and even start to act like them. Overall, you should be able to have a role model, it's just that it should not be an addiction, and it should have a positive influence on you.

Whoof! That was a lot of writing!
-Hush :) :D

05/24/2011 15:38

Personally, i think that kids can go ahead and have role models, as they are the people that they LOOK UP TO, and not the people that they want to be EXACTLY LIKE. there are crazy people out there that do crazy things, for example a boy goes to school dressing up as spiderman or trying to jump off the walls, desks, chairs, etc. the only thing with role models are the ones you choose, for example, i think that it would be better to look up to someone that has a successful life as opposed to someone that lives their life dealing drugs for example. personally i think that there are people out there that have bad choices toward their role model, but it's fine in my opinion to have a role model that has a positive influence on people.

P.S. GJ!!!


06/02/2011 18:24

I agree with you kids should have role models. Role models inspire them of being a bright person kind of think, i'm not saying they should be the same of what they are but to follow the positive side of what they say.

06/03/2011 17:21

i think your wrong.i think your wrong.i think your wrong.i think your wrong.nananana nana i think your wrong. im just kidding thiugh you are wrong. if it weren't for you i would have never learnt yo be annoying. is that a bad thing? jk! ithink we should have somone to look up to somone to beat. someone to have compition with. after all that is life. life how it is. Compition i think that word. ps. you ow me $2(i know how to calulate interest on the money! MooHaaHAaHaa)

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