By: Balkar
    What’s privacy to you? Does it mean to have the right to be secretive? To be able to be independent? Do have to earn privacy or is given to you? Is privacy a privilege or a right? I think that it is a right.
    The United Nations say that privacy is a right and I agree, but now in our time privacy is now turning into a privilege. My parents read in the paper that Muslims were stopped at the border and asked how many times they pray every day and where they pray. This is a total violation of privacy. This is not any of the border’s business. Why does it even matter where they pray and how many times? This information may be private to them and their family. These people are having their privacy taken away. 
    Everyone likes to have some time to themselves. We all have something that is personal and we want no one else to see. For example some people keep a diary or journal that they like to keep to themselves and don’t want to show to anyone else. These things are our personal belongings and our privacy. Even having a door to your room may be privacy to some people. Some people are not trusted and have no door to their room therefore taking away their privacy. Doing this is like someone taking away your most prized possession and never giving it back. This is not right, why doesn’t someone simply check in on the person who is not trusted from time to time. At least then the person will have some privacy. 
    Privacy also makes us independent which we all have a right to. With privacy we can do things by ourselves with no help from others. It helps us think for ourselves. It helps us to make our own choices, where we want to work, where we want to go to school. We can also have our own option of telling people how much you get paid, if you got something new, this is our privacy.
     To have privacy is a right. We have the right to keep things to ourselves. We have the right to have to have private space, to have private conversations, and to be away from surveillance from people. You do not have to earn privacy. Every human being should be able to have their own space. This is why I think that privacy is a right

05/24/2011 15:26

its a right... btw... wheres the debate?? :P

05/26/2011 13:41

Hey, where is the debate!? Im confused!


05/26/2011 19:42

Privacy is a right.

05/30/2011 08:51

This is the best debate yet!!!!!!!

05/30/2011 15:15

Hi Uhmmm

I totally agree with you whoever you are because i think privacy is a right and wheres the debate? Your sooo funny Hush !!!!!

Byeeeee Arshvinder =.=

06/01/2011 11:41

Its a right.

By Noah!!!




06/01/2011 14:39

its back!!!:)
i agree with you that it should be a right it's our own life and our own chcice

06/02/2011 13:04

Privacy is a right. And that whole being stopped at the border thing is wrong. Its a total invasion of privacy. If this was a privalige then it can be given and taken away. A life were all of your secrets are open to everyone. Thats not cool.

GJ Josh

06/02/2011 13:21

Hi Balkarrr!!!! OR Mr B0B0, (whichever u prefer)

I have to say i totally agree with you because i think privacy is a right. I think everybody deserves space like as you mentioned,But i also think whatever haved to to the people at the border was maybe for seceraty reasons and if it wasn't then maybe they were being discrimated and as far as i can see it thats not fair. And if i were in those persons shoe i would be so mad at that person for taking that right away from me and violating my privacy. Privacy does make some of us independent and i would never want someone to hear my private conversations over the internet like msn or facebook.

So in conclusion I totally agree with you Balkar and nice debate. This is not related but pleasse comment on my debate if you haven't soooooo ya

Byeeeeeeee Arshvinder -.- =.= :P :D

Damaris (again)
06/02/2011 16:53

hey, i totally agree with you that privacy is a right because, like you said it is not the police officers who need to know how many times you pray. Also people shouldn't come in your house to look around or for example at school, people shouldn't look in your locker because you have personal stuff in there so therefore i agree that privacy is a right.


06/02/2011 18:26

Hey Balkar (noob)
I really like tour topic! I agree, and do not agree with you. I do agree with you that privacy is a right, but in some situations and places, privacy is necessary and it should be a privilege. For example in a jail, you NEED security cameras and criminals have to be supervised and cannot be trusted without privacy. Other than those type of situations, I definitely agree with you that privacy is absolutely a right.

Hush :) :)

06/02/2011 19:52

Heyy! I agre that privacyy is a right cuz like you said you said its our personal belonging, but in some sitituations privacy is is sort of a privilege, like for instance at the like the prison they have to watch youu ! but in mostt cases privacy is a rightt!! GOOD JOB


06/03/2011 11:15

i also think that privacy is a right because without privacy everyone would now basiclly everything about you. if you dont have privacy its like putting in your pin for a debit card out in the open where everyone can see u then they could take your debit card and put in your password then they can access all of your money and spend all of it so yah i agree with you without privacy i guess the world would be really bad and it would be like eveyone would know so much about other people because you dont have any private lfe any more. that is why i agree with you.

zouzou <3

Racha Was Hurrr =D
06/03/2011 11:35

Herrrrroos Balkar :)
Uhm, in my opinion I think privacy is a right. But I agree I think everyone should have their own privacy because, when im reading my book or concentrating, I like to have my own privacy. And I like my own belongs just to myself because, my mom kinda gets annoying asking me soo MUCH questions. And like you said about the border situation, I think it should be private.
Soo great job :)
--Racha!! =^_^=

06/03/2011 11:41

i agree with you i think that privacy should be a right because if you had money in your bank account and you dont have privacy some one can just take the i think that everybody should have privacy.


06/03/2011 13:38

I agree, privacy is a right because there are some things that people don't want others to know about. Like you said some people don't need to know some things about others like what are the boarder people need to do eith where and when you pray. There just stalking you.


06/05/2011 05:53

hey balkar!! i agree with you that privacy is a right because there are things that people dont want to share with everyone and i think they have a right to keep it to themselves. Like you said, that when people pray or how many times they pray is none of the borders business because, what are you gonna do with that information? I think that is violating someones privacy. good job!

-manaal :)

06/05/2011 18:26

I agree with you privacy is a right its what you think, it 's your life.

06/05/2011 18:47

I think that privacy is a right cuz thr are somethings that i dont wnt others to know about. its my own personal things they have nothing to do with it its none of their business. for example why would a border officer need to know how many times i pray in a day or where wats it gnna do to the country? ITS NONE OF UR BUISNESS!!!!!!! so privacy IS A RIGHT!!!


06/05/2011 19:03

i think that privacy is a right because everybosy in the world has things that he/she doesnt want anybody elso to know and by making privacy a priveledge, people can take the personal and confidential information of some people and use it in a bad way, such as uses of discrimination, without being punished in any way. if it was a right, they could sue the person and take back what is rightfully theirs.



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