I think the Nintendo 3DS® is better than the Sony PSP® because of its “5-star features”. For example, a 3D screen that can be adjusted for how much 3D you can handle or just play it like a regular DS game with no 3D with the 3D Slider™. Unlike that rugged PSP that doesn't even have 3D it DOES have take UMD. The 3DS takes kind of SD cards which click in to the 3DS. The PSP has an internet browser and the 3DS does not have a internet browser (yet... wel it will be added May 2011 the 3DS is not complete without internet)
SOOOOO.... I think the PSP is better until The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and untill the $299 price drops.

THANKS, Ethan D.- 7E

04/14/2011 08:20

I think the PSP is better because it's cheaper. I don't care about any of the features i just care about the price because the PSP is $199 and the 3DS is $299. This is why i think the PSP is BETTER than the 3DS.


04/14/2011 08:51

i totally think the PSP is better than the nintendo yeah you can travel with both but it is easier to take around and it is more fun and it is newer than the nintendo. Some people like old but i hate oold sorry to be who like it


04/14/2011 08:59

i think the psp is way better because i dont like nintendo.


04/14/2011 09:14

personally, i own a psp, and theyre fine, but when youre comparing a newer model with an old one, i dont really think that its fair because the 3ds just came out in march and the most recent psp came out the year before. the psp 3000 series was made to compete with the ds lite, not the dsi or the 3ds, while the psp go was designed to compete with the dsi. in other words, playstation, never released anything to compete with the 3ds.


04/14/2011 14:46

i think that the PSP is better because it has a larger sceen and photo feautres, videos, internet, gmaes and a TON of other things.

04/14/2011 15:48

I have a PSP and a DS, and by my experiences, PSP owns any kind of DS. But you know that's just my opinion.


04/14/2011 16:04

HEY Ethan

I think the psp is way better because as noah said it way cheaper than the 3DS. I personally really don't prefer the 3DS because my brother has one and its really well big and if you look at the psp its really better looking and easier to carry around. So i think the psp is way better then the 3DS
Also nice job.

04/14/2011 16:18

Personally i would wait for the newer model. Analyse that, then decide if i want the older one because it's cheaper, or the new because, of course it's newer and better just like Emad said. But personally, i wouldn't by either because once having owned both a DS and PSP, i found that once you play it alot u get sick of it JS :).

-ian.kurniawan! :D

04/14/2011 16:19

I think nintendo is better $: Because, it brings back good memories of when I was younger and how we used to ALL be like "Ohhh i have ninetendo and you dont." But i also do agree that the PSP is a fun, because the it has internet and good features to it. But overall I love nintendo better personally and its still fun even though its old. :)

-Nicee job [:

04/14/2011 17:28

i own a psp... and personally havent tried the 3DS. but based on the fact and features listed.. it seems to me that the 3DS is better. but you're also comparing newer to older, so the features are probably going to be better. think about in the future when the next, so-called, "gaming system" comes out. the features will probably be 10 times better.

04/18/2011 13:03

ok i ow both a psp and a dsi and i like them both there isnt any thing wrong with them but again just like jenna said you are comparing a newer version to an older version so i think that is unfair but they are both really fun to play on

<3 zouzou <3

04/18/2011 13:07

04/18/2011 13:08

i kind of agree with you

-manaal :D

04/18/2011 13:08

I think the 3ds is better because it gives more of a gaming experience. the PSP is kool but it only takes one kind of cartridge on the 3DS it takes multiple cartridges for a wider variety of games. The 3DS is better :)

04/18/2011 14:09

Hey great job. Well i have a DS but since i was little and it is almost broken. they can break very easly and plus my friend had a PSP and whenever i would play it i would have soooo much fun and now when i play my DS i have to hold the screen up because it would just flop down. So, i agree with you that the PSP is better but when the 3DS comes out that it will for sure be better.


04/18/2011 14:54

Hii. I have a psp but i don't really like it and agree with you that the Nintendo 3ds seems so much better based on your facts. but psp has the internet. Anyways psp would be so much better after the new version comes out.

04/19/2011 12:23

The psp is much better. it has way more games then ds and the 3d on a the ds is pretty bad. The psp has great graphics and a wide variety of games. Ds is normally just staged games like mario etc....


04/19/2011 12:51

Hi Ethan!
I really liked your topic but you might want to consider that the 3D's just came out, and the PSP has been around for a ling time. Personally, I think that for younger age groups, Nintendo is definatly the way to go, but once you get older, you start to look at what features, and what graphics a console has. In my opinion, Sony Game Systems have much better graphics then Nintendo, which maked to PSP better because it is portable, and has better graphics that Nintendo.

Another major advantage of PSP is the internet, but once the 3D's come out with Internet, it might be a good comparison to make.

Taking into consideration of the fact that the PSP's are a year old, and the 3D's just came out, I still think that the PSP's have a little better gaming experience than the 3D's!

Good Job though Ethan! You really proved all the points about Nintendo 3D's, but also gave a negative feature about the 3D's that always help the reader get a feel for what the debate is about! All in all, AWESOME JOB!

~Hush :) :) :)

04/19/2011 12:55

i like PSP's better because its like carrying a big playstation around but not heavy or big and it doesnt have a pen and i dont like when electronics have pens because it gets complicated.
good job ethan!

- raina :)♥

04/19/2011 16:00

i'm not sure which one is better because i haven't tried the Nintendo 3Ds, but i still think the psp is better.

-David -.-

04/19/2011 18:40

In my opinion i think the psp is better because i owned both before and i thought the PSP was better cuz its games was more for our age group and has more features. As many said i do think its way too much for a DSI and anyways i wouldnt want to play with a 3D console because it will hurt my easys and guive me a headache and as you said you can take the 3d off but then whats the point of paying all that money for a 3d console if i dont want the 3d?

04/19/2011 18:42

I also would l ike to add that if im somewhere and i really need to use the internet and I have my PSP i can get easy acsses to the wireless wich is very good unlike the DS

04/22/2011 06:49

i think PSP is better because u can do way more things then the DS. and it has better games it has wireless so thats why i think the PSP is better khoder

04/26/2011 08:47

This is not a SA because for starters you don't have proper paragraph format . Also this is not a two sided debate because every one will probably comment on the better one . You sould first improve your grammer then think of a better topic than your original .

PS: I think sony PSP is better

04/26/2011 09:11

Well personally i think that the psp is perfect but you are comparing a new device to an older one. in that case i would prefer the 3ds because, it probably has more features. (i am only choosing the ds because its new and i dont really no which one is better because i dont follow nintendo)

05/03/2011 08:54

Just to clairify,
the Nintendo 3DS has uwful battery life but it ci=omes with a charger and a charging dock. But I guess it's not really portable....

05/11/2011 05:48

i agree with emad he has a great point the psp is older than the 3ds so um ya i agree with emad.

~~~~BROOKE <3 ~~~~

05/18/2011 09:02

Hello. I agree with you, that the psp is better than nitendo 3ds. I think this because the psp has a larger screen and more features. You can watch movies, go on the internet. Also you can play online multiplayer and you can listen to music. Personally i haven't tried the 3ds yet but i think that the psp is better!
BoBo!! *.*

05/30/2011 08:43

i agree. (:

Miss M. Giles
05/30/2011 08:50

Ummm.... I don't have either so IDRK which is better... I'd agree w/ you mayb if i knew about them
Go Boston Bruins =3)

05/30/2011 08:52

I agree I think that the psp is better than nitendo because i think it has alot more features.

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