By: Safa A.

   Libya, Egypt and Syria are all countries in common when it comes down to the lack of political participation/democracy. 51 out of 195 countries are fortunate enough to vote for their country’s leaders and express their opinion according to Wikipedia. All together that’s less than 4% of all the countries on the face of  the earth. The question is, is political participation/democracy important? The answer is defiantly yes and we have to do something about it because the governor will rule a long time, the people have the right to be free and be included and most important the governor should do what the people want and need.

   To start off, all humans have the right to be free. Therefore we should decide who is best deciding what happens and how things are run by freedom of speech and voting. Not a small group of people. While were outside feeling isolated because we can’t state our opinion because we be severely hurt. As George Washington once said,  ‘If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.’   Maybe possibly killed. Is that a way to treat a human being? Is that how a ruler should “rule” their people? 

   Second, if the people get to vote then every five years they will be able to elect a new Governor or maybe re-elect the previous one. Unfortunately if the people don’t have the right to vote then the Governor can stay in power for a long period of time. Which leads to corruption because he/she knows they don’t usually have to worry about being kicked out of the “throne” because the people don’t have a say in what happens. So they start to become selfish and take the countries money and not focus on important things such as poverty. For example take Egypt’s past ruler Mubarak he was the president of Egypt for 30 years. After awhile he started to slack off as a president and wouldn’t divide money for his people fairly. Even worse after ruling for 30 years he planned that when he’s done and retired his son Gamal will rule after him. He just wont give up the throne.

   Most important of all, it’s the people who matter the most. So the person in power should listen to the people voice and opinion! What kind of president doesn’t care about what their people think? What kind of person would vote for or follow a person like that? No one and that’s why those greedy people are powering because no one had the right to go against them! They have no other option but to start a protest and its hard. The problem is that, that can cause major damage not only to their country and environment but also to them. For instance 10s of thousands of people are dying in Libya right now because of protesting, but in the end all of it is going to pay off.

   As stated many times throughout my speech and I will state it again political participation/democracy important is a severely negative thing. We should do what we can to stop it even by the littlest things. So therefore political participation/democracy is a 100% guaranteed important. So take action!


04/13/2011 13:14

I think that political democracy is imortant because the people that are going to get effected should be allowed to say if they want to be ruled by a person.

04/13/2011 14:44

Hi Safa!!
I totally agree with you. Cause we all have rights and should have a say in who is ruling us. People should stand up for their rights. And yea i think political democracy is importantt!!

- Sarah

04/13/2011 16:48

i do think that this is a very serious topic and should be taken care of. People should have the right to vote for who the want to rule their country. :)

-manaal <3

04/13/2011 17:01

I think people should have their rights because if people dont express their ideas they will never be able to help orally and everyone should have the freedom to say and think their own way !

khoder \.-.

04/13/2011 18:26

Good work Safa! (: I do agree that democracy is the right way to have our government. Despite there being 1 leader, that 1 leader listens to thier people and creates a good healthy city. But. One question i have for u is i know that some cultures and religions have been establishing these types of governent for years. Establishing kings, a group government, or dictatorship all which is the opposite of having a democracy. Is it really necassary to break all those years of creating a government that relunctantly kept us alive to this day? It sure worked and democracy is still just growing. Should we really trust it? I do agree though. Democracy is the best way to go but for years we had a different and unfair governments. Is it right to break that culture?

04/13/2011 18:41

yes i think democracy in every country is necessary because we live in the 21st century and its not the slave times when people didnt have a say in how things run or anything. And people need to be heard because they could be rich or poor but they are still human and they could have better ideas than the ruler/leader in their country, So yes its verrryy important that every country is democracy.

-raina♥ :)

04/14/2011 08:49

WOW i don't really know what your talking about but you made it a little bit easier for me so umhh yeah.And i think what you are talking about is very important to many people in this big beatiful world.


04/14/2011 14:50

i agree absoultly with you. like canada is a free country and we are happy and live freely more then those other countryes that don't have the rights to vote. plus if they arent aloud to vote then obiosly the gorverment wants the money and gives the people no option what they would want to do

04/14/2011 15:57

Hey Safa
I totally agree with you too, I think political democracy is very important it gives the citizens a right to vote who they want their leader to be.

Also the people in libya should have their freedom because they all have human rights. So in conclusion i think every country should be a democacy.

I also remember the video that Mr wilson showed us about the guy in egypt who set himself on fire because he was fed up with the their leader.

So once again i totally agree with you
Also GJ Safa =.=

04/14/2011 16:16

Good job SAFA :)
I forsure agree that it is important and we NEED to take a stand for this. Were very lucky to be living in Canada to because we live in a free country so, this could possibly (may or may not) happen to us. And i agree with raina to that, everyone needs to take a stand for themselves.

-Racha ;) <3

04/14/2011 17:24

i agree with you that this is a very serious topic. in my opinion, it is not fair at all that they dont get to choose who runs their country. some people here in north america take advantage of our ability to vote and dont even bother going out to vote anymore. but i have to wonder.... how do the people in those countries, like Egypt and Libya, feel? here in north america, we get those rights to vote right away, but in those countries... its not even considered.


04/15/2011 19:32

I agree with you. It's our life and our government is the voice of the people with one main representative. If we dont participate world domination is inevitable. scary stuff huh? :) GJ!!!

04/17/2011 10:25

First off, good job on the essay, and what you had stated couldnt have been said any better. Anyways, i agree with everything that you mentioned above, because what is life when you cant control it? Living in a non democratic country is basically like living in a prison, because you have no say in what happens. In most of those countries, you will get tortured to death just for saying something that the dictator doesnt like, but when the whole country stands, they will be able to end the dictatorship in their country. I am happy for all the people in those countries, because they have alot of courage to stand up for their rights, even if it costs them their lives to do so. Basically, yes democracy is important and i hope that in the future all our countries will be democratic.


04/18/2011 12:59

i agree with safas debate because if the people dont get the right to vote then the people wont be happy and it will start war. this hs happened a lot in the past and it is happining even now. other people always complain about how they dont like the prime minister or the president when they had the right to vote. i think that is very unfair because while they could have voted against the prime minister other people are litterally dieing because they cant vote and they dont like the president. so i agree that the people matter the most.

<3 zouzou <3

04/18/2011 13:50

Hey Safa!
I really enjoyed reading this! I think you said everything correctly. The things you said, like everbody should be able to vote, and have a right to voice their opinion. Those are 2 of the human rights! Righ to vote, and a right to state your opinion. I thinks it's just extremely sad, that even with the world growing everyday, and the human rights passed along, the world is still so selfish and people are fighting everyday about things that could be solved so easily if people put their minds into! Overall, I thought that you hit all the points and it really convinced me about democracy! Awesome job! ~Hush :)

04/18/2011 16:25

Hey Safa, great job and what a great topic because this is happing RIGHT NOW. Personally, i think that people in every country should have the right to vote and that we should NOT be scared to say our own opinion and to say what we think is right. We should all have the right to speak and to chose. And again great job!


04/18/2011 19:30

Hey safa

Yes It is important. I mean we are so lucky to believe here were we have all those things but slot of people don't and i feel bad for them.

04/19/2011 12:17

You are right. Countrys should be run by a democracy and not a dictatorship. Everyones say is important. Not just a group of peoplesaying that they are now going to rule this country.

GB safa josh

04/19/2011 16:35

ummm hi, i do truly agree with you, people should be able to share their own thought and should have freedom to vote. Also in other country's they dont have the power to vote, in the other hand in Canada we have the power so we are petty lucky. In Canada some people are to lazy to vote but in other country's they are dying to vote.

04/26/2011 09:22


I agree. Everyone has the right to be free and voice their opinion, just like everyone should have human rights. (:
So, yeah, i think its really sad how some of the countries in the world are in war at the moment.
- ilayda.

04/29/2011 05:54

I think that political democracy is imortant because the people that are going to get effected should be allowed to say if they want to be ruled by a person.


05/30/2011 08:50

I think that political democracy is important because you should be allowed to have a say in who you think should win.

06/03/2011 11:23

HELLO!! I agree with you, all countrys should be democratic. This would be god because right ow so many countrys are in turmoil because of their dictators who are just stealing money from the goverment, and are not being a good leader. The people should be able to pick their own leader instead of having to follow a dictator. Also if they had democracy they could voice their own opinions to the goverment on how they can improve the country and stuff.

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