A key . A simple tool that can be made from a variety of materials . We think because it is small we don't need to worry about it . But  I think different . I think it is important . A car . A massive machine that gets us to where we need to go like the mall , or home . A car and a key were made for each other but do we really need a key . A key can be a pain because of how it's so small and takes time to find , or that if it's lost your whole car can't work , or that because it can be a pain we can find a better way to start our cars . That's why  I think cars should not have keys . 

Have you ever seen your mother or father get into his or her car and then they can't seem to find there keys?. This is what drives adults into a bad mood because they have to look around for a stupid key while they could have been in the mall shopping , or hanging out with friends , or even going to work . Once my mother and I were going to a soccer game and OakWood school and as we got into the car she could not find her keys . This put us in a horrible mood and we spent 10 minutes looking for it while  I could have been playing soccer . This does not happen once in a while, it happens again , again , and again . Just one reason why cars should not have keys .

Second is that logicly if the key is lost your car can't work and then you will havev to ether get a new car , or get the car a new key which then you have to go to a car station and then pay money to get your new key to work on your car and unlock doors .
Also just getting a new key is money . Ones me and my father lost the key for our pacifica and we had to buy a new one . We got a key and it was 30 $ . JUST FOR A KEY . That was not all we then had to go to a Crysler dealer to get our key hooked up to our car and that costed us another 10$ . So all together for a stupid  key we payed 40$ .

My third reason is that mabey a key is just not for a car like hybrids we have today . They don't need a key you just need to push a botton and the car atomaticly turns on . No need to look for that key anymore . But it will make the car easyer to steal . Another idea that  I have is rednal scaning , so you put you hand into a scaner and it scanes your hand to know if you are friend or a robber . If you are a robber it won't start but if you are it will have an alarm and atomaticly call for help . Now thats better than putting a key into a car right .

So to wrap up  I think that cars should not have keys. This is true because that key always missing ,or that your cars will be usless without it , or a to make something better from it . So I ask you now would you like cars to have keys ?

05/03/2011 09:07

Yes cars should have keys because if thieves jack the car wiith out keys then tier at a loss they can't open the car (If locked)

05/03/2011 12:43

Hey yusuf! Great job!
Personally i think that cars should have keys because if the car doesn't need a key then anybody can start the car even a robber. But with a key, you only have one key and one way to start the car! And even through you have a scanner it is still better to have a key because everybody in your family can use the key but nobody has the same finger print.


05/03/2011 12:58

Yea, Yusuf i agree with you and cars shouldn't have keys. They're just a nuisance and a waste of time. It would be better to just press a button and be able to start your car that way. When you were getting out you could lock the doors from the inside and get out. Then when you want to get back in you can type your number thing on your door(You know have cars have the key pad thingy on the side to unlock the doors).

05/03/2011 15:46

I think that cars should not have keys because, like you said, it will keep getting lost. If you are going to get rid keys, it would be smart to add a high tech security system. Also, if you keep loosing your key, you would have to spend lots of money on getting a new on each time.


05/03/2011 17:32

i think that we should have keys beacuse poeple find ways to hack around everything. wats just one light senser? the could that that print from any where like the door handle

05/04/2011 16:05

I agree with you but then i kinda don't sometimes cars should have keys so no one jacks their cars because, if someone could just break and steal their car. But then I think cars shouldn't sometimes have keys for some reasons like, if they lock their keys in the car or sometimes it's a waste.
But in my opinion i'd rather take my time and lock or unlock my car with a key, so no one could rob it ;)
Good job (:

-Racha :D

05/04/2011 17:12

I agree with you yusuf key are just another thing we need to worry about losing...but this is why some newer cars are push to start but to use that option the key has to be close to the car (so no one can steal it) well' its not actually a key it only locks and unlocks the car ect.

05/04/2011 18:11

I DO not agree with you yusuf :P
Well uhmmm... i think this because well, in my opinion the only nuisance with having a key is losing it. So how not to lose it? What i do is i have a bright basket right outside my garage. Thats where we keep our key. Just something like that can change how you feel about car keys. Also, that hand monitor... uhmm... wouldn't that cost even a larger amount of money that that little key? What we really need to do is leave that key more space in your brain. Know where you put and protect it. Other than that car keys should be fine
-iannnnnnn :D :P ;o ;P xD

05/04/2011 18:27

I dont think cars should have keys instead they should be voice activated with a password. this way robbers cant break in, you dont have to find keys and it will be easier to control.

05/05/2011 14:15

I disagree cuz the hand monitor thing people could try hacking it and the key is not always that much trouble because you have to be reponsible with your keys and not just throw it in random places and cars usually come with two pairs of keys.So you could always have an extra pair. Good Job!
- Sarahh :)

05/07/2011 16:06

Hi, Yusuf
I agree with cars shouldn't have keys because there just a waste of time and it would be better if you could the lock the doors from the inside and just get of the car and you wouldn't have to spend money on a car key so in conclusion i agree with you

Arshvinder =.= Good Job

05/08/2011 17:33

sorry but i completely disagree with you because if you dont have a key there is more of a chance of getting your car robbed and thats not good. there is a point if you say that its hard for some people to be responsible for keys but would they rather have their car stolen or lose their keys for a short time?

-manaal :D

05/09/2011 17:51

i think that it's a good idea, but there could be many bad effects to it. personally, keys have been through alot, and i would prefer keys over the push to start or the hand scan thing. this is because when you rely on electronics like those, they are controlling you, and you barely have anything to do about it, while if you have a key, you can control when to open the car and how. another thing is that electronics usually tend to break down, and you wouldn't want it to break down in a bad situation. just to wrap up, i disagree with you, but i think that with a little more improvement, it will be fine.

P.S. Good Job!!!!! :D


05/10/2011 06:34

i think that cars should have keys because everyone is already used to useing the keys and if you change it now its just gonna make everything so much more complicated.

05/10/2011 06:45

I agree with you that cars should not have keys because its a waste of time. I think cars should have that number thing when you type in the password. When your in the car you just have to click a botton to start the engine.


05/10/2011 09:15

I dont agree with you because if you dont have a key and you have the little push start thing its smaller then a key. and theives can rob you way to easily. Break the window push the button to start the car and they are on their way

05/11/2011 06:04


~~~ BROOKE ~~~

05/11/2011 06:16

yes i think cars do need key because if cars did not have keys there car could be high jacked. khoder <(")

05/11/2011 17:57

I think cars should have keys because with a button, the start is now electronic, and there is more chances for that button to stop working or break down, and the it would be a hassle to start your car. Also, it is safer for children to have a key. Let's say you mom just wend to get some gas, and her little son (5 or 6) comes to the front and starts to drive! There would be a huge commotion, and it would lead to many failures and problems.
Good Job though!
Hush :)

05/18/2011 08:36


i think that cars should have keys but not our typical key. my father has a car that operates when you have a wireless key in the car. once its in the car you simply push a button that starts the engine. on the wireless key theres the lock and unlock button so as many said you can prevent someone robbing your car. as you said people might lose their key but they should be responsible/organized and keep the key in a safe place where you can find it the next time you need it.

06/02/2011 18:04

i think that we should have a key, and a password in this way it is more secured which would be harder for the robbers to jack.

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