Recently, our class has had many discussions concerning kids and cell phone use.  While we may not agree if kids should be allowed to use them or not, we all can agree that cell phone use is definitely on the rise and issues surrounding these devices will continue.  Cell phone use is definitely creeping into schools despite rules and regulations.  Some may argue that cell phones do have a place in schools and that they can in fact enhance student learning, however, I believe that allowing cell phones in the classroom will in fact cause more distraction for students. 

Recently 7E students participated in a "Break a Rule Day Fundraiser" where students paid a fee to break set school rules. One of those rules was permission to use electronics.  While it was made clear that these electronics, including cell phones, were to be used at appropriate times, I can attest that there were many cases of students playing games and texting while lessons were going on...hence my post on our blog (here).  Because of my experience on this day, my concern is that it is too tempting to be distracted by cell phones if they are allowed at school.

In addition to the distraction, many studies state that the use/ overuse of cell phones can have serious side effects to teen health including sleep deprivation, eye strain, addiction and side effects from radiation (Article #1, Article #2).  Increasing the time students are exposed to cell phones by having them use them in the classroom will only increase these risks.  

Schools are welcoming technology as a teaching tool, but we need to be conscious of making sure we are selective with what we are allowing.  The technological world is advancing at an alarming rate, and we need to accept its presence and embrace the advantages that it offers.  The features that a cell phone offers as a learning tool can be found in other devices that are already in use in schools- cameras, video cameras, calculators, interactive whiteboards, websites and blogs are all examples of technologies that are currently in schools (and in our classroom!)  Cell phones just aren't necessary.

Clearly, allowing cell phone use in school could pose many problems.  Students may be tempted to play games and text during class time, they pose potential health risks and the technology that they offer to student learning can be found in other devices.  So the question remains, as the technological world advances, are we fighting a loosing battle by not allowing cell phones in the classroom? What is your opinion?

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03/24/2011 08:55

I think yes and no.

03/24/2011 08:59

i dissagree. cell phones should be alowed. i know that we have everything at school, but cell phones are way more portable. the class phones are used by everyone. cell phones no one exept you uses it. ou don't have to wait for the phone to be avalible.


03/24/2011 09:00

Hey,umhhh yeah i think we should have cell phones for many reasons and i may not say cuz they will be on my essay.
And I totally Disagree cell phones should be allowwed toooo kidsss.And i know that kids bring them to schoool and they will get distracted and they might not do there work.But thats there promblem not yours(teachers,staff,principles).Like cell phones are for many things and kids will learn so much with having a cell phone.But part of me is saying we shouldn't because about what I said that the kids will get distracted and umhhh yeah it will lower there gr. level and how they learn.They need all the skills to be able to pass.And believe me not passing sucks. XD
thanks,kayla .c.
PS.thanks Mrs.Edgar for everything u have tought me,and for being so patient with me. =]

03/24/2011 09:00

I think that they should be allowed at our school. I think this because if there were to be an event after school and they forgot to tell their parents they could know without haveing to go home to call. :) (Y)\


03/24/2011 09:00

this was a good idea.

03/24/2011 09:01

i think that cellphones should be allowed but only at recess because in class you can get distracted from your phone, such as if you get a text from someone in class you will look at the text and reply to it and when you are busy doing that you will miss out on an important lesson your teacher is teaching. :]

03/24/2011 09:04

what i think is no kids should not have phones at school because they will be busy texting and not paying attention in class

03/24/2011 09:04

Hey wat up! I think that cell phones should be able to be at school because it is good for school incase you need it for something and I think that kids could take them outside and then when they get inside for class the teacher could out them all in a bin and then no one would use them during class and then at recess the teacher gives them back!If the kids don't put them in the box then they lose there privlages.

03/24/2011 09:05

I think that cell phones shoiuld not be aloud at school.I think this because if you have a cell phone during school your going to be tempted to text your friends then you wont be paying any attention to the teacher and wont focuse on there work.This is why I think we should not have cell phones at school- tiana

03/24/2011 09:05


03/24/2011 09:06

I totally agree on what you had said about not having cell phones at school, because the arguments you brought up were true like there to distracting for students and they might start texting in class or playing games on their cell phones.

03/24/2011 09:07

I agree. You should not be able to bring cell phonjes to school because not only is it very distracting, the only thing that a cell phone has that is useful to learn in school is a calculator and we have plenty of them. Not to mention that a calculator is its own device! Teehee! :)

03/24/2011 09:07

i acctualy think that cellphones should be allowed at school but only for emergencys and educational reasons. i think this because well on a phone there is a calculator and you can use that for math class and after school if your parents are ever late to pick you up or you missed the bus you can call them so that they can come and pick you up. but also if you are ever caught playing on your phone during class then the teacher would have to take it away from you and not give it back until the end of the day or until youve showed responsability.

03/24/2011 09:09

I think that we should be allowed to bring cell phones to school. Its our fault if we dont know whats going on. We will be behind and not get good grades if it happens consecutivley. If it happens every day then its a little to much and at that point you should take away the phone


03/24/2011 09:09

I also did realize that there were students texting and playing games during class on "Break-A-Rule Day." I don't think they should have been doing that because they weren't paying attention in class, so i agree with you on that..... But I also disagree with you because cell phones can help students with their education. They can help because its more portable than the big desktop computers or the school laptops... and the students will have it with them so they can use it right away... whie with the laptops or computers, you have to wait. The students could also use them in case of an emergency and they needed to contact a family member. I dont have a phone of my own, so I personally don't know how the people with phones feel... but I agree and disagree with you that cell phones shouldn't be allowed at school.

- Jenna <3:)

robby s.
03/24/2011 09:10

i think yes they should but just for emergencys or for contacting friends or parents. And they can help you in math because some have a calculator and they can help if you forgot your agenda you can put the things you have to do in your notes!!!!. Or if you have after school thing or before school thing you can text your parents or call them to see if you can ,sincerly robby s.

03/24/2011 09:13

I agree with what you said about cellphones and their reasons. They are very big distractions and doesn't let us concentrate. And cellphones will just cause problems..

03/24/2011 09:17

i think that it isn't really needed for every student to have a cellphone at school. this is because if you need to contact your parents, you could use the school phone. on the other hand, there are some students out there that always have to talk to their parents after school, because they might have some circumstances that would make them go to a friend's house, or that they might need a ride home at a later time. so once again, in my opinion, it is fine to have cellphones at school, as long as they are not being used during class.


Zain K.
03/24/2011 09:17

Yes I think cellphones should be allowed at our school for various resons. Such as, they help keep in touch with our parents, for example if there is an after school program you can call or text your parents so they will know when to oick you up. If you are not organized or on time for classes cellphones can help, if you set a timer on your phone that will cause your phone to viabrate 5min before your next class so, you can pack up and get ready. Cellphones help us surff the web incase we need to use "Google Translate"
in french class. Srffing the web is also a great way to reach information fast and efficiently. In conclusion i will say cellphones is a great peice of technology, it helps us keep in touch and make our live slightly easier! :)

03/24/2011 09:21

Teens and tweens likely see the cell phone issue differently, imagining that getting a cell phone is a step towards independence and a status symbol among their friends.


I think that they shouldn't be. from my experience everyone that has a cell phone is always behind in wats happing in class and homework that was do. how could you do your homework with 30 replays you need to do, or concentrate at school with your phone vibrating, most of all hold your aniousness from not looking and replaying.

there is only one solution. don't bring one to school, don;t allow it.
plus once your behind in school, your most likely to drop out looking at all the homework you have to do and bad grades in highschool

my final opinion is that cell phones shouldn't be allowed school.

03/24/2011 09:24

I think that cell phones should not be allowed at school because it is a huge distraction of your education and it will affect your mark in the future.
Also in the school they already have normal phones so theres no point of bringing those distractional electronics.


03/24/2011 09:25

I think that cell phones should be allowed at school for many reasons. Teachers and parents always tell us about how safety always comes first, well, lets say you have an after school club, and your walking home, then a kidnapper randomly jumps out and chases after you, but you can't run fast, so while your running you call the police, what would you do if you couldnt call the police then? So most importantly, cellular phones should be allowed at school for safety purposes.
What if your at an after school club, and it's raining and you need to call your mom to ask her if she could pick you up, but there is no one in the office at that time. You know what you do? You take out your handy device.
So overall cell phones should be allowed at school for many different reasons.

03/24/2011 16:31

I do agree with you. Cellphones should not be allowed in school. It will disrupt the learning and students will not be able to focus on thier studies. With the limitless aps, and new features, they'll be working thier little fingers on the addictive games and activivities. Another good point to think about is the risks of texting in a classroom. With the privacy of having instant message on a 1 on 1 convo, there's a huge possibility of sharing answers on a test. in addition to this, another good point to think of is that theres a great chance of losing it. I do agree that there are a number of technological help in schools already, though you never know, with all the advances and upgrades you never know that cellphones would be the new things at SCHOOL! :)

-From IAN.

03/25/2011 08:57

I think kids should not have cellphones because, they could be to young, teens may text and drive, or could have sleeping problems and make excuses to their parents saying its homework, when its really not. [:

03/26/2011 18:02

Hey I think that if you have a cell phone @ school you should kept it in your locker until NB. Or if your parent tells you to keep it on you for a certain reason. Such as if they need to contact you about ride arrangements after school. Or if they need to remind you to get something. If you don't have a reason other then to text your friends and play games or take pictures then you shouldn't have your cell phone in class.
:P kenzie

03/26/2011 18:02

I looked at the website and many people think that cellphones are needed at school . But not me . Logicily a cellphone was invented to talk with someone at a distance not play games and text . Also we come to school to learn not to play around with a cellphone .

03/26/2011 18:16

i think cell phones should be allowed at school because they can:
-be educational. (ex:some phones have calculators)
-a cell phone can help with our confidence.
-some phones can help you be creative.
-they can help your comunication skills.
-some have full keyboards and they can help you practice typing.


03/26/2011 18:18

I don't think there should be cell phones at our yet any school at all because the might get distracted Especially cell phones by Apple because they have like millions of apps that are free

06/02/2011 17:57

HELLO!! I don't agree with you. I think that cellphones should be aloud at school. For the people who do have a cellphone they should keep it off in their pocket. By this they will not get distracted by this. Also if they turned it on you would be able to hear the phone. It could also be useful to students, as it could be used as a calculator, you could take notes and even use some apps for your work, such as a newspaper app where you can find an article or something. It could also act a dictionary. But only some students have cellphones and only a handful who bring them to school.
-BALKARR!! *.*

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