Human Cloning Legal?

               Are you a teenager so bored that you’re still playing with your stuffed animals, or with your imaginary friend Jared? Do you need a friend that looks talks, smells and is exactly like you? Who has the same eyes, hair, lips, mouth, ears and even has the same personality as you. Well if your answer was yes, you support cloning, but in my case, for many reasons that are to come, I do not support the act or process of cloning. Cloning is a process of producing similar population’s genetically identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms reproduce asexually. In my opinion, cloning should be banned and illegal in any and every country! I am against the cloning action.

               First of all, there are four types of cloning; molecular cloning, cellular cloning, organism cloning, and human cloning. Obviously, human cloning falls under categories human cloning and organism cloning. Organism cloning relates to cloning of a living creature, while human cloning refers to only humans. These types of cloning have reproduction in their process. This reproduction is strictly asexual. Asexual reproduction is when you basically clone someone; it is not the natural way a human being is born. Asexual reproduction is very common in plants, insects and some animals. Human cloning has never been executed successfully, mostly because it is illegal in most countries such as the USA and Canada. Human cloning is almost exactly like making another copy of yourself.

               Here are the reasons why I think that should be illegal, and not be executed in any country in the world. Imagine this! You and your clone brother are walking down the street and suddenly, you hear gunfire. The police come and later on they blame your brother, Tom, that he shot the bullets. A week later, they sentence him to 6 months in jail. They’re about to send him in when they confuse the two of you and you (Ted), end up serving the 6 month sentence! I know this sounds very unrealistic; but, these types of situations can occur when there is two of each person. It would be chaos and it would cause so much commotion in law enforcement. You wouldn’t know who is who, and you might even get into Tom & Ted’s situation again.

                The second reason is that you’re not unique, and you won’t feel special having someone copy you and do the exact same thing as you. You’re not different and don’t have the freedom of doing what you want to do because there will always be someone else doing that too. Emotions will hit many people and clones, and people might take it to the extreme of violence to others, nature, the world and even themselves. We don’t know the aftermath of all of this. Even the mothers will feel like they got cheated as they probably don’t want two of the same children. You will feel undistinguished and will have to live your life in multiples. Not only will you get affected, the people that have been cloned will feel like they weren’t supposed to be here and might commit suicide themselves. They are not real or original human beings and might feel like they don’t belong here.

               The last and final reason is probably why human cloning is illegal in most countries. Creating another person, that’s not made naturally or biologically made by God crosses many religious and ethical boundaries. In most religions, God (whoever it may be) creates us all, and puts us on this earth for a reason. To make another one of yourself is not your job, by doing this you are not gaining anything. Some people call it playing with God, and others say that life begins at the moment of conception. Here is a youtube link that talks about what Islamic people have to say about Human cloning., not good quality!)  Non-religiously, the process of cloning is very hard and scientists have failed many times attempting this process. During these many attempt, hundreds of innocent babies have died. Many people believe that God doesn’t approve of this cloning, but all we know for a fact, is that many people are against cloning because of ethical and religious reasons.

               In conclusion, I think cloning is not a good way to do anything. Even though cloning is good for people needing body transplants, there is another solution. You could always donate money to your local hospital to get other supplies while the patients wait for those transplants. I’d choose that over playing with God or nature. We’re all different, and having a clone just ruins being you, and I’m sure you don’t want to be stuck in Ted’s situation, or was it Tom? Overall, everything we start has to come to an end one day or another. In this case, other than Dolly the Sheep, human cloning has not yet started and in my opinion, it never should. But just in case, let’s try our best not to start human cloning, as it crosses ethical boundaries. I wouldn’t want to be Tom or Ted if I were you. So take a stand, and make human cloning illegal everywhere!  

                                                                                                         -Harshith Sridharan, 7E


05/10/2011 06:36

i agree,i think it should not be legal because only rich people should be cloned just in case a robber goes to kill the rich dude and take all his money but he is cloned


05/10/2011 06:38

Cloning is technically already... um well there are clones born all over the world.... But instead of them being called clones they are twins, triplets, sixtuplets and even octuplets. But they have to be identical in order for them to really be called clones. Studies have shown that identical multiples have the same DNA..... So cloning already kind of exsist.

05/10/2011 06:41

Hey great job! I totally agree with you because it is bad to clon people. Plus, ther should be only one of you. Also what if something happened and it didn't turn out good. Great job!

- Danaris:]

05/10/2011 07:02

Hi, Hush, :D

I think your totally right because as you said it's illegal and it won't do anyone good it also is very expensive. I also think it goes beyond religous boundaries and as you already said god made us for a reason. It also is a very hard way to clone people and it could possibly kill them and why would you ever want someone that looks like you. Because i think you wouldn't have the same personalities ,sure you would look like the same on the outside but might be different on the inside.

So once again i totally agree with you Harshith.

Arshvinder =.= ^.^ :D

05/10/2011 12:52

I agree with you because cloning takes away the gift from your god or my god of life. Cloning humans is illegal but it must have been tried at least once and failed bcause of everything not being perfect.


05/11/2011 05:51

i agreee with you I think that id u cloning is wrong because theres only one of you in the world and if you clone someone just to make more of them its wrong because there will no longer be only one of you but a couple of you.SO I think that cloning is wrong


05/11/2011 05:52

yeah i totally think it shoul dbe illegal because i don't want someone running around that smelss like me, looks like me. And especially is totally me. that would suck. Even thought it would be fun to have a clone so i can ditch things and let the totally new me do the work and all get all the credit. All do the things that i wnat to do and the totally new me clone would do the rest. But after a while i wouldn't do that idk y but i like taking responsibleity for my things and the things that are in my life. so yes to me it should be illegal.


05/11/2011 05:52

hey, i agree with you that cloning should be illegal because cloning is a way of insulting what god made you like. Like you said, that you wouldnt feel unique when someone is copying exactly what you do.

05/11/2011 05:53

I have a religious view js- ive heard before that in the bible it says that clones (shells) will be used as machines for demons or nephilim spirits. these spirits re-produce with humans and create off-spring to twist and change, confuse and destroy us. so no i don't think that cloning should be legal because i believe they will be possessed twisted disgusting and cruel spirits just waiting to strike! :L

05/11/2011 05:56

i agree with you. i think that it should be not be not allowed beacuse forsome people they might want an clone and they can get 1 if they really want and it could help them if there in a heart situation or cancer they can be cured

05/11/2011 06:00


~~~ BROOKE ~~~

05/11/2011 06:02

Hayy Harshithhhhhhhh ^.^
I do agree with you. I think cloning should be banned just like you said. I think that it's just no worth it to break all those religous boundaries along with risking the lives of many. I think were good the way we are. If we really want to save some vital organs, we can have more programs to support donating this. but for cloning, this should just be for animals. Humans just CROSS DA LINE ^.^ >.> <.< :D :P ;o :Z

05/12/2011 18:34

I agree that cloning should not be allowed and it is risking many lives and u wont feel unique if u had someone doing the exact samething as you!


05/13/2011 19:28

Hey Harshithhhhh!!!

I think that cloning should be illegal because every human is different from one another, but if you clone, there will be more people with the same personality, same look, same everything. And an original is always better than a copy.


05/14/2011 14:56

Yeaa, i totally agree, cloning is should not be allowed because, if lets say your clone, did something bad or something, maybe you'd be the one to be blame. And it costs to much money for many people who would want to do this. And everyone is uniaue in their own ways, so if someone is just like you, then your not unique.

Good job (:

- Racha :D

05/15/2011 07:16

i agree and think that we should ban cloning. in my opinion, God made us and humans arent fully capable of making people and its really expensive just like you said.

-raina :) ♥

05/16/2011 17:02

i agree with u that human cloning should be illegal! just the thought of making a copyof urslef is kinda creepy! thats like putting urself through a photo-copy machine... no thank you!!! i like the example u gave when they might mistake you! it is unrealistic.. but its a good example. in conclusion, i agree with u that human cloning should be illegal! AWESOME JOB HUSH!!!!!


05/18/2011 08:43

hey!!! i think your right there should only be one of us and making a clone would just defete the whole purpose of being yourself and to not try to act like other people. if you had a clone im sure they would be interested in everything you are and im sure they will be just like you in a lot of ways. so i think cloning shouldnt be allowed

05/18/2011 08:48

I agree.


05/18/2011 08:57

Hello noob. Yes I agree with you, human clonnig should be illegal. I wouldn't want my own clone because I like myself. I don't want an exact replica of me, i like my self as one person. Also clones could be used for war or terrisoum. People could clone someone and raise them to be a suicide bomber or to be a soilder. Also this would go against many relgious things. My making a clone you would be saying that you are an equal to god and that you could make humans! So human cloning should be illegal!
BoBo!! *.*

05/25/2011 09:00

i agree with bobo i would not like to have a clone of me. and it is a equal to god and that u can make humans so i think that cloning should be illegal.

khoder $$$$

06/02/2011 13:30



06/03/2011 04:48

I agree with you cloning should be illegal because it cost to much money, also what if this process fail then you have killed a person, not you cloning.


06/05/2011 18:15

i agree with you 100% on human cloning, but when it comes to cloning in general, i might have some second thoughts, only because with cloning, people can have more research on genetics and they might be able to find cures for diseases such as cancer. for human cloning, it takes months and months to be able to clone a human, and it it really really complicated, not to mention that the chances of failure are at more than 90%. it also costs millions of dollars to get the right equipment and to get scientists that are able to do such thing. in the end, i say that human cloning should not be legalized.



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