What’s your favourite food? Chicken, fish? Or maybe it’s ham? Whenever you eat these foods, do you ever wonder how it ended up in the store, where did you get it from? Most likely it was killed. Now just hunting animals for food isn’t that bad, all animals need to hunt their food to eat it, and we also need protein, but some people do it just for fun. “Apparently” it’s a “sport,” but I don’t think you should kill a LIVING BEING, just like you and I, just for fun.

One reason I think this way is, because hunting in fact, is killing 100 million animals each year in the United States of America alone. Some animals become endangered or even extinct. For example the Tasmanian tiger is extinct along with the great Auk, and the Tasmanian devil (or T-Devil) is endangered. Giant Pandas and Seals are in danger too. Even if the animal takes about one bullet shot, and then runs away, it’s still got harmed (which is the intend of hunting animals) and eventually will die a slow painful death because of the infection, lack of ability to find and hunt food (if the animal is a carnivore), or lack of blood.

Bullets aren’t the only way of killing animals. Believe it or not, people that are just out camping, contribute to the killing as well. When you have a campfire, and you put it out sometimes there still is smoke left, and that smoke can re-ignite, and cause a wildfire. When you’re out in the woods and you’re eating a bag of chips or something with plastic in it, most people don’t wait to find a garbage can to go through it out. Some have a garbage a couple meters away, but are just too lazy to go and through it out. They just drop it on the floor, or in the water, and then animals eat it thinking it as food. Then they get really sick and sometimes even die.

You know how some say “oh let’s go hunting. It’s a sport right. And sports are supposed to be fun.” Well yes it is a sport and some may think its “fun”. But think of it, do you really think that killing life is fun. Put yourself in the animal’s shoes; you’re just walking down the river to the watering hole to get a drink, suddenly you see these weird animals come out of the bushes with weird fur coats and big sticks pointing at you. You try to run but they have you surrounded. Next thing you know BANG. And you’re on the ground in pain. You look up to see what happen, and you see these gorillas dancing and laughing around you for some time. Then they just leave. You’re in terrible pain, and slowly you start to die. And the hunters, ha, they’re long gone not even caring what happen to you.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that life is a God given gift, and no one has the right to take it away. Animals are just like you and I, and I’m sure they also want to live a full life. They too have feelings. Man can harm animals a lot, but if we take measures, we can also help. Instead of hunting for food too much, we can use other forms of protein like; lentils and soy beans (meat is still the best form of protein). We can adopt an animal, meaning donating money to animal shelters, so that they can build more hunt free zones, hire more biologists to help protect animals. You could also volunteer in helping wild life federations like; World Wildlife Federation (WWF) (which our school is donating to), there is also Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF). You could also do little everyday things like; not littering, compost more to reduce the amount of landfills, so that animals don’t go and eat stuff from in there, and there’s a whole lot more. And remember hunting for fun, not such a good idea.

Life isn’t really that long and you spend it making choices. If you make bad choices you’ll do bad things, and that time will be wasted. What I’m trying to say is that life is short, and you should use it wisely. Make good choices in life so that you can end life thinking, “I did good things in my life. I’m proud”.



04/26/2011 12:35

yes i do think hunting is illegal because you are killing inocent animals just to eat. seafood is different i think because they reproduce faster than othr animals.

04/26/2011 15:03

I agree that hunting should be illegal because like you said animals could become endangered and kills animals lives so hunting should be illegal.

04/26/2011 15:19

I think you are wrong. Hunting should be legal because thnik about it if you cant hunt and you live in northeren Nunavut you have to hunt for food or you will die. But it is illegal to hunt tigers etc... But if you are hunting big game like bear and moose and you kill one they will definetley not let you die because they will eat it probably.

04/26/2011 17:52

Good Job Dilpreet! You said that hunting has been just for fun and as a sport. Well, actually hunting is part of culture. Hunting has been done by our ancestors and way back, it has become almost part of religion and should we just throw away those hundreds of culture because of this? Also, i dont think hunting should be illegal. Most of you food comes from it and really, it's the only way to get meat into our bodies. Killing it is the only option. The best way for us to approach this is to educate people. To know and remind them if they are really hunting animals for a real purpose or just for fun, throwing away that trash, just to educate the people so they can know what it is causing!!!!
-IANNNNNN :DDD =.= :O !?!?!!? ;O :P

Brooke <3
04/26/2011 17:54

yes hunting should be illegal. by hunting we are killing all the beautiful animals so i think we should save there lives and hunting should be illegal.

04/27/2011 11:16

Hey i totally agree with you, Ian and Josh for a couple of different reasons.

Well, yes i do think that hunting should be illegal because your endangering the animals and i think we should there lives. But i also agree on what josh had said if you live in the northeren nunavut then you should be allowed to hunt or you'll die. The last thing i want to point out is i also agree with ian because its a part of our culture and our ancestors have been doing it for a long time now and also we dont really have another option for killing the animals and we also need the protein for our bodies.

so in conclusion i do and dont agrree with you. Also Good Job !!!!!

04/27/2011 14:45

i agree that animals should not be hunted. and ian, dilpreet said that they should not be killed for no reson, if your killing them for food thats fine. and i also think that for the cultures and in religons in killing animals to make blankets and stuff isn't really nessary in this genaration. isnt it worth saving bears and baby cubs and wolves ect. rather than killing them due to what our ansestors did? if they don't stop being hunted there will be no animals left if we follow this culture, like the animals that dilpreet mentioned. do we want wolves to be gone and left form us forever.

04/27/2011 16:37

well i think that animals should not be hunted just for the fun of it because, in my opinion that is insulting the animal race. and i think it is better to make hunting illegal because, like you said we dont want the animals to get endagered!


04/28/2011 13:51

i love cows, i don't WANT to eat them, but they are sooo darn tastey. Althought i want to become vegaterian, it's really complacated. i would definatley be alright if we didn't kill nor eat animals. I saw this one sign... copy and paste this into the web adress bar thing: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.mfablog.org/MIWhyLoveButEatBillboard.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.mfablog.org/2009/08/mfas-new-billboard-asks-michigan-drivers-to-choose-vegetarian.html&usg=__9HAK7r3eYZVV1nHTnh2d4ljQYRA=&h=1119&w=1626&sz=169&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=URicMgpuksdUgM:&tbnh=172&tbnw=232&ei=i9K5TZXaBOH10gGpqInODw&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dwhy%2Beat%2Bone%2Bbut%2Bnot%2Bthe%2Bother%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox%26biw%3D1467%26bih%3D661%26tbm%3Disch&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=155&vpy=370&dur=16&hovh=186&hovw=271&tx=159&ty=159&page=1&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:0

04/28/2011 13:54

i think that hunting should be legal for certain animals that reproduce fast annd other animals ( mostly endangered animals) should be protecter on preserves until they almost double or triple in population or until there are enough to balance nature again. other animals like rabbits wolves bears moose and others should be ok until they are endangered then they should be given a chance to reproduce so the sport of hunting can be continued :) GJ

04/28/2011 14:00

i agree with you that we shouldnt hunt animals "just for fun." i agree because just the thought about taking away a life of a living creature is upsetting. how would they hunter feel if someone killed them "just for fun?" great job dilpreet!!


04/29/2011 06:12

i dont think that hunting is good because killing animals for fun is bad i also think that hunting should be for animals that reproduce faster then other animals.

04/29/2011 06:17

I dont think we should hunt animals for fun but i do think we should hunt animals for food.


04/29/2011 09:26

I think hunting should be illegal in some reasons but, yet i think it shouldnt be illegal in other, because, we need our processed foods and they should only be allowed to maybe kill only 4 to 5 animals, but then i think they shouldnt be allowed to kill any. Because, you are killing innocent animals.

04/30/2011 16:19

hey, great job! I agree an disagree! First of all you need food an dyou need to hunt the animal to get the food soooo yeah but i do agree with you because i feel soooo sorry for those little animals that were killed, and it is like you are killing a human being! I totally agree and maybe alittle disagree! Great job!

05/01/2011 09:11

Hey Dilpreet,
I agree with you! You actually don't need to kill those animals for protein! There are other options! I'm a vegetarian, and so i think that killing animals for food is just frankly wrong! Ian said that it is part of culture, but that was only our ancestors! And they used it for fur, clothing and the very little amounts of food they could have! It was necessary for them to hunt for food! Now it is not necessary! There are other options such as cheese, dairy products, beans, and other lentils! In the end, you won't feel good killing an innocent living creature, just to fill your appetite!


05/01/2011 13:08

I agree that we shouldn't hunt animals for fun but only for a source of food.

05/02/2011 08:12

yes i think hunting should be illegal if you are just doing it for fun. i think we can hunt if its for food but i think calling it a sport is very wrong. so, yes i agree with you.

-raina :) <3

05/03/2011 09:11

No, hunting shouldn't be illigal because God put animals on the Earth for a reason... To eat

05/10/2011 06:51

yes hunting should be illegal because we have indangered species


06/02/2011 17:40

i agree hunting should be illegal only for fun, but for food i don't think so its the only source of protein that i know of and it gives you strength.

06/02/2011 17:48

HELLO noob! I sorta agree with you. I think that hunting for "Fun" is wrong on so many levels. First I don't see how a person could kill an animal for fun and sometimes not even eat it. their just taking the life of an innocent animal. This should be illegal. But some animals are killed for food which I still sorta think its wrong. We could all be vegetarians and live like that even though it would take a long time for this to happen. We could also have a certain limit as to how much you can hunt. So then not so many animals are dying. Also because of us hunting many species have gone extinct.
This sorta has something to do with your debate. Do the hunters ever think about the animal. If they have a family, kids or something. To me its like killing a Human Being!
-BALKARR!! *.*

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