Recently kids under the age are starting to join the social website “Facebook”. And I don’t think that is a good idea.
Also the magazine Consumer Reports estimated about 7.5-million kids that are under the age of 13 use Facebook illegally with fake birthdays.
    I don't think that kids  should have Facebook  because of one of the many reasons, it is another way of bullying. Other people could post mean comments on pictures and people's 'walls' . They could spread hurtful and inappropiate rumors.
      Secondly, since just about anyone could set up a Facebook profile, it sets a range of problems that come with most networking sites. For instance, adults could lie about their age and get access to younger kids profiles. Kids too young to set up a profile could lie about their age and obtain one anyway. On a different note, status updates also have become somewhat of a stalker tool. The newest update on Facebook allows you to see what your friends are writing on each others walls. Of course, you can probably change this setting, but most people don't think about that, especially kids.
       Plus with all the new applications, photos, requests, etc. it is becoming potentially harder for everyone to know what's spam and virus and what is not.i t is harder to keep track of what is safe to use and what might be harmful.
      And Facebook is also dangerous because if you have unknown people on Facebook, there are information fields on Facebook that could potentially make it easier for people to stalk you if you aren't careful. These fields include your email, phone number, and address. You can hide these from certain users or not enter them at all, but many people probably enter that info without thinking, making available to anyone on their friends list.

    Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely one-sided. Let’s start at the beginning. Facebook’s Terms Of Service say that not only do they own your data , but if you don’t keep it up to date and accurate , they could terminate your account. You could argue that the terms are just protecting Facebook’s interests, and are not in practice forced, but in the context of their other activities, this argument is pretty weak. As you’ll see, there’s no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

   And lastly it is veryy veryy addicting and does not let you finish your homework or assignments and you get bad grades.

So in my opinion I don't think kids should have facebook. So i ask you what would you do?
   By: Sarah      
   Here is a video that talks about pros and cons of kids on Facebook

Ethan Dee or Ed
05/25/2011 08:54

Yes. Kids should have Facebook only if he or she's parents help secure it ☺

05/25/2011 09:17

I disagree with you. i think its fine to have kids that are underage on facebook. Yous just add all the people that you know. Because it also says that in the terms of service. And they dont terminate your account unless you dont use it for like 2 years. My brother is ten and he has it he has people he knowes and that is it. his settings make only his friends see his wall and his info and his pictuers. Anybody that searches him can only see the blue backround and a shape of a human. /

05/25/2011 09:27

no i think kids under 15 should not have facebook because they dont know much about safety and they might make mistakes such as posting inapproprite photos, and when they're uploaded, there is no way of getting rid of the picture or whatever was posted.


05/25/2011 12:51

I think that kids shouldn't cheat to get facebook. There are quite a few nasty and inappropriate things online. The government put an age restriction because little shouldn't be seeing inappropriate things while their minds are still developing. Kids at the age 13 have a better understanding of what's good for their mind and what's not.


05/25/2011 14:24

hey sarah, do you have fb? ;)

I disagree. For one, if someone wanted to bully another person, they could do it even if they dont have facebook, facebook is just another way to though. Adults can lie about there age, but shouldnt you know not to accept them in the first place?
I think that there is nothing wrong with kids having facebook as long as you have parent supervision while on it, which none of us really do, but whatever.
You can change your privacy settings, and alot of people accually do.
So , yeah, aslong as you change your privacy settings, and know not to add people you dont know, i dont think its that big of a problem.

- Ilayda. :D

05/25/2011 18:12

Heyyy Sarahhh!!! (:
Hpmph... this is a very controversial topic. Sure you hear stories of bullying in facebook, the dangers, the threats but do you know if they really happen. Because in my opinion all these interactive sites are just a good way for information to travel. If i have a question, it's right there. No instense have i seen fb be bad in anyway. You just need to be educated. Know who your adding along with pictures of yourself. Library class and yeaa.. so yeaaa...
-IAN :D ^.^ :/ :D :p :P ;o :*D

05/26/2011 13:55

hey sarah, great job! I agree with you because kids could see something that they should not see and also it is another that bullying can happen.I think you should get it when you are old enough to becuase if you lie about your age then older people might send you pictures that you shouldn't see. So I thing that facebook is all right as long as you get it at the right age.


05/27/2011 13:58

good job sarah!!
in my opinion i think that kids should have facebook but if they are responsible and mature enough to have one.

-manaal :) <3

05/30/2011 08:24

i disagree with you that kids shouldnt have facebook. i disagree because kids should know to be resonsible on these sites and not talk to people they dont know. but if they breaking the rules of facebook, its not okay AT ALL!! facebook puts those rules up to make sure that nobody gets into trouble. Like the rules say, facebook owns the material that you put up, so if someone were to stalk you, facebook could be sued. in conclusion: i think that its okay that kids have facebook, but if they are under the age restrictions of FACEBOOK, they shouldnt be using it.


05/30/2011 08:34

05/30/2011 08:43

Hi Sarah,

I totally agree with you i think kids should have a facebook if their old and mature enough to have one. Also people that have facebook add their relatives and if somethings wrong then i think they can tell there parents that its not approprate and they can take it off.

So in conclusion i some what agree with you. Ohhh ya i accidently ended up swiping the thing so there gonna be 2 comments from me JS

Byeeeee Arshvinder

05/30/2011 08:55

hi sarah

i agree and diagree with you because facebook is said to be only for 13 year old people and up so if it is reasonable than it is ok like it would be reasonable for a 12 year old kid to have facebook but not a grade three and facebook is very unsafe for kids who dont know all of the bad things that people can do on facebook.

~~~ Brooke~~~

05/30/2011 18:50

Hiia :)
Uhm i agree but then disagree, the age should be 13 but you know kids think they're cool if they have fb so they just make one and like it is another way of bullying but,they can bully someone on daily bases. And I think if they have the approval of their parents, it should be allowed.

-Racha♥ Good job

06/01/2011 14:33

i think that you aare right. this is becuse i had facebook and i had to get it removed because i did bad in school last year so i think there is a reson for a age approval.

06/01/2011 17:49

in my opinioni think kids under the age of 13 should not get a facebook. there too young. if the government made it 13+ than they probably did it for a reason. those reasons may be the fact that facebook is VERY unsafe cuz all ur pics are open to the web people might say oh if u put it on private nothing will happen but i know people who have theirs set to private and still if they search their names on google their pictures are their. and even worse someone can take your pic and photoshop it to something embarissing and look pretty emberassing. another point is that people add other people they dont even know. they see their friends doing it so they do it too to get alot of friends cuz its "cool". how can u trust someone u dnt even know? they can say their your co-worker and there living on the other side of tthe world. and last but not least facebook distracts u from ur school work. a bunch of kids do there h.w while on facebook infact i used to do tat i would study for a science test and go on facebook. now that i de-activated my facebook i have more time to concentrate on school work. and lets admit it ud rather go on facebook during ur freetime than study. so wen u dont have facebook ur choices during ur freetime lessen so u have a bigger chance of studying!!!


06/02/2011 15:29

HELLO!! I disagree with you. I think that kids under 13 should be aloud to have facebook. I think that they should get a parents approval before making a facebook.
As for stalking you can just change your privacy settings so only your mutual friends can see information such as your address, e-mail and phone number. Or you could simply not put that information up. Also you could be sensible and ignore friend requests from anyone you don't know and ignore their messages. Also a lot of us have msn and the exact same things can happen on that and a lot of the people who have msn don't have facebook, and i know people who also lied about their age on that to get a msn, so theres sorta no difference.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/02/2011 19:12

i disagree with you i think that kids should have Facebook it is a good source of communication. Also if you miss a day of school you can just ask your friends on Facebook.

06/03/2011 11:30

acctually it could be a good thing and a bad thing. it could be good because it is a good way to communicate and it can be bad cause they can get addicted to it and not get off the computer so yah it can be good and bad


06/03/2011 11:35

UMMM i think that the plicy that you have to be 12 or older is a good rule... but some kids change their birth year so that they are like born in 1972 which is when parents were born <:)

06/03/2011 11:38

I dont think that kids should have facebook because they wont know how to handle it how to be safe or what to do. for example if a strange man were to ad them they wouldnt know what to do so theyd add them and the man would have all of their info. so i dont they they should have facebook.

06/05/2011 08:02

I agree with you! I think that kids under 13 should not get a Facebook, because you're still pretty young and youre probably going to get really distracted and addicted to it. It's not very safe, and even if it is, we don't really know what we are actually doing on the internet. If you really think about it, is it really worth all the trouble, the risk, and the time to get a social networking account like facebook?

Hush :)

06/05/2011 18:57

i think that kids under the age of 13 should be able to make a social netwoking page that is meant only for kids of that age, and when they get onlder that can use the regular sites such as facebook, myspace, etc...
good job on the debate :))


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