Having school uniforms can prevent the distraction which basically creates from fancy dress ups. Those who dress up for school are most likely to be appreciated for their outfit, not for their talent. But if everyone has same uniform, there is no way to see these types of situations again. Then, everyone will understand the significance of being appreciated for their talent instead of their clothes. School Uniforms should be mandatory.

    Children these days are getting bullied everyday for what their wearing.  Statistics show that every 2 minutes someone is bullied over what they’re wearing worldwide. Statistics show that in Northern America someone every 4 minutes someone is bullied over what they are wearing. Wow. Those statistics tells us that that if the difference is only 2minutes from worldwide, meaning the most amount of bulling over cloths happens in Northern America, and guess what? Most of the other countries have uniforms for school like India, china, Japan and ect., and we don’t. We have the most bulling over cloths worldwide. We have a strong country and strong jobs for most. Some are rich and some are not which makes what people are wearing different for what they can afford. Every family can go out of the way and give $200 for a year’s uniform, and there are lower chances of being criticised as rich or poor also. Tell me this, if you wore a uniform to school, the exact same as everyone else, what would there be to bully over? Every girl the same cloths, every boy wearing the same cloths, what’s the fuss? What’s there to be made fun of? What’s there to be pointed out at? Nothing. That would stop the criticisms over what people are wearing, by wearing a uniform.

    Wearing a uniform allows children and teenagers to all be seen the same and be accepting to their talents. A survey was done on T.V. to see how the look of a person can affect the way they respond to beliefs and thoughts. A lady first went out dressing nicely in cloths normally asking for money for a train since she left her wallet at home. She gathered about $150 and had 0 criticisms. Then she wore cheap cloths and got a face mask with blended into her face perfectly making her nose big and large. She went out the next morning and only got $25 and LOTS of criticisms like “Eww”, “Get a life” , “For you no”. This survey tells us that the appearance of a person affects the way people think of each other, and there criticisms bring them down so bad like the way people think of the poor. People say meaning things that makes them feel that they can’t apply for a job and can’t move on in life. If in school that were to stop, the way that people look at each other from appearance people would be able to show talents, stand up, and prove to what they can be capable of after all every kid has a talent, but they may not be able to show it, and wearing uniforms helps stand against that fact. 

    Another good fact about having uniforms is that you don’t have to go through the trouble of wondering what’s appropriate and what is not. The uniform is appropriate and saves time for the school board going through the trouble of rules and announcements. There are usually rules regarding modesty issues, visible logos, offensive text on clothing, gang colors and symbols and more. Teachers and staff must monitor the students to make sure what they are wearing is appropriate. This is of course is avoided when all students are in a uniform. The look of wearing a uniform is respected by people like solider in their uniforms. It shows school spirit and pride walking down halls and being seen by others.

    An awesome advantage is the saving of money. Instead of going to HOLLISTER, AEROPOSTALE and other expensive stores just buy new cloths again because you can’t wear the same cloths every day, you only need 1 or 2 and that would last a year and save you tons of cash for other activities you may not get to do so often due to expenses. And if you have a younger brother or sister the same gender as you, you can pass it on to them too, to save another $300.   With all the money a parent saves by not having to buy day to day clothes, they can (if they so choose) let their children buy a few nicer and more fashionable pieces for weekends and evenings. Wearing a uniform five days a week might make students appreciate their weekend fashions more--maybe enough to even take good care of them!


    It’s pretty clear exactly how many kids worry more about what they wear and what they’re going to wear tomorrow, and how many new cloths they need and how everything has to match. Saying all that is a lot, what about actually doing them all? I don’t know about you, but there are people that stand 45minutes in front of their wardrobe wonder what to wear today/ tomorrow. Having a uniform cuts that stress for school cloths and all you now need to worry about is your studies. Worrying about cloths and actually placing stress on it causes big affects like in life jobs like homework. If you are built up about what to wear, you may rush or not do your homework, whereas if you have a uniform you can work without worries about cloths.

    All in all uniforms decrease bulling, helps show some people’s inner talent , helps show and produce school spirit and reduces to 0 of inappropriate cloths, saves money, and helps stay focused in school. After all these things what’s left bad on not wearing them? I leave that for YOU to decide.


04/19/2011 18:12

Whats bad about wearing school uniforms? I'll tell you. In my opinion wearing school uniforms will be bad for diversity. Whats the point of everybody looking the same when there's so much diversity between them? With that same piece of clothing, it's gonna be just another way to show that the schools want this and that and what you to do this and that. Next thing you know their gonna choose your religion, skin colour, all because of a certain clothing they choose. Also, not everybody is the same sahib. There's a world of personalities and cultures between people. And this is reflected on the outside appearance. In other words, the person is reflected on the clothing. Why wouldn't you want to speak your mind through your clothing.

-IAN :D GOOD JOB!!!!!!! hmmmm lalalalala ka booom! ...

04/19/2011 18:28

I agree, I think uniforms should be implied in our school, because like you said kids don't get judged for what they are wearing, rather they are judged for their actual talent. Kids that have many talent don't even get a chance to show it because nobody wants to see it, because of what they are wearing. Also, school uniforms WOULD help take away the distraction of what everyone wore. Every one would be able to concentrate more on work.


04/19/2011 18:53

For this topic its really tricky to choose which side your on. Personlly i dont mind wearing a uniform because im going to school to learn not to go in the latest brands and care tooo much about what i wear! After 10 years when im working it wont matter what i wore back then. or how my hair was. If we get to choose what we want to wear in high school ill care tooo much and ill be insecure about myself if everyone is talking about me or how my clothing is in a bad way,thats going to make you slack off what your going to school for LEARNING!!! :)


04/20/2011 06:04

i kind of agree with you but then again if you think about it if everyone wears uniforms you wont be able to tell their personalty,so i kind of say that there shouldnt be uniforms

-manaal :D

04/20/2011 13:25

I think that we shouldnt because you will have to wash the clothes like 5 times a week and pay for them. washing them so many times would not be helping the economy.and like ian said it gives people a chance to give there thoughts a voice. :)


04/20/2011 14:12


After i read your debate
I sort of agree with Ian because, if everyone is wearing the same school uniforms thats kind of stupid to me because your all gonna look the same and you really cant show your talent.

Also i dont think someone will stand at there wardrobe for 45 minutes deciding what to wear because in my case i dont take that long it only takes me about 5 minutes to decide on what im gonna wear.

What else i thought was guys really dont get bullied based on what there wearing that sort of applies to girls. and just because your wearing a school uniform doesnt me you'll stop getting bullied.

The last thing i want to point out is hollister isnt a expensive store. It depends if your buying something thats a regular price item or if your buying something on sale. Also i just want to say i shop at hollister and i only buy something at that store if its my birthday, or if somethings on sale and i have a older sister and the cloths that dont fit her anymore i have to wear and that saves money too. So i dont see what i big of deal it is.

But i also agree with safa because you go to schol to learn not to talk about the latest brands and all that stuff.

So in conclusion i have to say i dont really know if i should or should not, but besides that i think you did a good job.


04/20/2011 14:39

i had a hard time deciding what my opinion was on this topic. i agree wuth you that uniforms can be good, but i also disagree with you because they can also bebad! they could be bad because it affects diversity. if you walk down the hallway in school, and all you see are the same uniforms over and over again... i would get pretty sick of that! i guess school uniforms could be good and bad!



04/20/2011 15:49

Uhm well, i kinda agree but then i dont, because, uniforms are awasome to stop bullying but yet, people could still make fun of how you wear it? And many people like to show off their own styles because, making your own style shows your personality to. So i could say uniforms would be good but then it could be the same. And like jenna stated, it'll get boring after a while having the same clothes to wear everyday. (except weekends)

-Racha (:

04/20/2011 17:49

i think we should have uniforms because teachers always complain that people are breaking the dress code, so if we have uniforms, they wont have to do that. another reason is that when we wear uniforms, we have unity. People arent divided into different groups on what they wear. Like safa said, it wont matter what you wore when you were younger because when ur looking for a job, the education you got is what will matter. And i agree with arsh, because if you have uniforms, you wont have to waste time thinking about what your going to wear.
So, i think that uniforms are a good thing :)


04/20/2011 18:19

Okay i disagree cause uniforms are very boring, for everyone to wear the same clothes everyday. I agree that you get bullied for what your wearing but like people said we wont be able to show our diversity. and I know this is a bad thing cause i went to a school that HAD to wear a uniform and the uniform was very annoying. Also you are going to have to waste money whether on clothes from Aeropotale or the uniforms cause what if you rip the uniform? you will have to buy a new one! So i dont think there should be uniforms

- Sarah :):)

04/22/2011 07:12

i think NO like ian said There's a world of personalities and cultures between people. i think we should not have uniforms. good job ian and good topic sahib khoder

04/26/2011 08:51

I think you are right kids should have school uniforms but wouldn't that cost the school money ?

04/26/2011 08:52

School uniforms should not be mandotory because then you cant show who you actually are. Having school uniforms means that guys will look like eachother and girls will look like eachother. That will be weird and people can still be made fun of about what they do, not always about what they wear.

04/26/2011 08:52

04/26/2011 09:00

personally, i think that its hard to choose what side to take, because both sides have both pros and cons. i dont mind wearing a uniform, as we go to school to learn, not to show off what we have. as stated many times, bullying can occur over what a person is wearing. on the other hand, people would want to be able to choose what to wear to school, but if they had uniforms, they wouldn't have to waste half an hour or so in the morning just trying to decide what to wear. you would also save alot of money, because you wouldn't have to buy so many different outfits, because they would only need two to three different uniforms, and they would only need so many outfits for the evenings and the weekends. in the end, i would say i don't mind whether there were uniforms or if there werent any uniforms....


04/26/2011 09:03

well i think that having school uniforms will just be werid because you wont get to be diffrent you will be the same as every one else.I also think that if we had the same outfit it will be really boring and all the guys will be wearing the same stuff and the girls will be wearing the same stuff.An alot of girls love to go shopping and if there were uniforms they wouldnt have to go shopping which is bad girls love to shop 'like me ' .So in my opinun i think uniforms is going to be a bad idea


04/26/2011 09:15

Alright, well children and teens would still buy those expensive brands outside of school? You don't wear uniforms the whole day, just in school. And everynoe has there own taste in clothing and style. And you said that children should be recongnized for their talents not outfits, but what if someone wasnt confident with their talents habibi? Some people show their confidence by their looks.
Yes, children/teens get bullied for their clothes, but theres still alot of other things they get bullied for, such as their talents. ;)

04/26/2011 12:29

i think kids should have a uniform to school because this can prevent people from saying stuff about other peoples clothes and i think it would save way more time in the morning because you wouldnt have to sit there for an hour trying to choose what clothes you have to wear.

<3 zouzou <3

04/26/2011 12:41

Yeah i totally think we should have school uniforms because like you said distraction which basically creates from fancy dress ups. And if kids try to judge them there actually judgeing themselves because they are wearing the same thing. Wearing uniforms are really fun trust me i had to wear it. I was at camp jurring U.S army week. Wow it was toough. BUt lets get back to the topic. Wearing uniforms prevents dislikening,people being alone because there different
Ps. Very good job!!!!

04/28/2011 14:21

i LOVE the uniforms that they have in like high schools. but clothes help define who you are.

04/29/2011 06:06

I do not agree with you at all. I agree with Ian if you want us to look the same by the clothing we wear soon its not just going to be clothing its going to be religion and skin colour.

05/03/2011 09:16

Well uh
IDK if I know yet if I like school uniforms besause everybody looks the same and I like to look diferent. See where this is goin'?

05/04/2011 14:39

i agree with you kids and teen should wear uniforms at school it will stop about 50% of the bulling at school. Also i am sort of a good example for your debate i don't have to go buy expensive cloth and waste my time trying to think of what i'm going to wear today or tomorrow because i wear the same sweater every day, well sort of i have 2 to 3 sweater i usually wear.

David -.-

05/10/2011 06:57

no we should not have shool uniforms because it takes away our rites


05/11/2011 05:52

Hey Sahib,
I agree, teenagers should wear uniforms in school because then you would not have trouble picking out clothes in the morning, and many schoolo rules about clothing wouldn't be a problem. This way, everyone can focus on their school work and get better grades. Also, judgements on clothing would not be a problem aswell.

Pce Hush :) :D

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