Have you ever seen parents bugging their kids about doing this and doing that when they grow up , in this case my opinion states that parents have a right in deciding their child's future because parents know what's best for their child and help their child make good decisions for their future. 

     Think about it if parents don't play a role of deciding their child's future, someone else might and you might not know who that person is.Our Parents experiences can contribute to our decision, parents may have the same situations as us before, and also learned knowledge to offer, For example what university or college to attend, what vehicle to buy and what area to live, i don't mean that parents have to force their child to do this for a living or who they marry, basically they should help them understand about wrong from right, and teaching them what they can do to be successful.How children are raised determines quite a bit of how they will be in the future. If  they are raised with love and affection, they are more likely to treat others the same way. If they are raised differently, then they probably treats others the same kind of way. 

     Parents are older and more mature which means that they can look out for positive problems.In conclusion, i think that parents have a right in deciding their child's future.

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05/30/2011 08:21

HELLO! I do not agree with you. I think that kids should pick their own future. When they are yound their parents may guide the kid and make desionions for them such as what elementry school they want to go to. But as they get older they should make their own desionions of what to do. They should pick what universty they want to go to and what job they want to get. this is why I dissagee with you, whoever you are!!!
-BALKARR!! *.*

05/30/2011 08:24

i agree that parents should make some decisions for their kids, but at a point the parents should know that their kids should also make their own descions in life.

-manaal :)

05/30/2011 08:25

I think that that parents have the right to give a suggestion of what their kids should do when they get older because like you said, they usualy know what's best. I said that they should only suggest on what they will do because they can't force it. It's like the saying "you can force a horce to go to a watering whole, but he will only drink if he is thirsti" just like you can tell your child to do something, but they will only do it if they want to. Whe getting a career, you should do what you will enjoy doing everyday, because that's what a job is, something you do everyday for money.


05/30/2011 08:43

I think that you are right that parents should influence your desicions because they have been through this aready and they know what is going through our heads.

Good job david

05/30/2011 08:44

i disagree with you. i donyt think parents should make decisions for their child's future. it is true that parents know whats best for their kids, but in the end, its the child's decision. for example... if the parents thought that their child should be a doctor, but the child doesnt like blood, they could not like their job. i think that the parents should help their child in making decisions, but not make the full choice. in conclusion, i think that parents should NOT make their children's future decisions.


05/30/2011 08:48

i think that u r right but mostly wrong. this is beacuse that parents don't always understand modern day situatoi that we may face. they moight take a little thing like dancing with a girl a big thing in whic modern day it is not. and i also want t oprove u worng the the way of a parent might be a durnk and they might give u worong advice and not evnen pay attenion to you.

in the end think that kids should have something in mind about theier future because u can't relay onmn parents all your life

Miss M. Giles
05/30/2011 08:57

In my opinion, parents at most should just guide their children to not be bad people like a klepto or a drug dealer... other than that they shouldn't try to decide their child's future
ps go boston bruins lol =3)

05/30/2011 08:58

Hey David! Great job. I totally agree with you because without the guidence of your parents your children will be left without food, clothes, and a shelter because they would want to do whatever they want and they willnot have proper care soooooo i belive that parents should make good desions for their beloved chirldren to

05/30/2011 08:59


....... guide them for the future!


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i totally agree with Balkar because he has a good point because kids should be able to pick their own future and all that. Because when you get older you know what you want to do with your life and i think parents shouldn't tell their kids what to do. Like my dad hes forcing me and my older 2 sibligs to become a doctor and all that and i think hes right because i do want to be a doctor and he has a right on my decision and i also think parents have a right on their kids future decision

So in conclusion i some what agree with you.

Byee Arshvinder

mouzayan (zouzou)
05/30/2011 09:04

i sooo agree with u david. without parents guidence us kids would be no where. we would make the wrong decisions all the time and that would not be good for us in the future because we would not know the right decisions from the wrong ones and if we make one wrong decision than that be really bad

05/31/2011 17:20

Good Job Unknown Person loool whos is this?

I disagreee wiith uuu!! :(
I think U should decide on Ur OWN future cuz its ur future not theirs. i know some people think oh parents know best but ur old enough and responsible to make good decisions and if ur not then its ur parents fault for not raising u properly. u know wat u want and dont more than anyone else. and some people arnt really close wit their parents or their parents wernt around for them. What i think is parents should HELP you choose your future NOT do all of the decision making. and if their going to choose their childs future its only if the child comes up to the parents and tells them to.

05/31/2011 17:52

Heyy Daviddd!!
I do agree with you that parents should guide their kids decisions. Like you said, the parents know best, they learned from thier mistakes and have been in the same situation as you so knowing how to get out of it would be a simple guidance talk with you. Parents are almost always right. There are just sometimes where the kid matures enough and knows for sure that their opinion is correct and not the parents.
-FROM IAN!!!! ^.^

06/01/2011 12:47

hey David!!
I agree with you that parents should make decisions for their kids lifes cuz lik parents usually know what is good for you and what is not.. Sooo yeaa.. GoodJob !!

-Sarah :)

06/02/2011 13:53

Hi whoever u r

I totally agree with Balkar but i disagree with u because he has a really good point that we should be able to make our own decisions when we get older instead of our parents persuading us to become something they want us to become. I also think its our future not our parents so they should give us suggestions on want maybe to become and like guide us through that path until we reach our goal.

My own experience is i want to become a doctor and my dad was pressuring me to choose that career i know what you guys might be thinking what person decides that so early on what they wanted to be in there life and it turned out my dad was right he knew i always wanted to become a doctor and i know he'll guide me through that path.

So in conclusion i ndon't agree with u
soooo ya

Byeeeeeeee Arshvinder -.- =.=:P :D

06/02/2011 15:27

I dont agree with you, kids should pick what they want to do when they're older because, lets say their parents want them to be a ''doctor'' but they DONT want to be a doctor, they wont do good in school because its not to their interest. But I think parents should guide their kids to get a good future. I know parents are mature but sometimes they make bad decisions towards their own children.

Good job tho :)
--Racha ;D

06/03/2011 11:17

I agree and disagree, I think that parents don not have the right to choose there childrens future, my paretns do that alot to me and it makes me really mad. -.-
Im dont think its right for someone to tell you what to do, and whatnot to do in life,regardless if there your parents, you should be able to have the right to choose what you want to do with YOUR own life.
But on the other hand, parents do know whats best for their kids, to a point..
kids always change their mind, and think they want something, but do something else, so parents should take charge, but not make their child do something they dont want to.

Yours Truly,
Ilayda. (:

06/03/2011 11:23

I do not agree with you.


06/05/2011 09:02

Hey David, i agree with you. You're right, your parents should be by your side and should help you on your journey, but just HELP, not DO! What I'm saying is that your parents should guide and encourage you, not decide and do their stuff for them. As you get older, you should get more independent and be able to make your own decisions because as you become an adult, you don't have the privilege of asking your mom amd dad's opinions. They should not make decisions for you.

Hush :)

06/05/2011 18:37

hey david GJJ!!!

personally i think that parents should be abl

06/05/2011 18:41

hey david GJJ!!

personally i think that parents should be able to guide their child in what to do for the future at a young age, but when the kid is an adult, he/she would be mature enough at that stage to be able to sustain his/her life, and to learn from some of the failures that he/ she may face. it is important for the kid to know that his parents arent doing whatsoever for their own sake, but for him/her future. in a nutshell, i agree with most of what you said.


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