There are many sites these days that allow you to grade you teacher. Is this really necessary? Yes, kids should be allowed to grade their teacher.

First of all, letting your teacher know how well he/she teaches them, helps them to realise what works and what doesn't. For example,if the teacher thinks that a specific learning skill is working, but majority of the students don't share the same opinion, they should be able to let their teacher know.

Secondly, students should state their opinion because their may be a teacher who is not teaching well and students are uncomfortable with that particular teacher. But, just because kids do not like their teacher as a person doesn't mean that that should effect the evaluation, the response should be based on the teachings. 

Lastly, if there are very good teachers, and the students agree with this, that would boost the teachers confidence because they could teach knowing that the students appreciate him/her.

Therefore, teachers should be evaluated by their students because it helps them improve, helps seperate the good and bad teachers, and also helps the teacher trust that they are doing a good job.



Mrs. Edgar
04/08/2011 16:32

Very interesting topic! Just wondering if this belongs to Raina or Tyrus... Make sure to write your name at the end so that everyone knows.

As far as my opinion, I think that it could be good and bad. I agree that getting feedback from students should definitely be allowed, but I think that it needs to stay private. Just like students marks aren't shared with everyone, teacher marks should be kept confidential. While there will always be students who will base marks on whether they like the teacher or not and not necessarily on how they teach, I think most could be honest. Maybe if it was anonymous it might work better.
I do think that there is more than the actual "teaching" time that could be considered when giving grades...What categories do you think should be evaluated (ex. creating a good classroom environment)?
Can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks!
Mrs. Edgar

04/08/2011 17:59

i agree with your opinion because when i get an assignment back, i like being able to know what i did right and what i did wrong, so i can improve on my next assignment. so if i were the teacher, i would want feedback on what i do right or wrong so that i can improve those things to make the lesson better for the students. i agree with mrs.edgar that the marks should be kept anonymous. Good job!

~ ♥Jenna♥

04/09/2011 08:49

I agree with your topic. KIds should be allowed to grade teachers. It would allow them to know what we think. And what they could improve on, like when we get tests back what we get wrong we work on to get better. And as jenna and Mrs. Edgar said they should be kept private.


04/09/2011 13:45

i think teachers should be evaluated because, as you said, teachers should know if their doing a good job or if their methods are working on most of the students.


04/09/2011 19:38

Personally, i think that it is a good idea for students to be allowed to evaluate their teacher, based on how he/she teaches. Like everyone else mentioned before, it is good to know what you are doing right, and what might not be working so efficiently. Also, it would help the board select better teachers, based on the average evaluation the teacher gets from his/her students. Like Mrs. Edgar stated earlier, all of those evaluations should be kept comfidential, but making things anonymous might lead to the teacher not knowing who they need to help more or who his/her style of teaching doesnt work with. In the end, students should be allowed to evaluate their teacher to let them know how they're doing as long as there are limitations that apply.


04/10/2011 10:37

its raina's article thing :)

and yes the feedback should be anonymous and it is on most sites. the category i think should be evaluated is how effectivly the teacher is teaching, like if the students understand or not.
-raina :)♥

04/10/2011 12:33

Yes i do agree with you. Students should be able to voice thier opinion to teachers because it's how they really feel so that they can learn better. I dont think its so much as to grading your teacher, but maybe just a comment to get them to do something. Teachers are human, and can take the critisim as long as it seems right. I do agree with miss edgar, keeping these comments should be private because it is that own students personal opinion. The least you can do is at least tell or inform your teacher if thier doing a good or bad job. They need this to know if they're actually teaching you effectively. All and all good writing and interesting topic!

-iAn.! (was here :))

04/10/2011 12:34

My mouse is really sensitive (magic mouse for mac) and accedentally swiped backwards. I wrote a pretty long comment and submitted it right before i swiped.... please inform me if my comment was still there or if it's not because i went back a page before =.= thanks :)

04/10/2011 14:56

i agree with your opinon , kids should be allowed to grade their teachers because it would help them to improve on their lessons and they would know what we also need to improve on. So we can do better on our tests.

Also GJ(:

Mrs. Edgar
04/10/2011 16:51

I'm loving the responses! I was just thinking--do you think it is a teacher's responsibility to make sure a student is paying attention?

04/10/2011 18:06

i strongly agree with your opinion, grading your teacher would tell them how they are teaching them, and would support the teachers future.

-David o.O

04/10/2011 18:35

Yes I agree kids should be allowed to grade there teachers because of constructive critasisam.

04/10/2011 18:54

I completely understand what you're saying and GJ. I think that the marks should be kept private, anonymous and come with comments like speak louder or illustrate what you're trying to say ;P. I entirely agree with everything you said :)


04/11/2011 07:53

I agree that students should be able to grade there teacher because the students could help them by telling them how they could understand something better so the students will payatention more because there uderstading it and get better grades.


04/11/2011 09:59

I think that you did a great job . But what you said about evaluating teachers is partly correct because you come to school to learn from a teacher so he/she teaches you so if you taught them it would be considered that you are the teacher not he/she .

04/11/2011 12:19

i think you shouldnt mark your teachers because they are there to teach YOU and give YOU marks. they arent there for us to mark them. maybe if the teacher wanted to know if she should change anything or she wanted to know she was doing then she could just ask but i dont think we should be able to mark them. and also if you get a bad mar on a test and you think its not fair then when you would mark the teacher you might mark down a mark she doesnt deserve.

- <3 mouzayan <3

04/11/2011 12:37

I think we should be able to grade our teacher but only to a certain extent.We should make sure that we are fair in our judgements and it should not be based upon our performance.We still have to respect the teacher-student relationship and should not cross our boundaries! :)All in all, good job!
hehe :)

04/11/2011 13:46

Am I the only one who thinks this is a horrible idea?

It would indirectly give the students authority over teachers. Many students are young, shallow, and immature. They would intentionally fail teachers who do not give them a below average amount of work or teachers who don't give them good marks on their test. Teachers, in return, will not focus on teaching the students. They will instead focus on trying to please the students in order for them to keep their job.

another point is that not every kid can like the way a teacher teaches, or their most intrestes like gym and thier athletic, and not every kid would like teachers teaching them spelling either and that would interfere with the way they teach and that wouldn.'t be a job anymore, that would be a chore and how many people would want that job? yeah decrease in teachers and there probably won't be enough teachers anymore and it would be like 1 teacher for a whole grade which brings it down to kids grading and they eventally would stop that to get the teacher careeer going again so there's no point in going through that proccess to let kids grade them.

plus another thing is that if that doesnt happen it will be teachers giving less homework and letting them play on ipods during class, or what the students want to keep thire job and that would largly interfeer with thier learning.

all in all (ians line) i think that students should not be allowed to grade their teachers.

04/11/2011 14:08

yep. I agree with you and i think that we should be able to grade our teachers or even instead of just giving our teeacher a grade we could, as a class tell the teacher of how he or she could improve their lessons and how they teach us!

04/11/2011 14:20

I completely agree with what you said because as everyone stated before, teachers should also know what they're doing good and bad and how they could improve. This would help teachers and kids because if a teacher if you don't like how a teacher teaches, you could tell the teachers and maybe they could change. But it should be anonymous.

-Sarah :)

Mrs. Edgar
04/11/2011 14:55

Interesting arguments Sahib!

04/11/2011 16:24

i agree with raina, i think that if the teachers get graded by their students they will know how the students feel about a particular subject or how the teacher is teaching that lesson it will help the teacher to improve on some things and make them realize what his/her students prefer or like.

- manaal ♥

04/12/2011 13:46

Good job. I think that this is nessesary because your teachers already have a good job and they don't need marks because they are already done school, it's YOU who needs the mark.But this would be fun to give your teacher their report card and they give you yours!!

- Damaris<3 :}

04/13/2011 16:55

YES i do think the students should be able to grade their teachers because kids opinions should be expressed too ! I also think kids should be able to give feedback to their teachers !

khoder (^^^) <(")

04/14/2011 08:46

I agree that students should be able to grade their teachers because the teacher might get something wrong and the teachers can have fake rport cards


04/19/2011 18:26

I think that students should grade their students should grade their teachers. Its gonna help the teacher improve on his or her teaching skills because she will have feedback from the students themselves who shes teaching. Some people may think it should be done anomounsly but i think the teacher should know whos writing to her so she knows each persons spereate struggles.

04/21/2011 13:21

no, ithink think this is a bad idea beaces then students would pretty much rule teachers and tteachers might begin doing things there not suppoesed to be beacuse the students would like her

04/25/2011 13:44

This is a great resource

04/25/2011 13:49

I agree with you students should be able to grade their teachers. It could be anonymous but it doesn't really matter:\

04/26/2011 12:35

yeah i think we should cause you never really know when the teacher will make a mistake. Grading a teacher would be intresting but we would have to grade them differently from us. don't as me why but we have to grade them differently. It's weird how teachers learned it earlier than us and know more cause there called a teacher they mess up. lol

05/11/2011 06:00

yes students should be allowed to grade their teacher because if the teacher is teaching a lesson to the class and the students just dont get it and they think it makes no sense or they just dont get it and they dont like to raise their hand in class so the teacher does not know that they dont get it then they might not do their homework and the teacher gives them a bad mark on their report card and then you tell the teacher that you didnt get the last math lesson so then you should be allowed to grade your teacher on the lessons the teacher does


05/11/2011 06:02

ommgg, ive been on that site, I rate my teachers when im bored. $:
I think that like, at the end of the year, students and there parents should go to the office and privatly rate there teachers, I dont think its right that its so public and on the internet.

yeah, so byee raina. :D <33

05/30/2011 08:42

I think that we should be allowed to rate are teachers and i dont like how on the internet it so puplic if your going to rate your teacher do it secreatly

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