In my opinion I don't think students should be forced to stay in school till there 18 because if they really don't want to be there they wont pay attention.

      Another reason is they might start disrupting the class and the teacher then no one else will learn.

     Lastly it will teach them a lesson because when they drop out of school there going to need a job so it will teach them a lesson because they wont be able to get a good job because they didn't finish school and the people that work there are probable not going to want someone who gives up there going to want someone who are hard working and wont quit even if something is a little difficult. Then they might want to go back to school because they figured out that you cant have a good life without a good education.
    So this is why I think that students should not be forced to stay in school till there 18.  BY NOAH J ALLEN :) :D :P



06/01/2011 11:43

Great job Noah I agree and I think you are really awesome.

By Noah!!!

06/01/2011 14:16

06/01/2011 14:25

i clearly thnkt that you are wrong. first if you do not force them then they will drop out like you said and learn there lesson, but what's the point of that if they don't get another chance to go back? if there forced in then they will learn and statictics show that they would 50% be more likley to get a good job. second of all we can't take education for granted. countries have parents dieing to become a doctor or something and they also have to pay of elementry school and high school and university which is a big source of poverty. if were not educated then our future will fall apart for our nation and there won't be people that will be able to make ipods. they'll all be dead. considering the amount of people that say"i hate learning" half of our school would be bye bye. in conclusion i think that you are absulutly wrong.

06/02/2011 11:38

If you stay in school you can get a better job. With a better job comes more money. With more money comes a better life.

06/02/2011 12:59

I agree, because the student should get to make the choice because it's them whoose going to live their life. Besides when you get 18m you usualy know what's best for them. Their parents can sugggest on what they should do because parents want the best for their childeren. And also like you said they need to learn a lesson; they won't a really good job but they'll get an ok job, but they'll realise their mistake.


06/02/2011 13:39

Hi Noah ,

I have to say i disagree with you i think you should stay in school till your 18. Because you would have a better education and lets say if you dont then you wouldnt have a good job and after you finish high school you most likely go to college or university . My own experience is i have an older sister Ravinder and its her last year at Massey and shes going to be graduating soon and shes only 17. so sometimes you dont exactly have to be 18 when its your last year at a high school because there are some people that end up skiping grades.

So in conslusion i dont really agree with you.

Byeeeeeeeeee Arshvinder

06/02/2011 15:17

Hello noob. I agree with you, students shouldn't be forced to stay in school until they are 18. But I sorta thought that you don't have to go to school in till your 18 :S. You could drop out of school whenever you want to although I don't think that parents would approve of this. If you didn't stay until you are 18 you would have many problems. First you probably would not even have a high school education. Without this you probably won't even be able to get a job at McDonald. No University or college would except you without a high school education so you would be jobless for like the rest of your life. You would also have no money and have to live with your parents or something. But I agree with you that people should not be forced to go to school till they're 18.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/02/2011 17:07

hey, i disagree with you because if students wouldn't have to stay in school they would just drop out. Plus if they do drop out then they won't be able to get a job because you need to pass high school to get a job so they won't have money to live off of so i think that students should stay in school because they need the edjucation.


06/02/2011 19:07

i agree that they should not be forced to stay in school until they are 18 because its there own choice if they want fail or not, that's their problem.

06/02/2011 19:57

Hii Noahh!
I disagree with you because if a student drops they will have no future and then have no job and be homeless which is like sorta weird, but like they shouldnt be allowed to drop out of school unlees your 18.. So yeeaa i disagree..
Goood joobb!

06/03/2011 11:10

Hiiaa Noah :)
Uhm I disagree with you, I think kids should be forced to stay in school till they're 18 because, if you finish high school, you could always go to college or university afterwards and your more lucky to get a job ex.(Cashier or something). And even if they dont pay attention, sucks for them. Sorry D:

Good job :)

06/03/2011 11:22

well i think it should be a choice because like my cousin dropped out after she had a kid and is now a manager (i think) of a mcdonald's and she has a pretty good life. So therefore i think it should be a choice

06/03/2011 11:24

i think that students shouldnt be forced to go to school until they're 18, but i do think that they should be forced go until the year they graduate. if they dont graduate, they will have to go back until they do. in conclusion, i that that students shouldnt be forced to go to school until they are 18.


06/03/2011 11:29

I do not agree if they stay in school longer they will learn more and when you said the class wont learn but if the students are not there who can the teacher teach .

06/03/2011 11:33

hello noob. I agree with you. We should not be forced to stay in school till we're 18. You could drop out of school but you wouldn't be able to get a good job without a highschool education!

khoder <><><><><>

06/03/2011 11:37

Hey noahh!!
i do... NOT agree with you...
I think this because i always hear the term "you cant get a job without a unviersity degree" and i know that this is really true. First of all after u graduate from university you get a load of money along with a certificate that helps you start adult hood and your new life. University also has the materials for learning, all the money that highschools and other schools dont have that much money so that teaching is alot better with better standards. University must be a MuSt!

06/05/2011 05:56

hi noah, i don't agree with you at all because kids go to school to learn so that they can have a future and the don't really get forced to go to school? plus if kids don't go to school they will be bored forever and have nothing to do in their life and nothing to look forward to.

-manaal :)

06/05/2011 09:37

Hey Noah, I dooooo not agree with you! as Ian said,"you cant get a job without a university degree!" Without going to university, you can't get a job, which means you don't have any money, which means you won't have a family, a home, food, a car, water or anything essential you need in life. University teaches you how you need to act and what you need to do in the real world. Elementary school and high school isen't going to do much. In conclusion, you MUST stay in school till you're done university to lead a happy, peaceful and wealthy life.

Hush :)

06/05/2011 10:01

Hiii noah gj!!!

i completly disagree with u. i think that all students should go to school until grade 12. this is cuz the longer u stay in school the more knowledge ull have in ur head and the more knowldge u have the smarter u r! u have to remember that university isnt easy u have to work hard before during and after it. and to get a good job u need to go to university and for u to go to university u need to do good in school before that so u have prior knowledge. the only exception is if ur really smart and the school board thinks u should skip a grade then u should but only if ur prepared.

06/05/2011 18:35

i disagree with your opinion simply because if kids are allowed to drop out of school anytime that they want, it will be bye bye to the world. if you hadn't noticed, all of the people that are going to work, making the country the way it is, and making the game systems for you to play on all worked very hard in school. if that generation had dropped out of school, imagine what our world would be like. that's why i have to say that i disagree with you on this matter.

good job btw :)


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