Teens are smoking even before 18. And they buy cigarettes from there friends who are older than 18 or much likley 18. If I had it my way cigarettes will never be smoked again. But I don't have it my way so the law is just  going to kill people. When teens start smoking at a younger age than 18 there is a 50%/100% that you will die quicker because there body is not done growinh and can not take the smoke into there body. So let's get back to the topic question! Should the age of buying cigarettes be 18? I think that people should not be able to buy cigarettes. You will die erlier if you start smoking young. Smoking will harm your body in all ways possible. Like I said if I had it my way smoking would be illegal everywhere. Do you really want to smoke and risk something happening to you. Cause it is atleast a 50% chance that you will die. You will have a hard time breathing going up stairs and running or many other things. So don't buy cigarettes or smoke them because it will be your fault when something goes wrong with your body.

PS.Smokeing is not cool in so many ways. And if your friends tell you to smoke, than there not really your friends. Because good friends would protect you and make sure you don't smoke.
BY:Kayla A. C.
thanks to all the people who will comment
Hugs XD

04/04/2011 12:10

Everything you said is very accurate. But mabye you could extend


04/04/2011 13:26

Hey!! I totally agree with you cause smoking is very bad for you and harms you in many ways and has bad side affects. So it should be illegal.. :)

-Sarah!! :)

04/04/2011 13:54

i agree, smoking should be illeag everywhere at any age.

04/04/2011 14:07

i think that the age to buy cigarettes should not be 18. Beacause as you said people that start to smoke at a young age die earlier and that it harms your body in many ways.

Also GJ

04/04/2011 15:48

i think the government should just stop making cigarettes, because smoking causes alot of diseases and the government has to pay for all the medical help so they kind of losse money.

04/04/2011 15:59

Hey Kayla,
I totally agree with you. People that start to smoke at a young age ruin their entire lives! They get addicted and their career, family and their whole life will fall apart!
-Hush :)

P.S The only thing that I would watch out for is your spelling/grammer. :P

04/04/2011 16:17

I think that the law for smoking is okay at 18, because when you buy cigarettes, more than half of what you pay are taxes, and it is only fair to make those people who smoke pay more taxes, because it will lead to health care, and besides, since more and more people are starting to smoke, the government is getting more money to invest in things that anyone (whether smoking or not smoking) can benefit from. Basically i think that the age of 18 is fine, because at that age, you are supposed to know whats best and if you start smoking, all you're basically doing is wasting the $$$$.

In other words, the government wont change that law because it gets them lots of money, because more and more people are buying them.

-Emad :P

04/04/2011 16:28

I do agree with you. Aren't friends suppoused to protect if. They give u that cigarette thier pretty much doing the opposite and that doesn't make them a friend at ALL!!! I like how u did research but u kinda repeated the same things. All in all good job!!!!

-Ian :D

04/04/2011 16:54

I think that ciggarettes should be illegal and if you have a severe addiction the government should pay for rehab for the people that are addicted.

04/04/2011 17:27

i agree

-David -.-

04/05/2011 12:45

i think that people under the age of 18 shouldn't smoke, but people who are 18 should be able to smoke if they want to because its their choice and they know its ruining their body but they do it anyway. If they choose to buy it, they are harming themselves and the people around them even though they all learned that smoking is hoorible. So yes i think it should be the law to only be able to buy cigarettes when your 18 and over.
-raina :)♥

04/05/2011 13:31

I do agree with you, but at the same time i also think that at the age of 18 people should know if its right or wrong to smoke and they will know the consequences.

04/05/2011 14:05

I agree, the age of smoking shud be 18 [:
Yu shudnt let friends peer pressure yu, so, that was a good example of saying ''friends shud protect eachother." Or maybe could stop them from even thinking about it.

--Rahca [: ♥

04/05/2011 15:48

Thanks to my best bud, Balkar or (BoBo and/or BuBu!) my mind has been changed!

If you are 18 you are an adult. Which means that you should be able to make wise and benefitial choices. As I've said, the start smoking will affect the rest of your life! Even if you think that the age should be raised to 25 or so, those people would still buy the cigarettes, weather at 18 or 25! It doesen't matter! As an adult, an 18-year-old should be able to make their own decisions that will shape their own future!
That's just my perspective but I can see your side too! Other than the few spelling mistakes, a well written debate that really gets across the point!

04/05/2011 15:57

iknow that there was a time when they banned selling drugs aand cigaars in canada, but people just brought them over from the states do to the nicatin in the cigar that was to hard to leave.
when the groverment saw this they knew that there was no way to stop them they would sneek it in 1 way or another and smoke some place or the other and the grovermnt cant pay people to go 1 on1 to make sure they dont smoke and drink. so they thought if people are going to do it, why let the states make the big profit, why not canada?

i know that the goverment would have to pay for them in the hosptal, but it takes 2-5 years to end up in that situation and the grovenment has made a HUGE profit already so wat!

anyways i think that it should, but it already is. u cant buy them unless u r 18 but like you said you can get someone else to buy them.

04/05/2011 19:09

I agree :) ;) :p <3

04/05/2011 19:35

i agree with you!
i think that there shouldnt be smoking generely for everyone, and kids under 18 should never be allowed to smoke :D

04/06/2011 08:45

no kids should not be able to buy cigarettes at the age of 18 because its bad to start at that age so what i think is if u want to buy cigarettes u should be 20 or older

04/06/2011 09:32

NO!!! The age should be be like 99. So less young people die and if young people smoke they should be arested.!.


04/06/2011 09:41

You are right teens should not be able to buy cigarettes under the age of 18. As you said it will cause them to get addicted and in the long run more likely to cause cancer. And that type of cancer in the lungs will probably kill you. So I think you are 100% right that teens shouldnt smoke before 18 or at all.

Kayla .C.
04/06/2011 13:49

okay so pretty much everybody did good job.like mostly everybody explaind it and expanded there comments very well.

Thanks to the people that took time to be able to comment on my debate and that did it a couple times. XD

04/06/2011 17:08

I think the smoking age should not be 18. Is should be higher because as you said its going to severley harm ur body in many bad ways wich can lead to death. When your 18 you just start ur life as an adult (by law) so you dont want it to end their! You should live your life your too young and have tooo much responsibilitys such as school. Dont waste your time on tabaco!

- Safa <3(nice job kayla) :)

04/07/2011 07:20

well I don't really agree with you i think that the age should be 19 or 20 because the sooner you start the less amount of time you have to live.An i also agree with safa your just starting your life as an adult.Thats my opinun

Good job :D -Tiana

04/07/2011 07:30

I think that there isn't really a purpose of having an certain age to buy cigarettes. Because you already have to have some sort of ID to buy them. And kids will find other ways to get them if there is an age group thing. Like buying them of their parents/ gurdian. Or using a fake ID.
Kenzie :P

04/07/2011 07:37

Good job Kayla! I do agree with you. Aren't friends suppoused to protect you? If they give u that cigarette, they are practically doing the oppositite. Their helping you lead to your death! I think that 18 would be an acceptable age only to smoke because most people at that age realize that smoking is bad. It's the nicotine that makes you addicted so they realize it's a bad thing. Not doing just because they think it's cool. Also i agree. Smoking should be illegal, or at least at age 18 because they won't addect them as a kid. Good job Kayla!!!!

04/07/2011 07:43

I don't think people should smoke unless they are 18. And if your friends tell you to smoke, than there not really your friends. Because good friends would protect you and make sure you don't smoke.

04/08/2011 13:11

i acctually think that smoking should be allowed at 21 because well if you smoke when your 18 then you can get addicted and smoke for the rest of your life and then you will die. so smoke at 21 people

04/12/2011 13:26

hey Kayla,
what do you mean by '50%/ 100%'?

04/12/2011 13:51

I think that smoking should not be allowed, but since it is not then i agree with Zouzou because if you start at 18 then maybe you could never stop

-Damaris<3 :}

04/13/2011 13:52

I agree with you thatthe age for buying cigarettes should be over 18. I think this because, like you said, more and more teenagers are smoking and that can lead to underaged drinking or dropping out of school.

- Jenna ♥

04/13/2011 13:54

No, I don' think at all that 18 year-olds (or anybody but tha's not the point) should be allowed to buy cigarettes because as we learned in GR.6, they damage your system.

-Ethan is Signing Out

04/13/2011 13:56

I think that 18 is the perfect age you should be allowed to smoke at. By 18, you can obviously make your own choices and your body wont change much after your 18, it still obviously affects your body, it always will but your right about smoking under 18 because it harms your body alot more, but smoking at 18 is almost the same thing as smoking at 30.
And smoking isn't really a 50% chance you die. Smoking won't kill you, but theres a higher chance for you to get some kind of disease.
so overall, I think that smoking should be illegal under 18, but other than that its fine.

05/01/2011 13:15

I think that no matter what we say or do the smoking age will still be 18. This is because the government make money off of cigarettes. and the only reason that the government says you cant smoke before is probably because at 18 you become an adult and your old enough to make you own choices.

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