Is your school trying to have year round schooling? Are you against their choice? Well so am I. I think there shouldn’t be year round schooling .

Students will forget material teachers taught us not matter how long our breaks are. 3 weeks or 10. Our break is when we have fun outside of school. Teachers will still have to give us review tests to see what we remember. We will still do about the same amount of tests to lead into the school year.

Year round schooling would make extra curricular activities nearly impossible to attend if we had year round schooling. With my experiences, baseball continues from around now until about late August, early September. All sports would be unable to continue running with no kids able to play in that league. Kids could lose their favourite pastime, whatever it may be. Ex: football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, dance, etc…

School maintenance will rise due to the fact that the breaks are spread apart wider, they will also be shorter. Which means they will have a much tighter budget for books, sporting equipment, etc… and due to the tight budget we will need to do more fundraising. And from what I know parents don’t really like giving money week after week to the school for fundraisers.

These are just some of the reasons we shouldn’t have year round schooling. So let me ask you again, should there be year round schooling.


05/12/2011 14:01

Hey,great job. I agree with you because we don't have a summer break and kids go on vacation with their families. And second of all, the teachers won't have anythng to teach because all the material is finished by the end of June soooo they won't have anything to teach. Plus, The kids would be tired and it would be hard for us to come to school in the hot summer weather so therefore I think that we should not have year-round schooling for many reasons!


05/12/2011 15:19

Hi Josh,

I totally agree with you we shouldn't have school year rounding because when we have summer break in July and August thats the time we can spend with our famlies during vacation. The other thing i agree on what you had said early was if we ever did have school year rounding then baseball tryouts or whatever wouldn't have kids to play on their teams so it would eventually put the coaches without a job. The teachers would always have to give us reviews on what we had alredy learned and that would be boring. The teaches would finish the material in june so that means they wouldn't have anything to teach us.

So in conclusion i don't want to have school year rounding. I think you picked a good debate topic.

Arshvinder =.= -.- :p :D ^.^ +.+

05/12/2011 18:38

I tottaly agree with you, cause the idea of Year Round Schooling is stupid! Firstly, many families send their children to summer camps. With this system, the useful summer programs, such as youth camps, are at risk. Secondly, parents who have 2 children, one following the traditional school year system and the other studying according to the year-round education system will find it a bit difficult to co-ordinate their vacations. I also think that its not fair for the teachers. They will have to pack up for summer and then set up everything 3 weeks later. It may also effect the the utilities used around school for example: if the school stays open more electricity will be used as a result the maintenance cost will increase and that may also effect the Budget the school runs on!
I also think that its not fair for us students since summers are the only part of the year we actually spend time with our families in Canada or outside Canada.
Anyway Good Job!

05/13/2011 14:02

I think that we should not have year round schooling. as damaris said the summer is a time for teachers come up with new materials or lessons to teach for the other ten months of school. also our summer break is a BREAK! we dont need the school board to change our schedules with out us having a say thats BIASED. GJ I AGREE WITH YOU!!! :D

05/13/2011 14:04

If anything we should have school in the summer and a break in the winter because nobody likes getting up in the morning in the winter because its sooooo ccoooooolllllddddd. also our break would be longer because 2/3 of the year in windsor is winter ;D well thats what it seems like :P

05/13/2011 20:03

I Agree with you, we shouldn`t have year round schooling because in the summer, everyone has a chance to on a vacation with there families and spend time together, but if we had year round schooling we would be spending the summer, winter, fall, and spring in school learing instead of taking some time to relax with your family


05/14/2011 18:22

Hiii Joshhuaaaa!
Hmmm... I dont really know what to think about this year schooling... I really dont mind any of the solutions. Sure a nice long break seems tempting, but in my opinion. you just get lazy and you have nothing to do! But on the other hand, short but more spread out breaks would be good too... but many people like that long vacation, along with being more expensive. All in all it doesn't really matter. Both level out in having pros and cons and I think whatever the school seems right DO!
-IANN :D =.= -.- o.o :D :P ;o ;p XD

05/15/2011 07:33

i agree and think it stupid that teachers and principals actually consider that we should have year round schooling. summer vacation is the time you get to spend off from school to hang out with your family and friends and go on vacation. If we had the little breaks, we wouldnt be able to go on long vacations like we could in the summer even if there are the small breaks in between. teachers think we lose all the stuff we learned but we dont.we still have that knowledge and we learn more in the next year. If we had year round schooling, for the graduates it would be complicated to know when was graduation and then you start school right away after that. so, i dont think that we should have year round schooling.

-raina :) ♥

05/17/2011 09:04

I agree with you, we shouldn't have year round schooling because, if we get less time for summer breaks and students go on vacation with their family, they don't have much time to spend there and like mentioned before, usually were done learning all our subjects by the end of June so teachers may not have anything to teach or might add more work.

Goood job Josh!

~Racha ;D

05/18/2011 08:19

i agree with you and we should not have year round schooling because no kid will have fun at school (even know we probiliy dont now) and every one will be bored and maybe even the teachers because they want to get away from us kids (even now they might want to) because we wont even do our home work when summer time comes (because we will be to busy playing video games, hanging out with friends out side, playing video games, riding our bike, playing more video games)

05/18/2011 08:23

i totally think not cuz we need break. Even though i <3 school doesn't mean i need it all the time. School is fun atleast90% of the time than the other 10% is broing. But that's just my opinion on it.


05/18/2011 08:29


Good job and i completly agree with you we shouldnt have a year round school because thats our vacation time and thats wen we can go see our relatives from outside of canada and spend time with our family. if we always have school students are going to get really sick of it and start slacking. theve been changing so many things with our school for example the 10 day cycle, nutriton breaks and now they might even change the school boundries. there is so much change im just starting to get used to the 10 day cycle. and as you said summer is our time to play games and be active and particapate in sports and go camping. ITS OUR TIME WHERE DONT HAVE TO CARE ABOUT IF WE DDNT DO OUR ASSIGNMENT!!! ITS NOT FAIR ITS OOURRR TIME!!!

-Safa GOOD JOB!!

05/18/2011 08:42

Hola Josh. I agree, if we have all year schooling its a waste of time because the students wont be paying attention because its going to be way to hot and all there going to be thinking about is what there going to do when they get home.


Good Job.

05/18/2011 08:44

hey Josh,i don't like the yearound schooling idea because we will have one week breaks ever so often but two months is awesome. Did you know that North America is the last continent to have ten months of schooling a year...
eThAn (Super_Mario777)

05/18/2011 08:51

Hello noob. Yes i agree with you that we should not have year round schooling. I think this because the summer is a time where some familys go on vacation for a long period of time. Summer break is the time where we have no homework. If we had year round schooling, we would have more breaks throughout the year but we may homework. Also this may be bad for camps. Because there will be no summer summer camps may lose buisness!!
-BoBo!! *.*

05/18/2011 08:55

yah i agree with you josh because we dont have a lot of breaks like they do in the states so summer break is the only time we have to spend with our families and not have to wake up so early in the morning. and also some of us have family in other countries and thats the only time they can come and spend time with us

05/18/2011 08:58

hey josh! (ur sitting next to me while im writing this :D)good job and i agree with you that we shouldnt have year round schooling even if its "good" because we can remember things, because kids would want a longer break in the summer because it is nice outside and people actually go places in the summer rather than in the winter!

05/19/2011 15:19

i agree with you. i think its stupid how the school board want us to go to school all year round. they think it will be better because we have more time to learn more... but it wont help. we just have a longer time to remember the work. For example, a student in grade 6. you have to do EQUO testing in grade 6 so you have to remember ciriculem from 1 FULL year ago. AWESOME JOB JOSH!!


05/25/2011 09:18

i argee with u josh i think we should not have year round schooling because in the summer thats when people go on vacation have fun and spend more time with there familys i think that we should not have year round schooling.

khoder ():():():

06/01/2011 14:43

i agree beause we need time to live life and if we can't stay with our parents aand explore on our own and vvist other home countryies that just wouldn't work. also it would have an economic dropm big time for places like wonderland

06/02/2011 13:43

Hey Josh
Good Job! (noob)
Anyway i agree with you, because in my case, I go to India every 2-3 years for about a month, and with year round schooling, I (and many other people) won't be able to visit their families in their home countries. As not visiting your family for more than 4-5 years at the max is not going to happen, some kids might miss a month of school to go on vacation! How is that gonna help! To me, year round schooling really has no major advantages from a students point of view.
Another thought is it would be more work for teachers/principals/staff//and the whole school board! Also, summer camps, amusement parks, water parks, and vacation destinations will see a drop in their sales because if kids don't have summer vacation, then people will not go on vacation long as often, and definately not at the same time period.

GOOD JOB! -Hush :):D :)

06/03/2011 04:26

I agree with you we shouldn't have year round schooling this is because in the summer family go out and have fun. And go on vacations, also summer away from academics, students forget half of what they have learn.

06/05/2011 19:07

i personally think that this whole year round schooling thing would lead to people hating what is called school. most ppl intis country go on vacation in the summer and with year round schooling, you wouldnt be able to have a long 1 1/2month long vacation to the middle east, asia, or wherever the destination may be. i think that this is a very bad idea and that people would not like it if such thing happens.

good job btw :)

- Emad

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