From day-to-day, more and more people are relying on electricity,
and it has become a crucial part of all of our lives. This electricity is made
in a way that can harm our environment, not to mention ourselves. It is made by
combusting fossil fuels, which have several problems that will be stated. In the
recent years, engineers found more environmentally friendly ways of producing
electricity, but there is one main problem—the price. Many people wonder, “Is it
worth paying thousands of dollars to install an environmentally friendly way of
producing power?” Many people would invest in this and others wouldn’t. In my
opinion, I think that it is worth paying for these clean ways of producing

     My first reasoning is that you can make this into a long-term
investment. You do have to pay thousands of dollars, but eventually, you will be
producing free electricity, and then you will be earning money. Also if you
produce large amounts of power, the government can purchase some to distribute
in neighbourhoods, using special grids that control how much is coming in from
your source, and how much goes out to the government, who purchased it from you.
Also, if you go down 401, you will see hundreds of wind turbines, extending to
as far as your eyes can see. 
     My second reasoning is that it is risk free, and it has no
  harmful effects on plants, animals, and us. The main way that people produce
  electricity nowadays is by combusting fossil fuels (mainly coal), and that
  poses several problems, which include:
1.The more fossil fuels we
combust, the more pollution there is, and pollutions not only harms the
environment, but it can also lead to cancer, because of breathing the filthy,
polluted air.
2.The fossil fuels that we are
combusting are running out and at the rate that we keep using them, all fossil
fuels will be diminished in a few decades. 

Another way of producing electricity is a clean way which is
  nuclear power. Some problems here include:
1.If any natural disaster
occurs (take Japan for an instance), the nuclear radiation is very likely to spread, and this poses a serious
risk of getting cancer.
2.To operate a nuclear power
plant, you need to be near a river or lake, so you can dump all the hot water
that has already been used, and that can kill many ecosystems that are in that
     My third and final reasoning is that the fossil fuels that we are
using are harming us, but if we use renewable sources of energy, we can save our
generation and we can make our society one that flows with nature, and not
against it. We can use the water that flows downstream, or near a waterfall to
produce enormous amounts of electricity. We can also use solar energy, as they
are probably what most people would think of getting if they were thinking of
installing anything for their home. As all of you already know, solar energy
  comes from the sun, and you can produce large amounts of electricity, depending
  on how many solar panels you have, or how big the solar panel is. In many
  places, such as Ontario, people are literally making farms, but instead of
  crops, there have hundreds of solar panels installed, and as I mentioned
  before, along the 401, there are as many wind turbines as the eye can see. 
     There are many things that can be improved in these methods of
producing the power to run things that require electricity, but there are many
good things like not even having to worry about a storm knocking out your power,
because you would normally have a big generator where the power gets stored.
Besides, we should always remember that we are helping to save the earth and
help it recover from all the pollution that we have caused, not to mentions
decreasing the amount of people getting cancer in crowded cities like Toronto,
or Detroit. No matter what things might be inefficient, it will always be better
than our ways of generating electricity today. So to answer the big question, I
think that purchasing and installing a renewable source of energy is worth every
single penny you pay, because you are helping save the earth, and you can
consider it as a long-term investment. LET’S STAND AND MAKE A CHANGE! :D



04/28/2011 12:52

I agree with you. Just with this easy but expensive idea we can help save the earth. Renewable energy is going to help us and not us fossil fuels until we desperatley need them.

GJ josh

04/28/2011 13:31

i wish my house was powered by solar panels and my own wind turbine but unfortunatley they are very expensive. it would be good thing to invest in if you're a millionaire or have a high payed job(s)....

04/28/2011 13:42

i agree with you totally. we should be saving our enivorment by using great devices that are avilable to us to help the world and our future

04/28/2011 13:58

I think that we should invest in renewable because in the long run this could benifit us just like we had the dark ages it is a possibility that it can happen again and things are going to ge worse before they get better. i thin your strongest point was your one about the fossil fuels harming us GJ!!!!!

04/28/2011 16:26

i agree with you that we should invest in renewable energy. yes, it is extremely expensive but it will be worth itin the long run. i would rather pay more and live in a clean earth, then pay less and live in an unsafe earth.



04/29/2011 05:58

I think that you are right, ew should use rnewable electricity mor than normal electricity because, if we keep on using electricity, we'll eventually run out. Also, like you said, the more fossil fuels we use the more CO2 we emit into the air, the more polution there will be. If there's too much polution, then we will die.


04/29/2011 06:18

i agree we should invest in renewable energy because it will helpsave the earth our future.

04/29/2011 16:23

Heyy, Emadie

i totally agree with you we should invest in renewable energy because it will save our earth. In the long run renewable energy will benefit us for a very long time . I just want to say fossil fuels wont benifit because eventually someday its going to run out.
I want to have a clean and healthy earth instead of a cheap and dirty earth.

so in conclusion i totally agree with you .

Arshvinder =.=

04/30/2011 16:25

hey, great job! I totally agree because we use to much energy and i wish that we came up with new ideas to conserve energy in our homes and in our commuinty sooooo i hope that they come up with new ideas to help our planet!
Remeber, everyday is earth day!!!!!:]


05/01/2011 13:06

Hey Emad great job, i agree with you investing in renewable energy is great idea. yes it may cost a lot of money, but as you said if you set up turbines near a city/town the government might buy electricity from you and sell it to others. thus leaving the investor with more money.PS:Good Reasoning :)

05/01/2011 14:06

Yea i totallyy agree with you,
because, i would rather choose to have and live in a clean earth, then a dirty one.
So yea good job [:


05/01/2011 17:19

Heyyy SSB :D!
Yea i totally agree with you on the simple fact that we should invest in renewable energy sources. But you have to think, who can afford this? Sure it will probably end up for the better but will the person really be ok scrapping by for the next years just because of that one purchase. I believe that the government should have their part in this! Install homes and neighborhoods with this type of energy source just as an experimentation, to see if price wise and fuction is working. Then. THAN. We can make all renewablee!!!!
iannnn :)

05/02/2011 08:02

i agree too. but it is very expensive but it adds up after a while of having solar panels and wind turbines and it would save the earth. so i guess if people changed the way they use energy it could work

<3 zouzou <3

05/02/2011 08:06

hey,good job! i agree with you, we use too much energy in our everyday lives and i think that we should reduce the amount of energy we use. And if we invest in renewable energy it will help us in the future

-manaal :)

05/02/2011 08:17

hey emad :)
first of all,i think this is a good debate topic. so, good job!!

i think that you are right and that we should increase the elctricity prices since we are going to do it for the environment. a lot of people would say no, but we should think about the planet we live in first because without the earth, we wouldnt even be here, so yes i agree and think that we should
have an eco friendly way of producing electricity.

raina :) <3

05/02/2011 08:26

Heyy. I agree with you that we should invest in renewable energy eventhough it is expensive. So we dont use so much electricity and the earth is going to stay clean and we wont cause pollution.

05/03/2011 09:10

Yeah Sure
#1, It's great on the enviroment
#2, it's cool looking
#3, I like it
isn't all what matters???

05/03/2011 13:13

Emad! Hey, I agree with you that we should invest in renewable energy because in the long term we will save money even though get solar panels and stuff installed cost a lot of money. But its better than using fossil fuels, which produces air pollution. I've seen people wearing mask in high polluted areas cause the air is so bad. Also there will be wars over fossil fuels and we could stop that if we start using renewable energy. And we'll save the environment. :)
-BoBo :P

05/05/2011 20:46

Nice job,
I completely agree with u we should invest in this because it's great for our nature and wildlife. So ya that is just some reasons why we should invest in this but I think we can all think of some more

05/10/2011 06:38

I agree completely with you.


05/10/2011 06:47

i dissagree never do tht


kayla .c.
05/11/2011 05:48

hey emad umhhh yeah i would say we should invest in renewable energy. it is a part why we save our enviroment.

kayla .c.

05/11/2011 06:04

Hey Emad,
Cool Topic! I agree with you that investing in renewable energy is a lot of money, but in the long run, it is so worth it. I also feel like solar panels and other environmentally friendly materials should be used by everyone and all together, we can save the EARTH!
Hush :) :D

06/02/2011 17:53

i agree with you we should invest in renewable energy it saves up energy and its good for the environment, also it gives less pollution in our earth.


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