Some people may be smarter than others, but they would be the same age and be put in the same class. Imagine how other people feel when your going on about stuff they don’t even know. They would feel like they weren’t smart at all and just because they were the same age they would be put in the same class. I think they should be put in classes depending on how smart they are.

     I think this because when someone smart is talking then other people wont understand what they are telling the class so that may make them feel like they are not smart which will effect the way they feel about themselves at school or in class.

     Also if the majority of the class is understanding the lesson the teacher has taught then the teacher is most likely to move on when some people don’t understand the lesson. This may make the student very confused between the old lesson and the new one and sometimes will give up because they think they will never understand.

     The third reason I have for this is that when a student is not understanding they would want to ask a teacher for help. Seeing all the other kids do there work may make them feel as if they weren’t smart enough so when they ask a teacher a question they are afraid that other kids might laugh or make fun of them.

     Those are 3 of the many reasons kids should be put in class by how smart they are. They may feel unconfident, they may become confused in all the lessons that are thrown at them, at last but not least they may be afraid to ask because of what other people have to say. To prevent all of these from happening I think it would be better to sort them by how smart they are and not  by there age.

                                                                                             By: Mouzayan M.


04/27/2011 16:28

i dont think that we should have different classes depending on how smart you are because thats how you learn from each other. if all the people knew the same things then it would be boring. i agree about the part that people would feel bad but they would be also learning something from their friends.

04/28/2011 12:56

I have never really thought of it that way. But the thing is wehave rotary how could they be different classes for that. But you make a point i agree that there should be different classes for people that are smarter and not as smart.

GJ Josh

04/28/2011 13:14

Hey great job ZOUZOU!:] I totally agree with you because if you know about stuff and you learned it all ready, and when the teacher teaches the class the lesson you will be bored that you learned it already and you would not want to listen again! If you know about stuff in like grade 8 then you should be in grade 8 because if you are in grade 7 then you know all the stuff sooooo in conclusion yes i agree with you that you should be in a grade by how smart you really are!

~~Damaris Lupulescu:]

04/28/2011 13:18

you should be in the grade of your thinking level because if your aren't as smart as other people in your age range then you might not understand their thinking.

04/28/2011 13:47

well i think no because that would be very complicated and hard to manage and make schools for. if most people are stuck at grade 7 and are held there for that while and there are people that stayed there before goning 2nd time around and poeple that just entered and they teachers isn't goning to be able to help everyone so no.

04/28/2011 14:05

no i dont think that you should be put in classes depending on how smart you are because this could cause hurtful comments from others and it would cause issues in organization. also this could benifit us but hurt us but i think that we shouldnt because it would cause a drastic change in other peoples (students and teachers) social lives.

04/28/2011 19:28

I think you should be put in your grade by age, because even if you are with smarter people, dosen't mean you can't catch up to their level, or at least get close. It would be better with smarter people because they can explain every thing to not smart people. It would be like having more teachers for more students. you said that the majority of the class would understand, but if that is so, then there would be no point in teaching because everyone would know everything. Also, like Sahib said, it would be too confusing, it would much easier to just order by age.

good job=)

04/29/2011 16:17

Heyy, Mouzayan,

Please don't take this he wrong way but, i dont agree with you.Because all the smart people should not be in the same class because it could cause hurtful comments from other lets say for instance someone could say your not smarter then me blah...blah..etc.
But still what would the point be in that because the teachers job is to teach the class and i also think it would kinda be sterotypical like you know putting the not smart in one class and the smarter ones in the other class. lets say you had friends in the smarter class and you were in the not so smart class then how would you possibly hang out will them and understand what there talking about. This also could lead to bully by others based on what rank your in like if your smart or if your dumb.

so in conclusion i dont agree with you
but i think you did an amazing job with your debate.
Arshvinder =.=

05/01/2011 14:08

I agree with you mouzayon because, if you get put with people to your standards, it'll make you feel better about yourself, and we'll all maybe get the same things and not get the same things.

Good Job Zou zou,

-Racha (: ♥

05/01/2011 17:48

Heyy mouzayann (:
I uhmm... kinda disagree with you.... :/
This is because well if that one person is really struggling, they should just ask the teacher. Thats why we have all those etra sites, tutors and etc and if they're in a class with people their intellegence,that would mean people of all ages. And would u really have confidence to be in a class with both people older and younger than you? I DONT THINK SO. So i really think that our education is good the way it is. If worse comes to worse, then they actually need to put a paticular student ahead or back. But right now its good the way it ish!!!
-Ian!!! :D

05/02/2011 08:20

...ummm i don't think i agree with you it will be kind off rude to arrange who is smart and who are not to other classes. Also there is no point of doing that when we have lst or esl.

05/02/2011 08:23

i completely disagree with you.
firstly, everyone is smart in there own way, and i dont think putting kids in a class depending on how smart they are helps the "not smart" kids because when we have different levels of knowledge, we learn from each other and get better at different subjects.
So, i totally disagree with you.

raina :) <3

Safa :)
05/03/2011 08:43

Hiii good job!! (i saw you wink at me lool good times jk) anywaays.... back to work.

I completly disagree i think its rude cuz ppl will feel smart and left out wich will make the insecure. another point is that people learn from each other. and teachers shouldnt just move on when a student dsnt undrstand its her job to help him or her.

05/03/2011 09:08

No. Nuf said

05/03/2011 13:05

I disagree with you. I think classes are good the way they are. First people are smarter than others in other subjects so you would sorta have a different class for every class. That would be complicated. And for all the students who don't get the lesson they could ask the teacher for help in private if their afraid of being made fun of. Or they could go to a tutor or website and stuff.
-BoBo :)

05/03/2011 17:09

:O I didnt know you did your debate on this, and I was gonna do this topic too. :P

okay so, i guess it would make a person feel bad if they didnt understand something and others did, but what about if your friends or other kids your age were in a higher grade and you were left out? Wouldn't you feel stupid then?
so i disagree, i think everyone should be equal. (:

05/04/2011 15:44

I disagee with you because if someone needs help theu could ask the teacher and their friends cuz thats how we learn and it would be sorta rude judging people on their intelligence.

Mrs. Edgar
05/04/2011 18:07

I think that you can't really judge anyone on a scale of being "smart" or not because there are a lot of factors at play. Just because someone doesn't get great marks does not mean they aren't smart--many people learn differently then how is traditionally taught in school. Also, everyone has something that they are good at, so it is not fair to say that they are not smart if they aren't successful according to the standards set in a classroom. That being said, I can imagine that it is frustrating when you are not understanding a concept being taught in class. While there are some things in place to help out a struggling student, I don't think there is enough done to help these students out. A lot of times I think that a student who has several experiences with "not getting it" will think that they are "not smart" when it is not true--they just need more time, or need it taught to them in a different way. This is frustrating as a teacher because we have to cover a lot of information in a year, and we have a lot of students we are responsible for teaching to. In my opinion, students should stay in age appropriate classrooms because this is where they belong socially but the class sizes should be much smaller so that a teacher could provide more individualized lessons for each level of learning.

Mrs. Edgar

05/10/2011 06:47

no you should not


05/11/2011 06:10

i agree with mrs edgar u can"t really judge how smart they are so i disagee we should not be put into classes depending on how smart u are. GOOD JOB :)

05/11/2011 06:16

Hey Mouzayan I don't agree because if you are put in the "not so smarts kids class" then wouldn't ypou feel bad about yourself and feel like you're not smart at all. Other than that, it might be a good idea to have classes based on smartness.
Hush :)

05/11/2011 17:51

I disagree. I think that the classes are good the way you are. This is because you might feel bad that you didn't get put in the smart peoples class, and if you want to get smarter, you could get a tutor, or go online and try different things.

05/30/2011 08:51

i agree with you that kids should be put into classes depending on how smart they are. i agree with you because, sometimes, during a lesson, i feel like im the only one who doesnt understand. but if if ppl were put into classes with other ppl who are like them (in smartness) it could be easier to understand. in conclusion, i think that kids should be put into classes depending on ow smart they are.

AWESOME JOB ZOUZOU!!! ;) (haha.. winky face!!! lol)


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