When was the last time you ever saw a women running for politics,  well  that was Kim Campbell all the way back in the year 1993 . After that year has there been any other women  running in politics besides  Kim Campbell , as you can see the answer is no, none have tried in the past coupe of years  to get into politics . But do you think women should run for politics ?. I  clearly think women should run for politics.

    The first, and also the only women that ran in the politics that won was Kim Campbell . Kim Campbell was born on March ,10, 1947 , Kim is a canadien politician,laywer , university professor , diplomat and writer . She served as the 19th prime minister of canada serving from June 25 1993 - November 4 1993 (132 days). Campbell was the first and to date the only female prime minister of canada, and the only prime minister to have been born in British  Columbia.

    First off,  the reason why I think more women should run for politics is because maybe  they would have  better ideas to improve our country and they  might know whats best. Also more women have a different perspectives from men. A study was proven in North America that women are known to be better legislators than men which pretty much means a person who makes laws , a member of a legislative body.

    There have been many reasons why  some women don't like to run for politics is  because it takes time even though men and women  both have a right. Women still need to take care of running the home which is basically cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry , and also running for office takes time , effort and money. It takes time away from their  home duties like taking care of their kids which I  think  is kind of sterotypical because now a days more men are starting to take of their kids instead of moms which is okay because this gives them the chance to go in politics .But some females also don't like to be involved in mid-slinging and bipartisanship that politics involves.
   The one most important thing that woman have to remember is  to belive in themselves that they to can run for politics and know one can judge how they would run the country because they too have a  right  and all they need is someone to just guide in the right direction.


04/14/2011 15:59

I think women should run for politics because, like you said, studies show that women would be better. They would think differently for the law.


04/14/2011 16:28

Hey arshhhhhhh...
It is true that only 1 women has every been a prime minister in Canada, but then again, there are some who still run maybe in a smaller area or maybea large election. But like you said, if you compare those numbers to the men, men have definately run for this role then the women. Sure if a woman gets elected they have proven skills better for legislative body, and a different way of thinking. BUt like you said, all in history men has been ruling governements, kingdoms, all sorts of areas. Should we really trust that women could really rule right? I mean no offense, but with men having the high in the government, they definaintly kept us alive until this day. You never know, the woman could possibly make a huge change that can create world peace. But right now it's better for them to do what you said. Have the confidence and be able to run in politics.

04/15/2011 08:06

There has only been zero presidents of The States that were female (but Hillory Clinton did run against John McCain and Barack Obama and Huckaby


04/15/2011 12:49

hey arshvinder! :D
i agree with you that more women should run for office. I think some women are afraid to because people make up sterotypes that women are supposed to stay home and cook and clean. i dont think that this is true becuase, like you said, more men are starting to take care of the kids while the women go off to work. i like how you included that women should just believe in thenselves and not worry about if other people judge them because they're women! aweosme job arsh!!!!


04/15/2011 19:38


I agree but there should be two prime minister's one male and one female that way we could have two P.O.V's (point of views) come together.it would benifit our society or country in a huge way. this way nobodys voice is left out

04/17/2011 17:58

I really do agree with u Arsh you are right

04/18/2011 13:06

i agree with you arsh i think that every women should have the right to run for president or in general women should not be excluded from anything. I think that when people say that men are better at doing things than women, that is untrue

-manaal <3

04/18/2011 13:13

i agree with you arsh women should vote for prime minister or president. but i also agree wth ian like it could be good and it could be bad like they could chang everything.

<3 zouzou <3

04/18/2011 13:29

i agree with tyrus and i had the same thought. you can't say that woman are only clean and cook becuse there are girls that run in parlamint but just arent prime minister. like in windsor lisa is running if she gets elected she is the boss of windsor, so girls arent that much behind they just find that they need to be with thier kids to raise them, and men arent always into that job. i bet therre are ladies that want to go up to primeminister but cant cause of expensises and probably cause there hhusbands would under estamate them and say, "no your a girl"

all in all i think that you are right and ladies shpuld be able to be prime minsiter.

04/18/2011 14:04

Yello, great job and what a great topic to do a debate on. I agree with you that women should become the prime minister sometime because it's not only men we should listen to plus a women could be in charge.:]


04/18/2011 15:05

Hi Arsh!
I agree with you that more womenn should run for politics cause then maybe we could have a better world. And i hate how people are stereotypical and say women cant be in charge, cause it is really annoying. Maybe women don't run cause they dont believe in themselves. or maybe they already work or have to stay home with their kids or somethig

04/19/2011 12:25

04/19/2011 12:28

Srry about the other dumb comment. But your right more women should run for prime minister or president of a country. They would make great leaders . It would also give us a different perspective of the economy etc..


04/19/2011 12:59

i agree and think that women should run more for politics because they might have different issues or ideas that men do not think of.
greeatt job arsh :)

-raina :)♥

04/19/2011 16:12

...ummm hello, i agree that more females should be running for politics we should hear about there opinion and how they will make this world a better place.

-David -.- O.o

04/19/2011 18:46

I agree with you arsh and i do think that women should run for politics and people should be less sexist just because were girls dosnt mean we cant run and fight. And we never had a women in power in us and only once in Canada so we should have more and see how it works out like that becaus eof the diffrent ways girls think. And you cant forget human rights. For example the right to state your opinion and be free to do what you want.


04/20/2011 14:22

Overall, i think that it's the women's fault for only having 1 female prime minister. This is because not many of them work in the government. Also its not that person that chooses whether they are going to be P.M. or not, as its the rest of the party. Since most of the people in any party are male, they would probably choose a male, because more people are men than women and that might mean that there are more men deserving of the job as opposed to the small amout of women in that party. I personally think that it would be fine to have a female prime minister, as they might have brighter ideas than men, and as ian mentioned earlier, it could start world peace, because most women would choose other options over violence.

04/20/2011 15:43

Arrssh [:

I agree that women should run for politics because, they could maybe change other peoples point of view and not be so sexiest. I agree with safa ;P
And if one women became a prime minister, then i bet more women would have more confidence in them to run for these events.

~Racha ♥

04/21/2011 12:46

Hey Arsh,
I agree that women should be allowed to run for politics, and for that matter, anything a man can aswell. There is a big discrimination towards women, which should really be eliminated in this world.
I think the only risk in making a women the prime minister is the big change to follow. Men have been the prime ministers for almost ALL of Canada's history, so if a women was selected, their might be a big difference in how the city runs, and that could be good and bad! But other than that, AWESOME JOB! ~Hush! :):):):):)

04/22/2011 07:01

i agree with arsh i think women should be allowed to run for politics just because they are girls does'ent mean the can run so i think women should be allowed to run for politics (good job arsh) khoder :)

04/26/2011 08:49

I think you did a good job but did you research about any other women going for politics .

04/26/2011 09:07

yes i think that women should run for politics because all the guys say its not a girl job but i think that if girls ran for politics that they would be 1o times better they guys .Also because women are better legestaters then guys.so in my opinun i agree with arsh :)

04/26/2011 12:38

Yeah i think women need to take a stand and show the guys what where made of. And show them that there no better. The women should stand up and make things right. IM not saying that guys wont do the same. BUt you barley see women run for politics like WOW!!! WOMENs we need to step it up a bit!.....

04/28/2011 13:28

i agree more women should run for politics. If they did it might give women that aren't so ambicoious arole model or an inspiration.

04/29/2011 05:56

I think women should run for politics because studies show that women would be better and they would think differently for the law.


05/10/2011 06:54

no because guys should only run for politics


05/11/2011 05:56

I completely agree with tyrus, there should be two prime ministers. And i strongly diasagree with sahib, not only women stay home and raise there kids? Why should women only cook and clean, men have the same abilities as women. I think that for once men should stay home and women should work. Men always come home and complain about how they worked all day and are tired so they cant help there wives, but I can almost guarntee that whatever they do at work is not as hard as staying at hjome all day taking care of 2 whiny little kids, picking up after there mess, and then acting like a servant when there husbands come home. just watch , when i get married im gonna be working and all the housework is gonna be equally done.

ANYWAYS, back to arsh's debate,
Women do run for politics, but only for their city. I think it is time that we have a female prime minister, or like tyrus said, have two prime ministers.

so yeah, thats basically it.

06/03/2011 11:15

HELLO!! I agree with you, more woman should run for politics. Women have the same abilites as men and they can be a fit primeminsister or president. Hillory Clinton ran for presedent, althogh she lost the campaign she had a strong voice. This proves that women do the same things as men and be good at it. This is why I think that more women should run for politics.
-BALKARR!! *.*

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