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    Yes i think we should get rid of some ratings for movies because right now with movie rating we cannot go to 18A movies or R movies.  But if we got rid of the ratings we could go to these movies.  But at the same time you would need permission from someone who can go into the movies, such as your parents to go watch the movie.  You would need a note or something that proves you are aloud to watch this movie.  Or your parents could come into the movie theater and tell the ticket seller that the person has permeission to go see that movie.  
    There are many movies that have came out lately, such as the Hangover Part 2, but it is rated 18A, but you can't go see it because of the rating.  This movie is very funny and entertaining but we can't see it.  when it came out on DVD lots of people under the age of 18 watched the movie and were not stopped.  Although you could see the Hangover Part 2 if you had a parent with you or someone over 18 they may not have time to go with you and see the movie.
    The third reason that we should get rid of movie ratings is so that kids and teenagers could be entertained by other movies.  They do not have to wait till the movie comes out on DVD.So do u think that we should get rid of movie ratings!?
  In my opinion I don't think students should be forced to stay in school till there 18 because if they really don't want to be there they wont pay attention.

      Another reason is they might start disrupting the class and the teacher then no one else will learn.

     Lastly it will teach them a lesson because when they drop out of school there going to need a job so it will teach them a lesson because they wont be able to get a good job because they didn't finish school and the people that work there are probable not going to want someone who gives up there going to want someone who are hard working and wont quit even if something is a little difficult. Then they might want to go back to school because they figured out that you cant have a good life without a good education.
    So this is why I think that students should not be forced to stay in school till there 18.  BY NOAH J ALLEN :) :D :P

     Have you ever seen parents bugging their kids about doing this and doing that when they grow up , in this case my opinion states that parents have a right in deciding their child's future because parents know what's best for their child and help their child make good decisions for their future. 

     Think about it if parents don't play a role of deciding their child's future, someone else might and you might not know who that person is.Our Parents experiences can contribute to our decision, parents may have the same situations as us before, and also learned knowledge to offer, For example what university or college to attend, what vehicle to buy and what area to live, i don't mean that parents have to force their child to do this for a living or who they marry, basically they should help them understand about wrong from right, and teaching them what they can do to be successful.How children are raised determines quite a bit of how they will be in the future. If  they are raised with love and affection, they are more likely to treat others the same way. If they are raised differently, then they probably treats others the same kind of way. 

     Parents are older and more mature which means that they can look out for positive problems.In conclusion, i think that parents have a right in deciding their child's future.
There have been many injuries in the National Hockey League <NHL> over the past decade. Many of these injuries have been caused by physical contact on the ice.  A simple shoulder check can turn into a fully fledged fight between players.  And usually the fights turn out with a person or two people getting hurt.  In my opinion the contact should be banned because even when you have contact in the minor leagues, some people get hurt.  Even though you have all the gear you still can land the wrong way 
and possibly break a bone.

Many sports channel's websites are polling/ asking if the contact should be banned.  On this link it shows you 
one of many polls http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/allstar/audience/should-fighting-be-banned-in-the-nhl/   As you can see many people are against the idea because the NHL is like the only sport other than UFC and thing along those lines that allow fighting and contact.  There are also many who will follow the idea through since so many people/ players get hurt from it.  

One of the most common injuries is a concussion.  It can be prevented by a mouth guard because if you do get 
bumped and fall down, the guard makes your teeth not slam together.  Lots of players break their hips, arms, and sometimes legs because of physical contact.  The players that get serious on ice usually get suspended for a game or sometimes a season.  Such as Jesse Boulerice- he was kicked out for 25 games for cross checking someone in the face.

I think that the contact should be banned because as I mentioned earlier, a little thing could turn out badly.  
Watch these videos and see for yourself how a simple thing can do a lot of damage.

     In conclusion, the physical contact in hockey should be banned because there are too many incidents where people get a little rough and sometimes more than one person gets hurt or worse.
P.S- Let’s go Boston Bruins =3)

By Miss M. G.
IS The XBOX 360 BETTER than the ps3 because alot of people say that ps3 is better because it has FREE online and the games are blue ray ,it can play movies and blue ray movies but who cares about that the XBOX 360 can play movies too (duh) ,has online too but what console dosnt ,can play regular XBOX games , the bad stuff about the xbox is that you have to pay for online only 8.50$ and can get red ring of death kinda easily ,updates about all the time for most games about all of their games are rated M (for mature/adult 17+) bad stuff for the ps3 games arnt blue ray , some of their games are rated E (everyone) ,easy to hack , online lags (like crazy)

                                   WHAT DO YOU THINK IS BETTER THE PRO AWESOME MLG XBOX360 or the lame ps3
                                                                          Robby Sinclair
      Recently kids under the age are starting to join the social website “Facebook”. And I don’t think that is a good idea.
Also the magazine Consumer Reports estimated about 7.5-million kids that are under the age of 13 use Facebook illegally with fake birthdays.
    I don't think that kids  should have Facebook  because of one of the many reasons, it is another way of bullying. Other people could post mean comments on pictures and people's 'walls' . They could spread hurtful and inappropiate rumors.
      Secondly, since just about anyone could set up a Facebook profile, it sets a range of problems that come with most networking sites. For instance, adults could lie about their age and get access to younger kids profiles. Kids too young to set up a profile could lie about their age and obtain one anyway. On a different note, status updates also have become somewhat of a stalker tool. The newest update on Facebook allows you to see what your friends are writing on each others walls. Of course, you can probably change this setting, but most people don't think about that, especially kids.
       Plus with all the new applications, photos, requests, etc. it is becoming potentially harder for everyone to know what's spam and virus and what is not.i t is harder to keep track of what is safe to use and what might be harmful.
      And Facebook is also dangerous because if you have unknown people on Facebook, there are information fields on Facebook that could potentially make it easier for people to stalk you if you aren't careful. These fields include your email, phone number, and address. You can hide these from certain users or not enter them at all, but many people probably enter that info without thinking, making available to anyone on their friends list.

    Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely one-sided. Let’s start at the beginning. Facebook’s Terms Of Service say that not only do they own your data , but if you don’t keep it up to date and accurate , they could terminate your account. You could argue that the terms are just protecting Facebook’s interests, and are not in practice forced, but in the context of their other activities, this argument is pretty weak. As you’ll see, there’s no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

   And lastly it is veryy veryy addicting and does not let you finish your homework or assignments and you get bad grades.

So in my opinion I don't think kids should have facebook. So i ask you what would you do?
   By: Sarah      
   Here is a video that talks about pros and cons of kids on Facebook http://www.nbc-2.com/story/14709273/facebook-should-kids-under-13-be-allowed-to-joinweeblylink_new_windowweeblylink_new_window
       Today, the world is becoming more and more closely linked. Trade has increased and the movement of people between countries is greater than ever before. However, billions of people still live in poverty, and in many places, the gap between rich and poor are widening. This essay will look at the arguments for and against helping poor countries.    

                 There are many reasons for helping poor countries. First of all, there are humanitarian reasons. Like individuals who give to charity, many countries feel it is their religious, social, or moral duty to help people in other countries who are suffering from food crisis, drought, war, or disease. However, many rich countries also donate money for political or diplomatic reasons. They want to maintain a relationship of dependency with the recipient, or simply to influence the government and direction of the country. A further reason why many countries help poorer ones is for economic reasons. The donors may want to control the supply of commodities such as oil, water, or wheat. Alternatively, the richer country may want to ensure markets for their own products, whether it’s computers or shoes.

                  However, aid is not necessarily the best way to help a country. For one thing, billions of dollars of aid often goes missing, into corrupt governments or inefficient administration. A second point is that many foreign aid projects are unsuitable for the target country. Many agencies build huge dams or industrial projects that fail after a few years or that do not involve the local people. Furthermore, much aid returns to the donor. This can be in the form of expensive specialized equipment and experts from the donor country.             

          There are many other ways we can help poor countries. Opening up trade barriers, so that poor countries can sell their goods is one way. Another is to remove subsidies so that imported goods from poorer countries can compete fairly. A third method is to forgive debts. Many poor countries have huge interest repayments on old loans. The needs of the poorer countries may seem obvious. However, although our humanity makes us want to help eliminate poverty and suffering, we must examine the real needs of poor countries and implement solutions that will benefit both them and us.                                          -Zain K. 
  By: Balkar
    What’s privacy to you? Does it mean to have the right to be secretive? To be able to be independent? Do have to earn privacy or is given to you? Is privacy a privilege or a right? I think that it is a right.
    The United Nations say that privacy is a right and I agree, but now in our time privacy is now turning into a privilege. My parents read in the paper that Muslims were stopped at the border and asked how many times they pray every day and where they pray. This is a total violation of privacy. This is not any of the border’s business. Why does it even matter where they pray and how many times? This information may be private to them and their family. These people are having their privacy taken away. 
    Everyone likes to have some time to themselves. We all have something that is personal and we want no one else to see. For example some people keep a diary or journal that they like to keep to themselves and don’t want to show to anyone else. These things are our personal belongings and our privacy. Even having a door to your room may be privacy to some people. Some people are not trusted and have no door to their room therefore taking away their privacy. Doing this is like someone taking away your most prized possession and never giving it back. This is not right, why doesn’t someone simply check in on the person who is not trusted from time to time. At least then the person will have some privacy. 
    Privacy also makes us independent which we all have a right to. With privacy we can do things by ourselves with no help from others. It helps us think for ourselves. It helps us to make our own choices, where we want to work, where we want to go to school. We can also have our own option of telling people how much you get paid, if you got something new, this is our privacy.
     To have privacy is a right. We have the right to keep things to ourselves. We have the right to have to have private space, to have private conversations, and to be away from surveillance from people. You do not have to earn privacy. Every human being should be able to have their own space. This is why I think that privacy is a right
Is your school trying to have year round schooling? Are you against their choice? Well so am I. I think there shouldn’t be year round schooling .

Students will forget material teachers taught us not matter how long our breaks are. 3 weeks or 10. Our break is when we have fun outside of school. Teachers will still have to give us review tests to see what we remember. We will still do about the same amount of tests to lead into the school year.

Year round schooling would make extra curricular activities nearly impossible to attend if we had year round schooling. With my experiences, baseball continues from around now until about late August, early September. All sports would be unable to continue running with no kids able to play in that league. Kids could lose their favourite pastime, whatever it may be. Ex: football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, dance, etc…

School maintenance will rise due to the fact that the breaks are spread apart wider, they will also be shorter. Which means they will have a much tighter budget for books, sporting equipment, etc… and due to the tight budget we will need to do more fundraising. And from what I know parents don’t really like giving money week after week to the school for fundraisers.

These are just some of the reasons we shouldn’t have year round schooling. So let me ask you again, should there be year round schooling.