IS The XBOX 360 BETTER than the ps3 because alot of people say that ps3 is better because it has FREE online and the games are blue ray ,it can play movies and blue ray movies but who cares about that the XBOX 360 can play movies too (duh) ,has online too but what console dosnt ,can play regular XBOX games , the bad stuff about the xbox is that you have to pay for online only 8.50$ and can get red ring of death kinda easily ,updates about all the time for most games about all of their games are rated M (for mature/adult 17+) bad stuff for the ps3 games arnt blue ray , some of their games are rated E (everyone) ,easy to hack , online lags (like crazy)

                                   WHAT DO YOU THINK IS BETTER THE PRO AWESOME MLG XBOX360 or the lame ps3
                                                                          Robby Sinclair

05/29/2011 17:06

I think that the XBOX 360 is better than the ps3 because the XBOX came first and they released their 360. After that sony released the ps3, they kind of "copied" XBOX.


05/29/2011 18:05

In opinion at the moment, Xbox is better. Despite me owning a PS3, i cannot lie that what you said is true. It does lag alot and has many hackers. Just one that shut down the whole playstation network a week ago. But with that hacker, now added the feature where you HAVE to now pay for the internet. Just like Xbox. I believe that this was the one major product difference. I believe that it was between the good, but pricey interntet of the Xbox, to the free so-so internet of the PS3. This was the one tradeoff, and knowing my dad and many other people wanting to save money, they go with the cheaper option. But no that both need to be payed due to the hack, Xbox shines better then the PS3

-IAn ^.^ :P ;o ;p :::::D ;3 :D

05/30/2011 04:38

I think that xbox is better. It doesnt lag alot but ps3 does. Who cares about parying foronline it is more protected than ps3 that is free. And look who just got hacked ps3 not xobox


05/30/2011 08:19

in my opinion i think that the ps3 is better because of the free online thingy but also the Xbox has advantages and its up to people which one they like more :)


05/30/2011 08:30

i think that ps3 is better, but i dont own an xbox. i like ps3 more because you can add friends for free, but with xbox, you have to pay. you can also get any game you want on ps3 for free, but you have to pay for the games on xbox. in conclusion, i think ps3 is better than xbox.


05/30/2011 08:33

HELLO NOOB! BOBERT we think that xbox 360 is better thne ps3. We think that the ekbok is better because the ekboklie is better. Although you have to pay for online on xbox it does not lag when playing, while psn is free it does lag and has been hacked. Not long ago psn was hacked and was down for 3 months! Ekbok has never been hacked and is better protected becuase you pay for the online. The controlers are better looking and easier to handle than the ps3, also ekbok has better exclusive games than ps3, such as the Halo Series. You can also watch movies on both systems and when you buy some games for ekbok they might have a pass so you can go online for free. Some eboxs also come with one year free ekboklie. Also the ekbok is cheaper than the ps3. This is why we think that the EKBOK is better than pestha!
-BALKAR AND KHODER! *.* (^^^) <(")

Sarah & Brooke
05/30/2011 09:01

hey!! great job!! ;)

we think that xbox is better than ps3 beacuse it is so much more fun and the games are easy.

~~~~Brooke & Sarah ~~~~

05/30/2011 09:02

i agree because xbox360 has better grapics and games and i find ps3 is just plain boring thank you very much.

05/30/2011 15:12

Hi Robby

I agree with you the X-box 360 is better then the Ps3 because i know my brother has one. I also think the psn thingy can get hacked and the x-box has more protection so its not that easy to hack into.

So in conclusion i agree with the X-box 360 is better then the lame Ps3. I also dont know alot about electronics so yaa.....

Byeee Arshvinder

05/30/2011 18:53

I think Xbox is better because I have both at home and really i dont see the differnece but i think xobox is better because, its easier to use and like before PS3 got hacked and you couldnt play online or many peoples credit cards got jacked because, it was saved on the PS3 and someone hacked it. So I think xbox is better becuase, nothing crazy like that had happened to the xbox.

--Racha :)

06/01/2011 14:30


06/02/2011 16:58

Hey, i think that ps3 is waaaaaaaayyyy better than Xbox360 because the ps3 has online chat but it is free unlike the Xbox360. Also the ps3 is way better looking then the Xbox360 and the ps3 just has more features. Sooooo i think that the ps3 is better than the Xbox360.


06/02/2011 19:03

i think the xbox is better because it is less laggy

06/03/2011 11:34

well it really depends what you really like they have different options and so i guess it is the person buying it that can decide what they want

06/05/2011 08:10

I think that ps3 is much better than ekbok, because you have to pay some 8 dollars a month for xboklie! yes the exbok is cheaper, but you have to pay for online, so in the end you'lle be paying more than a ps3. For me, I like how the ps3 looks, and how the controller is shaped. So i like ps3 better. (SORRY ROBBY!)

Hush :)

06/05/2011 18:54

i think that both have advantages and disadvantages. i personally am happy with everything that the ps3 has to offer, and i will never go back to using xbox. i had an xbox 360, and after two months, it broke!! they said it has a dvd player included ok, i used the dvd and it plays it, but the next day i play an xbox game and this pops up " to play this disk, put it in an xbox 360 console" and i am like fine, i'll use it as a dvd player. 2 years later, without using it at all, i play a dvd and boom! red ring of death! i call xbox online support, and they told me that the cost to repair it is 200$. i went and bought a ps3 and i am happy with the gameplay that it offers. also, even though the ps3 got hacked, i dont think you have to pay for the online, ian?? anyways, both are good systems, its just that i had a bad experience with one, but they are both good :)


06/05/2011 19:00

yes i agree with u xbox is bttr cuz from my personal use i think that online gaming is more challinging than the ps. i also think that if u get hdmi for the xbox the picture is bttr than the ps. The online store is better becausewhen u download games u dnt have to insatll it in x box. The controller in the x box is bigger which makes it easier to handle.


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