There have been many injuries in the National Hockey League <NHL> over the past decade. Many of these injuries have been caused by physical contact on the ice.  A simple shoulder check can turn into a fully fledged fight between players.  And usually the fights turn out with a person or two people getting hurt.  In my opinion the contact should be banned because even when you have contact in the minor leagues, some people get hurt.  Even though you have all the gear you still can land the wrong way 
and possibly break a bone.

Many sports channel's websites are polling/ asking if the contact should be banned.  On this link it shows you 
one of many polls   As you can see many people are against the idea because the NHL is like the only sport other than UFC and thing along those lines that allow fighting and contact.  There are also many who will follow the idea through since so many people/ players get hurt from it.  

One of the most common injuries is a concussion.  It can be prevented by a mouth guard because if you do get 
bumped and fall down, the guard makes your teeth not slam together.  Lots of players break their hips, arms, and sometimes legs because of physical contact.  The players that get serious on ice usually get suspended for a game or sometimes a season.  Such as Jesse Boulerice- he was kicked out for 25 games for cross checking someone in the face.

I think that the contact should be banned because as I mentioned earlier, a little thing could turn out badly.  
Watch these videos and see for yourself how a simple thing can do a lot of damage.

     In conclusion, the physical contact in hockey should be banned because there are too many incidents where people get a little rough and sometimes more than one person gets hurt or worse.
P.S- Let’s go Boston Bruins =3)

By Miss M. G.

05/29/2011 17:59

Hmmmm... I'm not really sure if physical contact should be banned from the NHL. I mean, it's part of the game. Simple check gets the crowd excited and makes the game of hockey more fun and enjoyable to watch. Even when i saw those vidoes, and we can all agree, i was pretty entertained (Truth :|). But what i think the NHL needs is to control the amount of contact but still have it there. First of all, what i saw in those videos was the commentators supporting the fight. I mean... thats RIDICULOUS! With thousands of people hearing them, that's just going to pump both the audience and the players to fight more. So honestly, change the commentators. Also, there should be higher punishments. Do you really think that only 15 minutes will calm them down? Of course not, they'll be getting ready for round 2. And lastly... :P... I think the referees need to be more trained. I saw in the videos, as the fight started they just stood and watched. I think as a referee they should be able to control the players actions and prevent them from fighting...
Im done ;p
-IANNN ^.^

05/29/2011 19:00

I agree, physical contact should be baned because like you said, people could get really hurt or even killed. In most of the clips, the audience was laughing and being "entertained" when the players got hurt or got into a fight. Do you think it's right to use pain as entertainment? I don't. Put yourself in their shoes; you're in pain and people are laughing at you.
Anyways, good job though.


05/30/2011 04:47

i think checking shouldnt be banned. My reason is that if there was no phisical contact youd be skating down the ice with a puck and probably score 90 percent ofthe time do to no contact. By the way contact was banned in minor hockey.

P.S COncussion is a bruise to the brain and causes a big bump in that area not because your teeth slam together

05/30/2011 08:21

i kind of agree with you that phisical contact is bad but because of all the injurys, but if you think about it thats what makes the game more interesting and entertaining, in my opinion.

-manaal :)

05/30/2011 08:38

i agree with you that physical contact should be banned from the NHL. i agree with you because many players have been injured and it has affected their career. it also influences younger children who watch the games to do things they shouldnt. i have a personal experience, but its not with the NHL. my little cousin plays in a hockey league. they won their game and were walking off the ice after they all shook hands. one of the kids on the other team grabbed my cousins face mask and pushed him down to the ice. i think that the child did this because they saw physical contact in the NHL games, so they thought it would be cool to this too. in conclusion, i think physcial conact should be banned from the NHL.


05/30/2011 08:44

No we do not think that phsyical contact should not be banned from the NHL. It's part of the game and therefore shouldnt be taken away. We think that the NHL should consider the bad hits which injure players more seriuslyespesially the head shots. They should be suspended or fined when this happens. The NHL should have a camp or something like that to teach the players how to hit safelty and not hurt other players. Thry should also have more protection on their bodies so they do not get hurt and have a full cage on their helmet and not just a visor.
-KHODERR AND BALKARR!! *.* ::)) <(")>

05/30/2011 08:52


I disagree with you i think it shouldn't be banned because the players are the ones that sign a contract saying they agree to every condition given to them. But i still agree with you because physical contact should be banned because of all the injuries it leads to and concussions. I can remember my favourite hockey player Sidney Crosby who got a concussion because of physical contact and i was very sad because hes the captain of that team and they got knocked out of the finals for the stanley cup.

So in conclusion i somewhat agree with you.

Byeeee Arshvinder

05/31/2011 15:15

I agree and disagree that physical contact should be banned because firstly lots o people get hurt and get concussions, etc. but if there is no physical contact the game might be sorta boring cuz i like to see people fight, i enjoy it, and it pumps the crowd up. so inj my opinipn it shouldnt be banned but limited.!! Any wayy Gooodd Jooobbb!!!

06/01/2011 14:27

i don't think that it should be banned beceaue it makes a game interesting

06/02/2011 15:23

Hiiaa :)

I don't think physical content should be banned from the NHL because, thats what many people look forward to. For instance I love hockey fights, not in a bad way but its so interesting and like it makes you wanna watch more of he game. But I understand that you say it shouldn't because it could set a bad example towards little kids who watch hockey.

Good Job :)
--Racha ;D

06/02/2011 17:03

Hey, i don't really think that you should bane it from hockey because i agree with Ian that it is part of the game. Yes, somone could get hurt but the ref. won't let them beat each other up. Also without cross-cheaking the game will just be shoting a puck around trying to get it in the net in my opinon so i thing that it should NOT be banned from hockey.


06/03/2011 04:43

I disagree with you physical contact shouldn't be banned from the NHL this is because they would keep on scoring goals with no one trying to hit him, it wouldn't be must fun to see hockey players shooting goals without being hit.

06/05/2011 08:16

I disagree. I there was no physical contact in hockey, then how are you supposed to try to get the puck away from the guy without physically making some contact. I do agree that some players take it to the next level, but completely getting rid of it is not a good idea. I also think that the NHL should watch the tapes and re-evaluate some of their hits because some players don't get fined at all when they severlu injure players.

Hush :)


06/05/2011 18:47


i disagree with your opinion to a certain point. physical contact is a part of hockey, but i think that what really has to stop are the hockey fights, where that crowd gets all excited when that players get hurt. i agree with ian too, the referees should be able to control the players, and if they get too out of control, kick them out of the league for a period of time. i also agree with ian, as sad as it may seem, those videos are entertaining, except if you are the person that is getting hurt of course. the last thing is that those players know the risks that they are facing, yet they still do dumb moves that can take them off the ice for a year or so. in other words i agree and disagree on this topic.


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