There has been an on going debate on whether or not basketball (NBA) players get paid too much for what they do. NBA players do NOT get paid too much.

   NBA players are here for our entertainment and for their well being and fitness or health. They are making millions of dollars each year on sponsors sales and fundraisers. We are paying to watch them play a game. That's like saying a lemonade stand is making too much money because people are paying to drink lemonade or what ever it is a man or woman is selling.
    NBA players need money to help raise their families too. If you were making millions of dollars to entertain others would you? Especially if you had kids to feed, bills to pay, a car to fill with gas every week. For example take Shaq. He has 4 kids a huge car and a wife. If you thought he made too much money and took most away where would that leave him?  Or even his whole family!?

    Secondly, they earn their money just like you do. If you worked all week and sometimes holidays and someone decided to take it all away, what would you feel like? You would be screwed up financially, you could possibly suffer emotionally and mentally maybe even physically!
    Lastly, it's their profession it's their career choice just because they get paid astronomical amounts of money doesnt mean its not a career. Thats the same thing as someone working at McDonalds and telling a lawyer they get paid too much and they dont deserve it they do good honest harmless work for their salaries they've earned it.

    In conclusion NBA players do not get paid too much money. They should be respected and they work hard for their money. 

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04/10/2011 19:52

Personally, when looking at salaries in the millions, i think that it's crazy. Firstly, they dont need all that money to live a happy life. The other thing is what they do with all their money, for example, would you rather buy a 10 million dollar house, or would you rather live in a 2 million dollar house, and possibly help people that are starving to death, with practically no place to live? As i said before, they don't really need all the money that they're getting, but im not saying that they dont deserve it. They work hard, but they get paid too much in my opinion. They get plenty of money and they spend alot of it on things that would still be just as good, but not as pricy, for example buying a regular phone rather than buying one studded with diamonds, or buying a regular luxury car, rather than buying one with features that arent necassary at all. Im just saying that they dont really need to go that extra step, amd paying millions to do so. Also, NBA players arent doing anything good towards the society, other than entertaining them, unlike teachers who teach hundreds of kids, so they can have a good future, or doctors, who help cure parients, scientists whocan help discover things like medications that can be useful, and the list keeps going on. The other thing is that
they might get an injury that wont allow them to play anymore and they need to save the money so that they can give their kids a life similar to theirs. In the end, i think that they get paid too much for what they do, and that they should probably spend their money in a way that can help people, instead of making feel depressed of the life they have.


Mrs. Edgar
04/10/2011 20:09

I like how you included a link to another debate :)

While I do feel like NBA and other professional sports players do get paid too much for what they do (should they get paid more than doctors for example...) ultimately, it is the rest of the world that decides how much they get paid. What I mean by that is that they get paid what they do because people want to be entertained. The entertainment industry is booming and athletes get paid that much because the money is there to support their salaries.

04/11/2011 04:19

I did feel that people in professional sports get payed to much. But you changed my mind. All of your details fit together.They are just like everyone else. Their job is just higher paying but they take lots and lots of time out of their lifes to do their job.


04/11/2011 07:34

I think NBA players get paid too much. I think this because it's not that hard to throw a ball.

04/11/2011 07:36

I think it's reasonable because millions PAY to come and watch the sport be played and the money has to go somewhere.


04/11/2011 07:39

I think that they don't get paid too much because if they are good enough they gain sponsors which earns them more money.


04/11/2011 07:43

I think basketball players get payed a reasonal amount of money. They work hard come to hard practice all while millions of people are watching thier every move. It's a stressful job being a NBA player and I think with all these obstacles they deserve all the money that they earn


04/11/2011 10:02

Okay I get it . But when you have that much money and it is wayyy beyond what you need to have a good life what are you going to do with it ?

04/11/2011 12:23

i think that what they get paid now is fine. they are famouse so i think they should get a lot of money for what they do even if it is playing baketball. its like how famouse singers or actors get paid alot.

-<3 mouzayan <3

04/11/2011 12:46

Hey Tyrus,
Awesome topic! I think that NBA players do not get paid too much because they have put so much hard work into becoming such good athletes that they deserve the money they get. The only problem in making that much money, is that sooner or later you are going to become selfish and misuse the money you have. Overall, if they do not misuse the money and take it for granted, it is okay for NBA players and professional athletes to get paid that much. It's their job, and they are lucky that their jobs have huge saleries like that!
-Hush! :)

04/11/2011 13:54

at first when i read the title i thiught "obeesally" but it turns out after reading your debate and comments your right. really all theat money isn't the grovernments paying them millions, it's the sponcers like cococola. they may not need that much, but look at all the charities they do and fundraisers for kids and the sick. if someone wanted to sponcer a doctor go ahead right it's not going to make a differ to our country like harrpers wating money on them it's companys money and it helps them in buissness also and that's how bussisnesses grow into succsessful buisssnesess be doing this sort.

04/11/2011 14:02

I disagree with you. I think that NBA players get payed too much money. Sure they work hard to get that money but they don't need millions of dollars. My family's not the richest but we have enough money to financially support ourselves, have a good house, have food everyday and more. But what are they going to do with all that money. Donate some to charity is good and is what a lot of NBA players do but then they buy mansions and million dollar cars. Do they need all that stuff. They may want it but no they dont need it. Thats like saying im gonna go play basketball in front of people how about you pay me millions of dollars. dont get me wrong i dont think NBA players shouldnt get payed at all, i just think they should get payed less.

04/11/2011 14:42

I sorta disagree because I think NBA players make too much because, like Shaq he earns like on average 10 million dollars a year and he doesnt need that much just to take care of children and wife and house and car, cause our parents have to take care of all this stuff to and they aren't NBA players. I know they work hard and play lots of games but they could use the money for better stuff like schools or even on the NBA players. But if they even get this much they don't have to buy the best stuff, they could save the money for their kids college or whtever.

- Sarah :)

04/11/2011 16:14

i agree with you that NBA players don not get paid enough for what they do. i like the point you made about how, just like us, they have families that they need to support too. but i have to wonder: they get paid millions of dollars each year and how much do they really need to support a family and pay house bills? But i guess it makes sense because their houses are probably much bigger than ours! great job tyrus!!!


04/11/2011 16:28

i agree with you, i think that the athletes should get paid equally and fairly because they work hard for it and they entertain us.

-manaal ♥

04/11/2011 17:22

i don't think they get paided that much. it just depends on how the player plays.
Also if they get trade to a different team they don't get the million of dollars your hearing and they only get 5 - 13% of the money.

04/11/2011 19:35

I think they are good with what they are geting paid now I mean they already have nice big houses and fancy stuff so Ummmmmm ya that's it

04/12/2011 12:30

well i dont no alot about basketball but just from reading your debate i think that they dont get paid to much. Because if you think about it its alot of work ,they give up there life to play basketball and they do alot of hard work and they deservie it.So i agree with tyrus that they dont get paid to much.


04/12/2011 13:02

Hey Tyrus!!!!!!
After all those debates i think everybody has a different perspective of your debate which is a good thing. After i read ur debate i think NBA players get paied a resonable amount because as you said shaq has four kids, right so he's gonna at least need to save a few million dollars for his kids college funds and in a couple of years he might retire from his career so in conclusion i think NBA players should get paied more money.Also i think in the states they maybe do or dont have medical coverage so i think hes gonna need the money if he gets hurt.
Also GJ-.-
Sinceraly Arsh

04/12/2011 13:35

Hey,good job. I think that they are getting good money for what they do because this is their job; to entertain us.

- Damaris :]

04/13/2011 18:29

i think that the NBA players should be paid as much as how many viewers and how many people like him. So, they do get payed too much because if they got payed enough, they could be able to take care of their kids and wife and stuff but if the players get like $500 000 a game then, they dont really need all that money.
that just my opinion tho :)

-raina ♥ :)

kayla .c.
04/14/2011 08:44

yeah ummh i don't really now anything about nba players besides them throwing a ball around but all give my opinion.
sos umhhh yeah i think they do make alot just for throwing a ball around.they don't even play it all year to make that much. And from nba games iv'e watched that they even get money for sitting on the bench.Like WOW i wish i made that much money. And i wouldn't use that money for me i'd give the money to the people who needed it. And some of them to my parents so they can get healthy and use the money when ever they need it.

Ps.nice Tyrus
-kayla ann .c.

04/14/2011 15:57

At first i thought NBA or professinal sports players did get paid alot, for what they do, but yet you changed my mind. [: So I do agree with you now, they get paid a good amount for entertaining others. So good job and the topic was fun to read about. ;P
And i agree if they got paid less, it wouldnt lead to very much

- Racha

04/15/2011 11:24

I think they earn the money like some start chilren's charitys. Every game they win they earn a lot of $$$$ just because they made the fans happy ☺

04/19/2011 18:31

I think they get payed way too much and its not fair to some other professionals. For example doctors help heal us and actully do something to really help us unlike NBA players i know some mightb argue and say well they entertain uys but a basketball player cant save our live by playing basketball so the worlds money should be gived to people who take of us humans(doctors), earth(scientists), and animals (vetetarians)

04/26/2011 09:23

Great job Tyrus,I agree with you NBA players dont get paid too much. NBA players dont have an easy job, being a basketball player can get really stressful at times especially in the play offs. NBA players dont think that basketball is just for entertainment they take the game seriously...there playing for the same thing not the money but for the love of the game.

05/03/2011 09:42

iagree i think they dont get paid to much because they have a hard job in basketball

05/30/2011 08:20

I agree. I dont think NBA players get paid to much because most of the time they donate to charitys or whatever.

06/03/2011 11:12

Um i think they shouldn't get paid because they aren't really building stuff or manufaturing things and it is not a job. that being said they shouldn't be payed for playing a game.....

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