Do you get tired of the classes you have all year? Do you think it's not fair that we don't get to choose our classes? Middle schools let you choose your own classes and they only teach grades 6 to 8. They get you ready for high school and you don't stay in a school from kindergarden to grade 8. I think that we should have middle schools here because it is better for us and for our furture.
      Firstly, I think we should have middle schools because they get us students ready for high school. What I mean by that is how in high school you have rotary classes. Well, in middle school you don't have a home room as well. There are also no recesses and only a two minute breaks in between each class in stead of 40 minute recesses and no breaks in between classes.  Also, you have one big lunch break were you can sit with your friends and if you are hungry you can finish a snack on the way to class.

      Secondly, you get to choose your own classes. Instead of having the same classes for a whole year, in middle school you can choose your own classes and you have a very big choice to choose from. There are so many classes that are fun and teach you stuff.  You also get to choose from what level you would like to have your work done. If you would like more of a challenge then you can choose a harder course and if you like to have normal work then you can choose academic course.

      Thirdly, there are many clubs or sport teams that you can be in. There are all the sports including football and wrestling and many sports that you don't play in elementary school. Also there is a band and a choir and many different activities that you can join and all you need to do in just tryout.  There are also clubs that there are and they are after school. They also have talent shows and plays. And if you want to be in a club you just have to sign up.

       Lastly, when you go to a middle school you have regular school buses and bus stops but you could walk home or take the bike to school or home. Also electronics are allowed at middle schools but if you use them during class then they will be taken away, but you can use them at break or on your way to class.

        In conclusion, I think that middle schools are a good thing and that we should have them here in Windsor because it helps the students get ready for high school and it helps them choose the classes they want.
                                              By: DamarisL

05/05/2011 17:50

Hi damarisss (:!!!!
I do and do not agree with you. Well, at first, i totally disagreed with you. But i had no idea that there are so many different actitivites you could sign up for. Electronics? Lunch alltogether? Awesome! But still... my opinion stand stronger than your reasons. I think that elementary school are better firstly because of cost. Is really worth it to spend thousand's of dollars just for your reasons to have a different school? I also think that with elementary, it i dont know how to explain it... but creates a more diverse learning centre. Little kids could look up to big. Big kids can learn from little ones. It makes learning more fun in my opinion and elementary is gooooooddd...
k bye damariss :D byeee byeee.... by o.o :D =.=

05/05/2011 17:52


good job and i agree with you but really i think it was very interesting i read it 4 times

05/07/2011 16:56

Hi Damaris,

I totally agree with because we should be able to have middle schools. Firstly schools that are kindergarten to grade 8 are so crammed and you can't get through the halls which is so annoying. The seconded reason is middle schools are just 6-8 so that means you can have different classes and it prepares you for high school. and if we did have a middle school we wouldn't be afraid of high school because i know some kids that are scared to go to a big school and they get afraid that they might get lost or something. Sooo yea!!!!!!

So i conclusion i agree with you Damaris

Arshvinder =.=-.-o.o

05/07/2011 18:15

Hii Damaris!
First I thought we didnt need middle schools but after i read this i changed my mind. Middle school sounds so awesome and you culd sign up for so much more stuff!
-Sarah :D

05/08/2011 17:20

hey dee!
i agree but i also disagree , because i like the idea of chooses your own class and that there are lots of activities you can do but if you think about it, like ian said in an elementary school the little ones can look up to the big kids and learn from them.
good job and i like the topic!

- manaal <3 ;)

05/08/2011 18:13

Hi Damaris

I disagree, I think elementry has better learning opportunities, like instead of just learing from the teacher, little kids could also learn from older kids. Instead of having 1 elementry and 1 middle, they should just combine them.


05/08/2011 18:18

GJ i agree we should have them in windsor. it helps prepare us and gives us somewhat of a trial of high school. also it gives you a chance to test which subjects youd like to choose in high school :)

05/09/2011 17:18

i agree with you that we should have middle school. i find it interesting that they allow electronics in middle school, but not in grade school... dont you? that would be cool if we were allowed to have electronics in class!!


Racha (:
05/10/2011 06:37

Heerrrooo Damaris (:
I think you did a really good job, I totally agree with you, that we should have middle schools because, I would like to choose my own classes soemtime. But then again it's kind of better not to choose your own classes because, you won't be picky about what your going to choose. And, I agree that it would be better to have more clubs/sports to join. Soo good job (:

--Racha <3

05/10/2011 06:39

i think we should not have middle school because its not fair and all schools should just go up to grade 8


05/10/2011 06:45

I think that we shouldn't because for one, you need to destroy animal homes for the lot and two it's just a waste of time. We could feed the straving with the money instead of making more schools. And if we do go to middle schools the little kids won't have a lot of mature role models. Therefore I don' think that middle schools are necessary.

05/10/2011 06:48

i agree with you because the elementry schools get really crowded and then you would need a new school so i agree damaris


05/10/2011 07:04

I agree.


05/10/2011 07:06

i agree with ian, and think that we shouldnt have middle school despite the fact that there are lots of great things in middle schools. in elementry schools,you get to see little kids and big kids wont learn from the little ones. and yea so i dont agree with you.

- raina :) <3

05/10/2011 12:49

I agree with you that we should bee in a middle scool and get too choose our own classes.

05/11/2011 05:54

yeah it is totally not fair we don't get to pick our own classes like high school it sucks. And i think there should be no middle school becuz we r learning ethier way so yeah i th9ink there shouldn't be no middle schools

05/11/2011 05:55

heey i toataly agree with you i think if we have middle schools it would be alot better,like 4 of my friends are in middle school and they said they love it they also said its way better then grade school.AN i agree if we had middle schools you would get to pick your classe's and it would not be as crowded and you would not have to have nutrition breaks so i think that having a middle school would rock!!!!!!


05/12/2011 18:40

Hey Damaris,
I do and do not agree with you! I agree that it has a lot more opportunities, and it probably is a little better and funner, but i strongly disagree with you (sorry!). It's alot of money to build a whole different school, in a different location, with different staff, and all new supplies! I'm thinking, is it really worth investing all that money, just for 2 grades of learning?
Other than that, GJ!
BYE! -Hush :) :D

05/18/2011 09:07

i do not agree with u because its to much money for some people and what hush said its to hard to build a whole school in a different location.

06/02/2011 16:50

HELLO!! I disagree withyou. I think that it would be pretty cool to have middle schools where you could pick your own classes and stuff but I think its not worth it. First you would have to build a whole new school (or multiple schools), find a new staff, supplies and everything. This would be crazy expensive. And then you would have to also see if people in Windsor are willing to go the school or if they want to stay in elementry school. Also at our school we also have rotary. We may not be getting the full experience of high school by this but we do get the idea. And I guess i can wait till high school to join clubs and stuff. so ya.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/02/2011 19:01

ummm i agree with you we should have middle school we have more education and it will lead to a better life or better job.

06/03/2011 17:08

i agree wiht you. they get you at and maturity leavel away from young infunence like grade12345.

06/05/2011 14:08

after reading this i have to say that there are many things that make a middle school better than an elementary school, for example having it get you ready for high school, but i disagree with you. you mentioned that middle school would be better because you get to choose your own subjects, instead of having the same ones all year, but i think that when you are in grade 6, you won't be mature enough to choose your subjects, and if you think you are and you mess up by choosing bad classes, call that a day for your future. by the time you get to high school, the elementary school would have already taught you about rotary, because ad you know in our school, we always have rotary, and that is meant to prepare us for high school. the 2 minute breaks are obviously going to be necessary between classes, because that's probably how long it's going to take you to get from one class to another. ian also mentioned that you can leard from the young and the young can look up to you. he also mentioned that it creates a better learning environment for everyone. in the end, i would say that we should not have middle schools to teach us only 3 grades before having to switch schools again...

good job :P


06/05/2011 19:05

i think tht we should have middle school cuz as we get older we dont need unecessarie rules such as u have to sit down while eating at reccess. i think that we should choose our own subjects so we can strt taking wat we need for our future jobs. finally i noticed that alot of schools are beggining to overfill with students. so middle schools are going to lessen the students.

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