well alot of us may say yes and may so no and say oh yeah well if its for a good reason or you may think that ethanizing animals is "cool" but its actaly not. Well now im going to tell you 3 reasons why I think its ok and 3 reasons why I thinks its bad.

Well I think that some times its ok to ethanize animals because alot of the time   the animals are sick or just are getting really old.For example my uncle just had to put his dog down because he had somthing wrong with his ankle and had to get surgery every month and he was in alot of pain,so in that case i think its right to ethanize animals.And lastley say if the animal was bitting every one and was getting really old  it would be ok to put it down.

I think that to ethanize  anamnals is wrong because alot of people will get frustrated with there animals and say i hate you and dont wont to take it to a shelter or give it away so thet decide to put it down.Or this may seem cruel and weirod but alot of people think killing or ''puting them to sleep" is fun,i know how can they be so mean? but unfortanaly alot of people do that. An lastley and example,well i had these neighbours and they were moving and spliting up and the wife was renting a house and was not aloud to take animals and the husband was going far away and could not take them so they decided that they would put them in doggy heaven and i undersatnd why they put one of down because it was old and had somthing wrong with its legs but they could of tried to sell the other one.

so i think that in the end I cant really decide but ither way to  ethanize an animal is wrong and bad in less its for the right reason.But if I had to chosse I would say that it is wrong.

                                                        Hope you like it  :D

05/12/2011 04:22

i agree that it is wrong to euthenisze animals. Like if they were old or sick or had something wrong i canchnage my ming but when its just something like you wanting to get rid of the dog or animal thats wrong.

Gj Josh

05/12/2011 14:06

hey,great job! I personally think that we should not put animals to sleep because what if they can be healed. Also if the animal still have years to live then let it live it's life and let it died when ever it has to and not just kill it when it still can live a little longer. I totally think that putting animals to sleep is a bad thing and they should banned it. Animals are like humans!


05/12/2011 15:06

Hi Tiana

I totally agree with because i think its wrong to euthenize animals. I also think if it was really old or really sick and was going through alot of pain then i think you should. But if it was just getting rid of dog because you were going on a vacation or doing it for fun then i think it would be wrong to do that to a poor animal. i agree on what damaris had said early animals are like humans to.

so in conclusion i totally agree with you about euthenizing animals. You also did a good job with your debate.
Arshvinder =.= >.> ^.^ :D :p

05/13/2011 13:57

If the animal is Dangerously sick then i think its ok but if you just dont like it or you cant afford it thats no reason to kill it :L. GJ

05/13/2011 13:57

BTW its euthanize

05/13/2011 19:51

I agree with you, euthanizing is wrong, kill an animal is just wrong. If you really want to euthanize, you have to have a really good reason like, if your pet is paralized or some other desease and you've tried everything posible. my neighbor had to euthanize his dog because he had some problem in his leg. My neighbor tried to show a doctor at first.


05/14/2011 18:33

Heyyy Tianaa!!!
Hmmm this is a really CONTROVERSSSIAAALLL topiccc... I guess the solution to this is do whatever is right. Obliviously, u dont just kill or "put animals to sleep" for fun. Have control and know if its really necessary to end it. Of course if u see a dying animal you want to end its pain. How do u do this. The only answer is kill it. Unfortunately. But its the only thing you can do. So. As long as ethanizing the animals is truly the last utmost final decision for the suffereing animal. Go ahead :(
-IAN!!! :D :P ;p ;o ^.^ :*D xD

05/15/2011 07:24

i dont think you should euthanize animals unless they are suffering and it would be better for them to be put asleep. But other then that, it should be illegal to euthanize animals because they have a right to live too.

-raina :) ♥

05/16/2011 17:52

i agree with you, but if the animal has to be put down because it cant live anymore and there's no way it could be treated, then it would be okay. but thats better for the animal. in conclusion, i think its wrong.
-jenna ☻☺♥

05/17/2011 08:49

I agree with you, that sometimes animals should be put to sleep because, for example if they're to old or bery sick. But I dont think they should be put to sleep for stupid reasons like, if they don't want their animals they just put it to sleep, because they could have put it all a shelter or something like that. (:

Good Job Tiana♥


05/18/2011 08:21

just cuz you get old orsomething or the animal doesn't do something that doesn't mean you haveto ethanizeit.
If It bites you than i would say it isn't wrong. But if like what i just said for no reason. than i think it is totally.

05/18/2011 08:26

i agree i think that animals should not be ethanized because animals have rites to and they have a life and you should not ethanize an animal if you want to get rid of it you should sell it or give it away like if their sick or had something wrong with it then ya i would probiliy chang my mind on it

05/18/2011 08:46

I agree, I think we should only kill an animal if its sick and you dont want it to be in pain any more.


05/18/2011 08:49

yah i agree with you too tiana. i had a cat before and he got really sick and stopped eating so we brought it to the vet and he said there was something wrong with him so they had to put him to sleep and i was crying sooooooooo much because i had it for a long time and i got really attached to it so i agree that its not right to put an animal to sleep

05/18/2011 08:54

hey good job! i think that if they animal is suffering and sick then its okay but if people think that its not good and you shouldnt do it then thats their decision. so if someones wants to do it for a good reason then they should and if they dont want no one should force them. :)

-manaal <3

05/20/2011 18:37

i think that we should ethanize animals because imagine if you were suffering so much from a disease woulndt you rather die than go thru all tht pain? i think this should be done but only if the animal is very sick. i think if someone dosnt want the animal they should just take to the nearest pound. but they should make sure the pound isnt a dirt crowded bad place.


05/25/2011 09:09

i think it is bad to ethanize animals but if they are old sick and are going to die i think thats ok but if there were all fine and people are just ethanize animals for fun or are doing a test is just wrong i think that ethanize animals should be done forever.


05/25/2011 17:44

I dont think you should euthanize animals unless it is likee they are suffering and there is nothing you could do, so that is only when you should euthanize animmalls.
Good Job..
:):D - Sarah

05/30/2011 08:59

I think that euthanizing anoimals is wrong because they are living creatures just like us. We should not treat them differently because they deserve the same respect as humans. Most animals respect us humans, but we do not respect them which is very bad. Good Job! Hush :):D

05/31/2011 07:47

Ummmmmm two of my gramma"s dogs had to be put down because the one kept running out of the house and biting people and the other had a tumor on his head -_- so in those cases it is alright but if you can't take care of it then you shouldn't of got it..... =3/
ps go boston bruins

06/01/2011 14:45

i think it is right becuae its going to die by goning to pain and more pain or just a little pain and rest?

06/02/2011 15:40

HELLO!! I agree with you, we should euthanize animals. But doing it for fun is not right and its sad that people would acutally do this. If the animal is extremely sick i guess it would be okay so it wouldn't have to suffer more.
-BALKARR!! *.*

06/03/2011 11:15

umm well it should ok but only for a good reason i mean like if it is really sick than you can but it down so it is out of pain that is a good reason.

06/05/2011 18:23

good job!!!!

when it comes to euthanizing animals, i think that you should never do such a thing. even if it's in pain, i'd say just dont kill it. when a human is in the hospital having his/her last moments, and they are suffering and about to die, no one puts the to "sleep", they just have them the the regular way. when you see an animal that is on the ground with half it's body bit off on the other side, and it's still breathing, i'd say just kill it and take away all the pain that it's in. overall, i say that we should not euthanize animals, unless it is obvious that there is no other choice.

- Emad

06/05/2011 18:31

I agree

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