Co-Ed gym class is a combination of boys and girls participating in physical education. Teams are usually mixed with boys and girls. Since boys and girls are generally interested in different activities, they obviously compete at different levels. For these reasons, Co-Ed gym classes should not be offered in schools.

Dance, aerobics, and gymnastics are a few activities that prove my first point. Boys and girls have different levels of interest in different activities. Imagine the excitement a grade 7 boy would show when the teacher announces it’s time for gymnastics. Most boys don’t like it. Just like most girls don’t like to wrestle or play contact sports. These are just a few examples of how interest levels differ between boys and girls in a Co-Ed class.

 Boys and girls have different comfort zones. Since most girls feel more comfortable participating in activities with other girls, it would be easier to have girls separated from boys for various religious and cultural reasons. As a female, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing various physical activities around boys. Girls and boys have different issues while participating in activities and if they were separated, those issues will not be as big of a problem.

The most obvious difference between boys and girls is the level of ability to do the activities. For example; in weight training, boys are able to excel to a higher level. This is intimidating to most of the girls, which in turn prevents them from participating to their fullest ability. Individuals might hold back their skill level if faced against a lower skilled student. In wrestling, a boy would rather wrestle another boy without holding back, than wrestle a girl and be worried that they will “hurt her.”

Due to the differences in interest in activities, personal comfort zones, and levels of strength and ability, I conclude that Co-Ed gym classes should not be allowed.


04/20/2011 13:30

i agree with you because in gym class a bot could be immature and make an outburst saying GIRLS SUCK! I DONT WANT THEM ON MY TEAM! someone could get hurt or even bullied because of this. boys should do one class and girls the other its the easiest thing to do also it would help create more jobs for the public and help the economy :) GJ!!

04/20/2011 14:29

Hey Leixner,

I totally agree with you we shouldn't have Co-Ed gym classes because i usually like it when boys and girls play together its sort of fun and also sometimes in high school when you have gym classes with just girls, they can simply start talking about you just because your not good at any type of sport. well i think boys would never do that because everyone isnt perfect and i liked how you included that alot of people have different comfort zones which is true and i thought you did a very good joob with your debate.

Arshvinder =.=

04/20/2011 14:37

i think that you are right because it seems when we are doning a group activite or playing a game of some sort girls always seem that the guys will do it like in dodgeball. i girls we seperated then they would play on thier own, not relaying on others

04/20/2011 14:40

I think that they should NOT have co ed gym classes, because as you mentioned before, girls have different capabilities than boys. Also from when i was in my old school, i can guarantee that girls have different interests than boys in gym, because everytime we had gym the girls got to pick what to do (since we were only 4 boys, as opposed to 23 girls) and they always chose dodgeball, with 3 lives, or some other bent rules. The boys always wanted to play basketball, and last year before i left, we only played bball once in gym. Another thing is that non co ed classes should start in either grade 7 or high school, because younger kids arent much different, capability wise. Even though there may be that one person that exceeds, i think that co ed should only be for the younger grades( up to 6 or 8) and that non co ed should start in grade 7 or in high school

- Emad

Safa :) <3
04/20/2011 14:49

GOOD JOB!!!!! :)\

I personally think that it should be mixed with boys and girls becausewhen they grow up they will have to co-operate with males and females and the other group may be diffrent so they should practice from when their young. And for what you said about gymnastics and guys may not be as intrested in it then they can have gymnastics as extra ciricullam that you sing up for and can be held at recesses or even after school.


04/20/2011 15:54

Ommgg, ;P
Well I thought that Co- Ed could be a good thing but, after i read this, BAM!
Liek you changed my mind, i totally agree with you, for all those reasons. Because, girls and boys sometimes try to show off to. But yet i do agree with a safa a little because, you do need to co- operate with females and males, so they wont be comfortable with each other because, theyll be used to be aroung only of their gender.

Really good job, i liked it alot [:

04/20/2011 17:02

i think that we shouldnt have co ed cuz if its only girls it would get boring but i kind of think that there should be but everyone has their own opinions soo yeahh,,

-manaal :D

04/20/2011 18:04

ok, i thought it was ok to have co ed gym classes, but yeah i dont think so anymore. Its true that we have different interests than boys and we should be able to have different classes. :)


04/20/2011 18:56

I agree, boys and girls both have different interests, therefore CO-ED should not be at our school.


04/20/2011 19:08

Great job Lexi

I agree with you. Alot of kids are age are not as mature as others and make stupid coments like what Tyrus said. But ya I totally agree with you girl.

Brooke <3

04/22/2011 07:19

i think girls and boys should not be seprated maybe in high school but in grade 8 and low should be no co-ed

04/26/2011 08:52

OKAY I get what you mean but that may only be possible if a school has a big enough gym .

04/26/2011 08:59

Hey. I agree with you that we should not have co-ed gym classes cause like you said girls could feel intiminated, also girls and boys have different comfort levels. So there should not be co-ed gym classes.:)

- Sarah:)

04/26/2011 09:05

Well, I think that co-ed gym calsses should be allowed in elementary school because we don't do much of like contact sports and things like that. But in highschool I think we should because like you said, boys and girls have different interest levels. So yeah, i sorta agree alittle . :P

-ilaydaaaa (: <3

04/26/2011 09:10

I actually agree with you. Like every gym class like look when we do fitness there is a side that the girls stay on then there is the side that the guys are on. Which kind of shows that a non co ed gym class would work. Also what Tyrus said people make dumb comments but it still happens anyway. Us guys find that we excel much further then girls. But we are only thinking about a limited range of sports and such. Girls think the exact same but with different sports. If we are split apart that means we can do what we think we excel in. Josh

04/26/2011 09:13

I think that we should not have co-ed because alot o fgirls feel uncomfterble with having gym clases with guys.Alot of girls are afraid of being judged by the guys and dont like there apperence or if they cant do somthing that all the guys can they feel embarresed.So i dont think that we should not have co-ed

04/26/2011 12:33

i think girls and boys shouldn't be seperated because its funner when the boys and the girls play. i think this because when its only girls its reallllllllly boring. no offence.

<3 zouzou <3

04/26/2011 12:44

No i don't think we should because like u said we compete at a different level. And regular gym teaches at the same level.And girls like dance,gymnastics ex. and boys like hard and rough games. some girls are girly girls don't like mud and most of hte guy games have to do with mud.

04/26/2011 17:34

In my opinion i really dont think it really matters if boys and girls are doing gym in the same class because i dont know, in my opinion, i dont really mind? There hasn't been much out burst or problems even with out gym time, though, in highschool gym is seperate for boys and girls so if any one is uncomfortable they can just wait for that. Really i dont really think we should bother because in my opinion it poses to problems.
ok ok (:
iannnn :D

04/28/2011 14:06

I think we SHOULD have co ed gym classes because some girls don't do their best. this is because they don't want to embrace themselves in front of guys. A lot of girls worry about their apperence, especialy when they are around guys. I was on a mixed hockey team for a couple of seasons and i realized that when i changed to the girls league it made things better because there aren't guys beat me down and it made me feel involed. Plus then the students can choose games that they like. Althought girls might have some male friends that they like to hang out with, co ed gym classes will give them a break from each other. You'll see them for the rest of the day anyways.... so in my opinion i think that we should have co ed gym classes.

04/29/2011 06:13

I disagree,I think we should have Co-Ed Gym classes because its more fun playing with boys and girls instead of just boys or just girls.


05/01/2011 09:01

Hey Jenna,
I think that right now in elementary school, you don't really see too many conflicts with guys and gals in the same gym class. But in high school, i think that co-ed is fine. Girls and guys have different preferences, which would make the gym teachers life and our life much better! My point is, in elementary school, I don't think it really matters!

-Hush :) GOOD JOB!

05/03/2011 09:13

It doesn't really matter to me.
It's still gym class.

05/03/2011 09:39

i agree boys and girls should be separated because they have differnt opinons about the things we do in gym


05/04/2011 15:36

ummm sorry but i don't agree with you if we have girls in another class and boys in another class then it would make a short class and short class makes a short team which would make it not fun. if the girls think that the sports are hard they can learn from other boys.

06/02/2011 17:12

Hey, i agree and disagree but mostly agree because it would be easier if was just us girls in a class and we would get the ball more but i also think that we could learn together between boys and girls and also we will coperate with each other so i agree and disagree. GREAT JOB!


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